Magnet Fishing A South Carolina Swamp

This is probably gonna be a short adventure This morning, but let me give you a little background. I am down in a deep south Meeting a friend of mine. Well a guy I met online, but we haven’t actually met met But he’s gonna take me metal detecting for a couple days down here And I was kind of waiting for him and you know at our meeting place, he said he was going to be a little bit late because something broke on his truck or his boat or something So I decided to do a little exploration on my own for about an hour, hour and a half at max. Probably an hour at this point So what we’re gonna do is Well what I did is I got online real quick did some research and found What I think to be is an old colonial road that crosses a river right here I think I just found the roadbed although. I’m not positive I do believe they were using the road up to Probably up through like the early 1900s. I’m not positive of that either I’m at could be way off, but we’re almost there You certainly tell we’re not in Maryland, Virginia or Pennsylvania anymore can’t ya? I guess this is probably where the hogs have rooted all this up I suppose I’m not positive on that, but I think this might be the roadbed right here according to my map And if it is hopefully there’s no bri… yeah this has gotta be Ah it looks like it goes out to the river here I can see some something on the other side, so this is an old bridge right here What I’ve done, I’m not going to metal detect But what I’ve done is I’ve brought my magnet with me because we don’t have very much time I figure we’ll just throw it in a few times see if we can snag an old cannonball or something. Now this was heavily used during the Civil War in this area and The Revolutionary War as well, there’s actually a battle right here at the bridge so maybe there’ll be a revolutionary war musket the Redcoats killed a bunch of a Colonials And they probably just pitch their stuff in the river because you know they had their own Brown Besses that they used Yeah I would say without a doubt This is the old bridge, at least the one that was on the map from about 1900 You ready? I didn’t bring my tripod, so I’m gonna have to like hold the camera while I, you know, throw the magnet out But let me get it rigged up first We probably have about 40 minutes or so probably not any more than right here, but we’ll know We’ll either get snagged and lose the magnet or get disgusted probably within 10 minutes I just love it down here Spanish moss and stuff. It’s so cool Alright, I got the magnet rigged up Unfortunately for some reason on this magnet I don’t have that guard that I like to put on here that keeps it from getting caught on branches so much Oh, we have to be really careful. This is a tow rope that you would use for like Waterskiing type stuff, and it has a big loop on it there, and I just put that over my arm so I don’t lose it Alright are you ready? If we find something really good we’ll come back with a boat That way we can really hit it. Cause there’s not much area to hit. Right here, I’m really afraid of these stumps getting caught up and more the magnet Cause I don’t want to go swimming this morning Alright, so the first toss I’m just gonna kind of keep close to shore for now until I see what the bottom is like I’m just going to go ahead and pitch it out there a little ways Yeah, I was close to shore wasn’t it? What we’re gonna do is just kind of slowly work it in and see if we can feel it snag on any iron I mean there should be stuff close to shore here Just as likely as this stuff up there. See I’m hitting a log now I can feel it, I can see it going sideways, so I’m running up the edge of a stick And I don’t want to get snagged in a branch so what we’re gonna do Is we’re going to go over to here looks like a little bit more open down there I’ll gather the rope up and meet you right there It’s a little more open here. So hopefully we’ll be away from that log I’m not gonna throw it far because I don’t want to go swimming, so we’re gonna put right there And if it doesn’t snag anything then maybe we’ll throw it out a little further later Of course you gotta get the rope without falling in above my boots My boots okay, you ready? Now what I’m gonna do, I’m just gonna pull it slowly across the bottom Just like that And if it hits something iron, I’ll feel it I feel it kind of snag Which is a lot different than if it hits a A branch, so I’m not hitting anything yet But this was used as a bridge in the early 1900s I mean there should be other stuff in here that people would have thrown in I didn’t feel anything on that one. Nothing on it, going to throw it a little further This time because I walked the bottom and I didn’t feel any logs on it, so let’s call it that way Not much further it got snagged right here, but it doesn’t matter Brown Bess can be right here against the… The bank as good as anywhere Alright, so what I’m going to do since I haven’t had anything yet is I’m gonna go ahead and turn the camera off Just going over a branch there This is tidal and this might be dry in a couple hours right where I’m at so… I’m gonna turn the camera off and throw it until I snag something and then