Loans for Businesses : How to Get a Small Business Loan Despite Bad Credit Ratings

Hello my name is FJ Cava and I have an MBA
from San Francisco State University in entrepreneurship. I’m also owner of the Bayview Webspot here
in San Francisco California. Today I’m going to talk to you about how to get a loan just
by having bad credit. There are very few ways to get a loan for businesses if you do have
bad credit. So the first point of advice is to clear up the credit that is bad. Pay on
time, and call the credit agencies to see if you can negotiate to have those things
taken off. Time is really the best way to resolve any poor credit issues. There are
however, non traditional lending places that you can contact in order to find loans. What
you should do is Google in your area to find out if there are any small business administration
sites that can help you find where the non traditional lenders are. That way you can
apply for those programs in your area. So just to reiterate, the best way to find non
traditional lenders is to make sure you go online and check for the nonprofit organizations
in your community that help people start small businesses. They are often times called micro
enterprise or micro enterprise lenders. Good luck.

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