Loans & Credit Scores : How to Get a Loan to Pay for a Wedding

Getting married, and don’t know how you’re
going to pay for it? Hi, I’m Carrie Kukuda, The Someday Coach, and I’m going to give you
some tips on how to pay for your wedding. First, I would hit up on your family and friends.
They’re always a good place to start. But if that’s not possible there is some places
that you can go. There’s the cash advantage stores that you can go to. The paydays are
short term, so typically you can’t use them, but there is some cash advances if you need
something quick near the end or just a little bit of money. But you also can apply with
your personal for a personal loan. You can shop around for it, but sometimes you’ll get
a little bit better of a rate with your financial institution that you currently are with right
now. They already know how you manage your money, and maybe their rates will be a little
bit better. Sometimes a credit union’ll be good for that also, so don’t leave them out
of the puzzle for that. You can also use your credit cards. Just manage it well. I mean,
you can get over extended on them, and you want to be able to make sure you can pay your
minimum balances on them, so use a credit card as a last result. But you also can think
of what you can do is you can use your credit card, and then when you get paid from all
your guests you can take that money and put it back onto your credit card and pay it down.
So, just some ideas for those that are thinking about getting married. Again, Carrie Kukuda.
Thank you.

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