Loans & Credit Scores : How to Get a Personal Loan

Your big day is coming up and you need a little
extra money. Hi I’m Carrie Kukuda the Someday Coach. I’m going to kind of give you a little
bit of an idea of how to getting a personal loan. First I would definitely figure out
how much you truly need. A lot of times you end up getting too much and then you spend
it and then it’s gone and now you are going to owe this money. So make sure that you decide
first how much money you truly can live with and how much you need to actually take out.
Next I would consider if you ever, if you looked at all your options, like is the personal
loan the way to go. Sometimes the interest is a little higher, have you looked at some
other options that you might want to consider before taking out a personal loan. You also
want to shop around, everybody’s terms for the lenders are different. You know you can
shop, you know online search engines that you’re on right now. And you can also go to
your financial institutions, any of them as well as your own for the personal loans and
sometimes you may get a little better rate with somebody that knows you because they
know you already know how to manage your money. You want to stay away from something to think
about is you want to stay away from them trying to talk you into, sometimes you’ll find that
they’ll try to talk you into a credit card or some other form of way of investing that
maybe not in your best interest, and it might be costly to you. Then my idea of getting
a personal loan is that you want to know how much you need, have a fixed rate on it, and
have an end date to that payment so just something to keep in mind when you are looking to get
a personal loan. Again Carrie Kukuda thank you.

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