Loopholes You Can Exploit to Cheat the System

– [Narrator] We’ve all heard stories about that brilliant
person who found a loophole and got a big payday. If you wish it were you, pay attention to these stories
about exploitable loopholes. If you’ve ever wanted to eat for free in a first-class restaurant for a year or own a new golf cart free of charge, pay attention to these 10 loopholes you can exploit to cheat the system. – Amazing! – [Narrator] Number 10. Give him credit for that one. If you’ve ever signed
up for a credit card, only to find out your
variable interest rate went up or the no interest for six
months deal didn’t apply, you probably understand the frustration that led Dmitry Agarkov to pull a fast one on a company called Tinkoff Credit. First, he took the offer
they sent him and read it. He decided the terms were unfair, so we scanned it into his computer and changed some of them, including giving himself
a 0% interest rate, no credit limit and no fees. Also, he added a $100,000 fine if the company tried to cancel his card. Then he sent the whole
thing back to Tinkoff Credit where it was automatically signed without anyone reading the terms they assumed were the ones they sent out. When they did notice,
they tried to back out but a judge ruled the contract was binding since the credit company signed it. No idea of this will work
with other creditors, but we’ll give you credit for trying. Number nine, keep getting
those student discounts. After paying for college for four years, which for some might include
paying back student loans for 40 years, you probably
need all the help you can get. Many people have reported using their non-expiring student IDs to continue getting discounts
for years after graduation. If your school allows you
to keep the email address they gave you that ends in .edu, you can continue to use that for discounts on some types of software. As for your ID, if anyone
looks at it too hard just shrug and say you
are going through a phase in freshman year. Nobody looks the same two years
in a row in college anyway. Number eight, a first-class solution. The airport is a great
place to game the system. For example, this
enterprising boy band member actually managed to avoid a bag fee by wearing every item of clothing
that had been in his bag. Hey, he followed the the
rules of the airline. They apparently think clothes
weigh less on the human than in a bag. On another note, many people
have flown first class without even having a first-class ticket. There are a number of
tricks to achieve this, but chances are that if the front business and first-class seats aren’t taken and operational upgrades occur, simply asking politely could
help you snag a better seat as flight attendants have some discretion over who gets the seat. Even though computers
generally allocate upgrades according to flyer miles. But flying first class has
benefits beyond roomier seats and better snacks, even off the plane. Many airlines offer free
meals in the VIP lounge with a first-class ticket and some people have
managed to game the system and eat free for a number of years. One famous travel hacker, Justin Ross Lee, frequently simply buys
refundable first-class tickets. Then chills in the VIP lounge
at international airports and eats for free. Before his flight lifts off, he cancels and rescheduled his flight, which he repeats again
and again and again. One man in China did a similar thing and the year went by
before the airline noticed that he had rebooked a single
ticket more than 300 times and never actually went anywhere. Airline officials admitted there was technically no rule against it, but they still confronted him and convinced him to
turn in his meal ticket which he did for a full refund. Is that what you call a gravy plane? Number seven, price glitches. Don’t fly off just yet, there’s another loophole
to game the airlines and other businesses that
suffer price glitches. Websites like SecretFlying
and Airfare Watchdog monitor airlines for price errors, which can result from
typos like a $15,000 fare going down to 1500 because
someone forgot a zero. Signing up for the sites allows you to get text or email alerts as soon as an unnaturally
low price is found. Airlines aren’t the only companies that have glitches either. As an unemployed shop clerk in the UK, Ashleigh Swan discovered a few years ago. She now makes a living off her website ashleighmoneysaver.co.uk where she also emails or text subscribers with pricing glitches on
everything from toys to boots. She also advises her followers
about doubling up on deals and other handy loopholes to save money. Number six, open a strip club in Idaho. In Idaho, strip clubs are illegal due to puritanical public nudity laws but having nude people on
display for art purposes is not. So one clever entrepreneur
opened a strip club but handed out sketchpad to customers and called the nude dances art classes. To be fair, some of his patrons actually did sketch the ladies. And a few of those sketches
have made it onto the walls. However the naked truth,
is that for most customers the sketchpad is probably just
a prop to keep things legal. Number five, hacking vending
machines and slot machines. So many people have
cheated vending machines by putting their dollar
in with tape on one end so they could pull it back out that many of the newer machines
have video surveillance or other security systems
to avoid this sort of thing. A variation on this trick is
also common with slot machines. Casinos have lost money to
people putting in fake coins, using strings to pull their coin back out and even using a light to blind the sensor that tells the machine when
to stop spitting out money. These cheese aren’t all low-tech either. A programmer named Carmichael was hired to program slot machines and built in his own special
code to make machine payout. He got away with it for years until one of his accomplices was caught. Other high-tech methods
include taking advantage of glitchy machines that respond to certain sequences of code or switching out the computer
chips in the machines and using a phony bill validator to make the machine think
money had been inserted. Casinos are on the lookout
for this sort of behavior and they now know what to look for. So it’s best not to try out these tricks. Number four, buying money to make money. They say you have to
spend money to make money, but for one man, all he
had to do was buy money to make money. After the one dollar coins came out, the US government was selling
them for a dollar a piece with free shipping. He bought some with a cashback credit card and deposited the coins
when he received them actually making money on the deal. Meanwhile, one time offers
on anything other than money are easy to exploit. Some clever people use multiple emails to sign up for multiple accounts and get multiple coupons,
free items et cetera. This is common with struggling students, proving you really can learn
a useful skill in college. Number three, get a
$330,000 house for $16. Mortgages are a hassle, especially the part where you have to keep
paying them every month. Fortunately, many states including Texas have an adverse possession law. This says if the house was foreclosed, whereby the original owner
abandoned the mortgage, and the mortgage company closed shop, any person living or squatting
there has negotiation rights. All the squatter has to do
is pay $16 to file paperwork claiming rights to the property. A man named Kenneth Robinson
successfully did this in Flower Mound, Texas in 2011. Keep in mind that there
are a lot of stipulations to this law. And Robinson spent some
time researching it and finding the ideal house. If the original owner had
paid off the mortgage, he could’ve been evicted. However, if the owner doesn’t step forward and you managed to
openly live in your house for a full three years, in other states it’s often seven years, you can claim ownership of the property. Number two, free golf cart. Tax credits for electric cars are nice but they’re usually not big enough for you to essentially get a free car. But you can get a free golf cart providing you make it street
legal by adding turn signals, mirrors and seat belts. This is due to a loophole in the tax law that bases the tax rebate on the length of time
the vehicle’s battery pulled the charge. Golf carts apparently
have long-lived batteries. So a new street legal golf
cart is basically free after the credit. This is probably something some politician dreamed up on the golf
course, but who’s complaining. Number one, $50 of free
coffee at Starbucks. A few years ago, coffee enthusiasts were
impressed by a viral video produced by Beau Chivases. The coffee enthusiast wanted to see if he could order the
most expensive drink ever and manage to get a 47.30 espresso by basically adding an extra
shot of well everything. Not to be outdone, a Starbucks
loyalty member named Andrew, decide to top this by getting more than $50 worth of coffee free. This was made possible because
Starbucks loyalty program gives you your 12th
cup of coffee for free. And customers are allowed to
bring in their own containers. Andrew brought a 128
ounce clear glass vase and ordered a 90-shot espresso, walking away with a $54.75 free drink which he drank over the
course of the next five days. Hey, you have more time for drinking when you’re not wasting
time on sleep, right? Anyway Starbucks released a statement saying they discourage this kind of thing, but they haven’t actually stated it goes against their rules. What crazy item would you
use as a drinking container for free coffee? And do you know of any other loopholes that can be easily exploited? If you like this video, please
make sure to give it a like and subscribe. It will help keep you
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any awesome knowledge. Thanks for watching.

