Long Fellow Trophy Solo [Guide] [Payday 2]

The Long Fellow trophy. This one definitely requires practice and more than a few attempts to get, especially if RNG is not in our favour. Fortunately, you guys have this video as a
guide! Yay! So we’ll do the usual; Setup, strategy then gameplay, all without DLC, because that’s what I do. This trophy is solo-able, whether with or without bots but I definitely recommend bots, because we’ll need someone to protect us when we’re emptying the vault and converts just won’t cut it. Since this trophy is more of a speedrun nature, light builds are recommended for all the running
around, grabbing crowbars and whatnot. That brings us to perk decks. Some will think of using a suit build with
Rogue for the maximum dodge and speed, but for lower difficulties like Overkill (which we will be playing on), having some armour will generally do better. And the best combination of speed and armour will be the Heavy Ballistic Vest. Crook and Hitman are both good choices but I’ll lean more towards Hitman because of the ability to recover armour even
under suppression. That will help alot when we drive the warheads
around, especially under continuous fire from SWAT
turrets, of which Crook will only survive under a lot
of luck. Crew Chief is also a good support pick if
playing in multiplayer, for the stamina, health and armour bonuses. Just be sure to grab some hostages. And if going solo, definitely play in CrimeNet offline as our armour recovers faster there. For skills, the Controller subtree in Mastermind is good. Converts will help to tank and distract some
enemies, while the Partners in Crime skill will grant
us bonus health and speed and then finally, Hostage Taker will help to regenerate some
health loss from the constant hail of bullets. For dealing with the SWAT turrets, some of you may prefer bringing explosive
weapons but I personally prefer ECMs. First, we’re not doing a full loud build so we definitely have spare points for upgraded
ECMs. And ECMs will convert all the SWAT turrets
at once, which will help to shoot those pesky enemies
sitting on top of the containers while explosive weapons will only deal with
one turret at a time. Two ECMs will also be enough to cover all
the vehicles for a one-way trip to the final train car. Ok so for different objectives, we have different approaches. This time, we’re trying to do a speedrun, so our priority would be to get the vault
open as soon as possible and then the minimum amount of bags required (which are the 8 warheads) to the train car as fast as possible. So first, the vault container. The vault container can spawn either in the
container yard on the outside, or in the warehouse. Either way is do-able, though it has higher
chance (70% to be exact) to spawn in the warehouse. Plus, it helps that the crowbars are all there
as well, so the less complicated way would be to check for the vault container
in the warehouse, and then do a quick restart if it isn’t there. The next priority would be to overload the
vault container with all 3 crowbars as soon as possible. Why is that? Because of how the vault container works. It has a hidden counter, from 0 to 500, and the value increased per interval depends on the number of crowbars inserted. So for 1, 2 or 3 crowbars inserted, the value increased per interval would be 1, 3 or 8. Thus, from this, it is in our best interest to jam all 3 crowbars as soon as possible. Naturally, that leads us to our next part, the crowbars. There are a total of 22 crowbar locations, 18 scattered around the first and second floor
of the warehouse, while 4 of them are in the loot cages. And on the Overkill difficulty, there will be 3 in the warehouse and 1 in
a cage. On the Overkill difficulty as well, there will be 1 keycard in 4 possible locations; the office below, the office on top, the locker room and the pantry, which can be used to instantly open the cage. Alternatively we can ignore the keycard and bring along a saw. I won’t bore you with the possible locations
for the crowbars and keycard now, so check out the end of the video for clips
of all the locations. Some memorization is definitely required here, and that I can’t help with. What I usually do though, is to follow a set route, both opening containers and to check for crowbars. You’ll see that in my gameplays. After we have the vault opened, it’s time to move bags. I’m going to talk about solo first, since that is slightly more complicated. Getting the 8 bags to the final train car
or escape point can be done in a single trip with either the forklift or the car, through stacking. The car is much faster, though trickier because we need to balance
the bags, while the forklift is basically “slow and
steady”. I can’t tell you which would be better or
easier, so try both out. Either way, we’ll first have to bring all
8 bags away from the vault, to the container yard exit. That’s where we will do our first stacking, by standing in front of the forklift so that when we throw any extra bags, it will land and balance nicely on the two
metallic prongs. Then we drive and switch to the car or go all the way on the forklift. Let’s do the car first. With a stacked forklift nearby, we’ll transfer 4 warheads to the trunk while stacking the other 4 on the car hood. I like to aim at the front passenger seat so the bags kind of gets wedged into the car. When driving the stacked car, we should avoid hard braking, and instead, slow down by letting go of the
gas. To turn, we can do a lot of tapping at higher
speeds, or simply slowing down and turn. That way the bags should stay on the hood
of the car. Of course, I’m not an expert at driving the Longfellow so just experiment on your own for the best
results. “Ah! The bags are blocking me! I can’t see!” Don’t panic! Just switch to another view via right-click. That’s much better isn’t it? Now we can continue on our merry way to the
train car. And then taking it slow, the forklift. One important thing to note is that, with a stacked forklift, we have to reverse out of the compound, due to the weight of the extra bags. And then after that, we’ll need to take a shortcut. So instead of stopping by to unload onto the
Longfellow, we’ll drive all the way until we reach the
first SWAT turret. Instead of turning left, we’ll go on straight through the warehouse. And don’t worry if the SWAT turret is blocking
us. There is a space on the left small enough for us to squeeze through. From here, immediately outside the warehouse, the shortcut is to the right. Drive through the bollards, turn left and we’ll arrive at another SWAT
turret spot. Cut through the train depot on the right and we can head all the way straight to the
final train car. For multiplayer we have more options and can choose to mix and match with the vehicles. Just be sure to agree beforehand on which
method to use. The only thing to note is that if we choose
to stack, the physics of the bags may not sync up properly. For example, from another player’s point of
view, all the bags are stacked nicely on the forklift
while they drive off. However, due to the physics syncing mentioned, bags can sometimes fall off from another players
point of view. And if that desynced bag is then picked up, it will go to wherever it was picked up from. In this case, it’s still on the forklift for
the driving player and then goes onto their back. So don’t pick up bags on the floor unnecessarily
if stacking. Just ask the player if any bag has fallen
off or trust that they have it all under control. Otherwise without stacking, we can have 2 forklifts and the Longfellow or just 3 forklifts to handle all 8 warheads. One last minor tip to save a bit of time, is to park the vehicle as close as possible
to the loot point, so that we can grab the bag from inside the
train car and secure it in one action. Last part before we end the video, is a few benchmarks to help guide your progress. These are based on my own solo experiences. We want to have all 3 crowbars inserted by
1:30 gametime to 1:45 gametime. Then the vault should be opened by 3 minutes
to 3:15 gametime. We should reach the 90 degrees bend or the
first corner after the container yard, with all the bags by 4:45 or 5 minutes gametime. Lastly of course, to reach the train with all bags by 6:30 gametime. And that’s all. So hopefully these tips and strategy will
help to get this annoying trophy. Some clips will be coming up as usual. First, all the crowbar and keycard locations, then two gameplays, one with the inside container and another
with the outside container. Enjoy watching them and I’ll see you all in the next video.

