Loans & Credit Scores : Stop Payday Loan Harassment

You’ve taken out a payday loan. Hi I’m Carrie
Kukuda the someday coach. I’m going to tell you how to stop a payday loan harassment.
First you want to see if you can talk with them and or make arrangements to extend the
loan. You will pay finance charges but it would be worth it in the end and the cause
will slow them. You also might want to consider looking at talking to a family member, friend
that you can borrow the funds from so that you can slow down those costs as well. You
also want to look at your rights, they can’t be calling you constantly, they actually can
be calling you constantly but if you write them a letter saying that you stop calling
me they by right have to stop calling you and can only contact you via a letter or by
contacting you by a lawyer. So something to consider and to look up, you can look at that
under the FDCPA which is your fair debt collection privacy act, so you can look up that. As well
as if you are continually getting harassed and they left a message on your voice mail
you can actually keep that recorded and bring it to court and use that as a counter sue
if you need be. Just one thing left to remember is that if you try to work with them the cost
will slow down. So you might want to try to work with them and then you don’t have to
worry as much and just get them paid and be done with it. So again Carrie Kukuda and thank

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