I’ll get the camera back up and we’ll take a peek at it This is a good example of how the magnet can get caught on the branches. Now I’m lucky, this is a small branch I can just pull it right free, but if that was a big tree You know I might lose the magnet on that one, and if I had that cup on the front of it It would probably have slid right around it, but so that’s what you got to be careful for stuff like that So been at it for about 15 minutes I have not got a single hit until just now and it’s right at my feet. Well, that’s where I snagged it I don’t even know if I can pull it out or not, but there’s definitely a big chunk of iron there It just snapped to it right there, so let’s see if we can pull it up Pretty big. Again, if this was a bridge. I mean that could be a giant… Rail that we’re never going to get up, it doesn’t seem to be moving at all Do you see it’s stuck to it? Hear it snap right to it There we go yeah, there’s no give at all in it And the thing is with a magnet if there’s a lot of rust on it You don’t get the full strength of it. I could almost reach down and grab that I probably will before we go All right, I’m gonna turn the camera off. I’ll fish around with that. I’ve tried to grab it by hand hopefully There’s no water moccasins down there with it Hopefully that magnet scared them off because there are definitely water moccasins in where I’m at right now So you don’t see me again. It was nice knowing ya You’ll see me again I was able to reach down there and grab it with my hand it’s actually like a giant spike and a piece of wood says probably part of the old bridge. You can’t see it from here, but trust me It’s right there. I tried my best. I’ll try again with a magnet see if we can snag a cannonball this time Well here’s our only find so far and it looks like a piece of barbed wire So that’s not very old I’m right on the edge of the ramp here I’m gonna try to climb down to that tree right there and see if I can stand and pitch it out in that clear water Probably really our only hope at this spot right here. It’s natural. I can’t get to the other side so Keep your fingers crossed Well I managed to get a snag, very solid, so I guess the rest of the video is gonna Be me trying to get it out without actually having to get in the water Because I don’t want to get in the water so… it’s in like a V of a tree I guess Cannot get away from those trains Drove ten hours. And I’m still at the trains See a snag right there So I’m gonna take this rope and kind of weed it through here and try to grab it and pull it down that way Sometimes that’ll get it free. It’s probably stuck in a V right there That’s why we should have had that little cup on the front of it there to make it go around those things Well I’ll work my way down a little bit, and I’m pulling on it from a different angle But it’s still stuck solid, so I’m gonna have to go up in the bushes there and try to find a branch With like a V on it, and then I’m gonna put it in the water And I’ll show you this, and we’re gonna push on the rope to try to get it away from that log You see I’m out on this tree right here, and I’m pulling from Downstream now, but it’s still stuck solid so and that’s like in a branch for sure It’s in a like a V of one of those trees So I’m gonna go get that stick, and I’ll show you what I’m going to do next Hopefully my rope won’t float away I’m gonna show you what I’m gonna do I don’t know if I can actually hold the camera when I’m doing it though because I don’t want to fall in But what I did is I got a stick and have just a little tiny V in it’s not a strong stick But I think it’ll work And I’m gonna put that that V of those branches on the rope and just slide it down the rope until I get to the end and hopefully I can just push it and it’ll just swing the magnet out of that fork in the tree It’s probably caught in something like this but more severe And what I need to do is to push that rope up so the magnet will come out If I can show you I will, chances are I won’t be able to because I gotta get going, I’m going to be late if I don’t get a move on Ok you can see my stick. This is actually the second one. Because I’ve already broke one But see how I had the rope on the fork what I’m going to do is Just push it out into the water like that and down I’m just going to keep pushing it down like that until it gets right next to the magnet or above and beyond the magnet and that should free it. Gonna have to turn the camera off because I’m gonna shimmy up to that spot right there So wish me luck, and if we fall in you know what to do, that’s right Hold your breath! I’ve got it free I’ve almost ready to go up on the bank and strip down to me Well to my birthday suit and jump in but the last minute It came free and I don’t think we’re gonna be late, but yeah got it got it on that fork It was stuck right there. That’s it for the video Ah! That hurts… have to get off this bridge before I start talking *like this* We’ll see ya somewhere else. I hope you enjoyed the video though we didn’t find much. I hope I can make somewhere else today We’ll see you a little bit later (Aquachigger Theme Song)

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