LowSpecGamer: improving performance on Payday 2 (OUTDATED)

Payday 2 has been called one of the best cooperative
shooters ever made, an exciting combination of teamwork, skills and firepower that makes
for a game that is so intense… it may be too intense for our computers. But don’t worry, because we are here to make
it better. This is the LowSpecGamer, where we are naturals
at crowd control. No really, our computers can not handle that many enemies. So forget about fancy effects and put on your
low texture mask, because we are making this game run. Get on the ground These are my default settings for Payday 2
on this computer. A starting resolution of 720p, some effect quality… Also, depth of field is enabled and animation
quality is on high. I have no clue where the game gets it preset from,
but it is not particularly good. I tried testing this offline and performance
was between 15 and 20 something. It is hard to aim, hard to fight and hard
to do anything… so let’s jump right into a more reduced set of settings. All right, let’s put the effect quality to
the minimum. And then disable depth of field and put animation
quality to its minimum. Let’s give it a try. But the improvement is marginal at best. I
saw around 20 to 22 frames per second while trying to be stealthy. However if you are like me and you suck at
being stealthy using a first person perspective this will make you worried, because on this
game when things get loud they get really loud and that means a lot of smoke, a lot
of bullets and very little performance, so let’s get right into our tweaks. I always feel a little bit exited when we
get to this part. Anyway, we need to open the configuration
file for this game. However, the file is located at appdata, which is a hidden folder. In order to be able to see this folder I need
you to search for “File Explorer Options” in windows, which opens this screen over here.
On the view menu you can click on show hidden files, folders and drivers and apply it. Now, the configuration folder is located at
your C drive, Users, the name of your user, AppData (this is the hidden folder), Local,
Payday 2 and this file is called render_settings.xml. I recommend you open this using notepad++,
since the normal notepad makes it a little bit hard to read. The link for downloading notepad++
is on the description. This file controls a lot of ingame details
particularly this section down here called render settings.
This is an XML file so in this section we can add new parameters with this name value
structure so I recommend you to copy an existing tag, delete the name and value and copy it
so you can add new parameters and believe me, there are a lot of parameters you can
add here that are not normally changed by the game. Let’s start with anti aliasing and force it
to disable. Next, we can disable dynamic lights. We can reduce the effect quality to its lowest
and put environment detail to its minimum. Also, take down the post effect quality to
low. One of the most important tweaks we are going
to do is to disable shadows completely. To do that change the shadow quality default
variable to simply shadow quality and change the value to disabled. Also, add a parameter called shadow map size
and a value of 0. Be warned though this does improve performance but causes a lot of glitches
with the lightning… you will see what I mean in a moment. Finally, if you are gaming on a computer with
an integrated GPU or any low memory condition lowering textures is very important. The first
step is to change the texture quality default variable to simply texture quality… but
then there are many variables that control the texture quality of a lot of individual
ingame elements from the characters to the weapons and I was going to dictate each one
to you but there are… a lot of them so I have simply added them to the description
and you can copy them from there. There you go. Save the file and we are ready
to test. You can obviously notice how there are no
shadows for the characters, but I did mention that this glitches out the lighting in a very
odd manner…. And I was not kidding. You can already see that the lighting seems
to only work on certain places depending on where do you move and that is only the start
of this oddity later on a hallway the lights freak the f***
out on very unpredictable manner. Performance-wise there is definitively and
improvement with something like 22 to 28 FPS even while under fire. Oh well… we are almost there on performance
but the lighting can be a problem on certain missions where it is very hard to see and
distinguish enemies, which is a very nice way of putting that I can’t see shit. But don’t worry, there is something else we
are going to do to take this game where it deserves to be. The next thing we are going to do is to install
this highly popular shadow map mod which disables a series of effects and reduces a lot of details
and in the process fixes our lightning freak-out problem. The Link to download the mod is on
the description. To install the mod you need a tool called
Bundle Modder, that you can download from this link… which also in the description. To install this tool extract the downloaded
folder and Execute the Bundle Mod Patcher. This warning is very important. Every time
you see an update for Payday 2 being installed on steam you need to verify your game cache
and repeat this process, otherwise it will not work. So remember that. The first thing the tool needs is a path to
the asset folder of Payday 2, that is located on the C drive, Program Files 86, Steam, Steamapps,
common, Payday 2, assets… ignore this message. To actually install the mod got the “mods”
tab and then click Add Mod, and look for the mod file you downloaded from the other website…
a .pdmod file and click on it. Select the mod from the list that appears and click at
apply changes… And we are ready to play! The mod combined with the configuration file
tweaks make for some really amazing performance… look at this! Is around 30 most of the time
and rarely under 25. Yes… YES… YES… Stay back you bastards!
Stay away… Stay out… OUT. Get the f*** out of here. Oh yes… I kinda forgot I was doing a test
while playing this… You may have noticed this mod also fixed our lighting problems
so we now can see and appreciate the beautiful low resolution textures that have been forced
on this game. Beautiful. What the f*** are you doing? Come on here!
Get in the… AAAAHH. That is almost all for this video. Big thanks
to viewer FrostDR5 for joining on the game and helping everything not suck. Hey, do you
want to help me not die while recording videos? keep watching… but before that I want to
announce the result of the last. LowSpecGamer Secret Giveaway Oh yes, you heard me right. There was a secret
giveaway. Hidden on the closed captions on the last video where instruction to tweet
me asking me if CoD was the name of a fish… because the last video was on call of duty and that
is abbreviated as CoD and cod… never mind. And the prize is a steam copy of dead bits. I was not expecting anybody to catch that
but boy I was wrong. And the random number generator has been run and a winner has been
selected. Congratulations Hikekura, please send me your steam name for your prize. So, keep your eyes open because they will
be more secret giveaways not in every video but occasionally and I will be thinking of
new ways to hide them. But this time, this time we are not doing
anything secret so welcome to this week’s: LowSpecGamer Giveaway. We actually have a very good prize this week.
Thanks to fan Bredan George for donating a Steam Copy of Payday 2 so now you too can
try this tweaks yourself. To apply is simple. I have created the official
LowSpecGamer steam fan group and I am planning to use it for all sorts of discussions, contest
or just to ask for players for future videos so follow the link the description and join
now. In the discussion tab you will see a introductory
thread. All you have to do to participate in the giveaway is to introduce yourself in
English or Spanish, say where are you from and if possible the specs on your computers
and you are in the giveaway! Oh and no making fun of anyone’s computer.
I am serious about this. See you on the next video.

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    <variable name="anti_aliasing" value="disabled"/>
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