Lulu & Lobo need a new place

[Music playing] (VO) This is Lulu and Lobo.>>Lulu Come on. I need you to be my
eyes, Lobo.>>Lobo You got it. And just a reminder
you are my best friend.>>Lulu Focus. We’re here to secure a
new place. With a yard.>>Lobo: Copy. (VO)
With as low as 3% down on a fixed-rate mortgage, your new home is within reach.>>Lobo: Oooh-someone-just-grabbed-her-
hand-I’m-gonna-bark-I’m-gonna- bark-oh-no-wait-it’s-a-handshake>>Lulu: It’s happening! I want to live
that unleashed life, Lobo! I want to live that unleashed
life!>>Lobo: Oh let’s barbecue! (VO)
Talk to a home mortgage consultant or apply online. This is your way home. This is
Wells Fargo.

9 comments on “Lulu & Lobo need a new place”

  1. Ryan Dooley says:

    Using dogs to hide all the wrong this company has done. It’s sick

  2. skylerwd6 says:

    Anyone know the breed of dog Lulu is?

  3. Lisa McIntyre says:

    What’s wrong with that dog’s back

  4. Peggy Sinclair says:

    I want to live an unleashed life Lobo, I want to live an unleashed life.  Oh, Let's barbeque.  These commercials are so funny.  I used to have a little Pomeranian that looked like Lu Lu.  She acted like Lu Lu as well.

  5. Eric Matterson says:

    I like the way the big dog has hair that stands straight up in the middle of his back.

  6. Sheriffa Robinson says:

    Love lulu and lobo

  7. Snuffy Smif says:

    Great commercials of Lulu and Lobo!! Too bad they're from one of the TBTF corporations from the 2008 Bush Recession. I sure hope they've cleaned up their act from recent events.

  8. ketchup productions says:

    i have the big one! its a rodeshine ride back, her name is shelby. if you go to my brothers account you mait be able to see her!!!

  9. Ruth Warner says:

    I love all of Lululemon and Lobo commercials for wells fargo!

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