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  4. Artyom Arty says:

    1) If you travel and you want to sleep/rest/shower at campground sites, then dont come until after like 11 pm. This way the staff will say "pay tomorrow". But then leave the next day before 7 am before staff wakes up and you wont have to pay (doesnt always work but usually does)

    2) If you drive someone else's car, you never actually need to have auto insurance if you get stopped. Nor does the owner of the car need to have it. Simply tell the officer "yes I have auto insurance but its at home". The officer will never charge you for driving without insurance if you drive someone else's car because there is a good chance that the owner does have insurance. Cops dont treat insurance the same way as registration. You just have to lie a bit

    3) Wal mart has pretty great return policy. You can get like 10 tents, a few Go-Pro's, some travel equipment, and then return it all after you're done with your vacation.

    4) We all know that ink cartridges are expensive AF. However, some printers come with ink. What you can do is buy a printer, use up all the ink, and then return the printer for another one

    5) When applying to college or financial aid, you can say you're black/hispanic or some other privileged minority. Depending on college, being transgendered also helps. This significantly increases your chances. If caught in the lie, simply say that "i identify as X"

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    So I got about 200$ for free =p

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  90. Heelix Ranier says:

    Another one I found is at some casino's if you're playing slots (or other games, but slots are the cheapest way to exploit this), they'll give you basic drinks while you play. Go play a few penny slots or nickel slots and you can drink literally for next to nothing. Many casinos have stopped doing this, but some still do for slot machine players.

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