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  2. Matheus Henrique says:

    i had incredible luck when i did this one on my second try, my RNG was the best possible as the first container i opened outside was the vault, i found fast all crowbars, and the position of turrents was the best possible too as i was able to drive right through the train without stop, i didnt even used my ecms, the only thing that i lost some thing was transporting the bombs to the long fellow with forklift, as i needed to be careful with snipers, also i did 2 trips with longfellow(didnt know was possible to stack the bags in front just as forklift)

  3. uh says:

    excelent work Unknown i wish i could do it in solo

  4. Davtwan says:

    Sadly, I can't do this due to slower computers affecting driving speed. I appreciate it nonetheless.

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    Thanks for showing that only using forklift is possible, in despite longfella is faster, it does spend so much time with the care must be put on when transporting the warheads, making the performance similar.
    Just a little tip if you'll use the longfella, while the vault's overheat is in progress, prepare the car opening the trunk and drive straightforward to crash with the gate. it does save some time.
    Fun fact: Crowbars are very near to the wall may be picked them up through the wall. just like that crowbar 14:15

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    nice i will try this one later today. thanks mate

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    Gotta go fast

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    I like how all your videos are so high quality and detailed. They singlehandedly make achievement hunting actual fun and bearable. Keep up the good work. πŸ™‚

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    I have tried and succeeded

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    My Man , This Is the Perfection of Perfectionist to be Perfect <3

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    Tried it today and of course it was bugged. I was in the escape zone by 6:59 but because the game is so slow and takes another 2 sec to properly finish the timer was on 7:01. So tired of this shit trophy. Rage quitted the game instantly haha

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    Are u from singapore?

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