Maine Credit Union League – Synergent Recruitment/Best Places to Work Video

Am I looking at you or am I looking there?
Okay. phew. And I’m looking at the camera.Oh, I already forgot what you asked me. I can’t remember what the question was. Can you ask the question again? You can’t see the water that was dumped on my pants. Magic allows me to make it happen. When’s it starting? It already has. Oh great.Sorry. Oops. Oh my God. I just swore on camera. No, take two’s? I’m so bumbed! Oh shoot! Sorry! What’s important about the work that Synergent does? So many things. We work for credit unions. They help credit unions be successful. It’s not about profiteering; it’s not about growth; It’s about enabling the success of our credit unions. Well the Maine Credit Union League and Synergent, it’s a, their kind of two companies rolled into one. The main role of the League is to advocate for credit unions. Making sure that credit unions are at the top of mind for consumers, for members, for lawmakers. Synergent is a one stop shop for credit unions. For core processing through marketing services,
card services, check processing services, anything
a credit union wants we want to be able to deliver
as an organization. If you love helping people and you love teamwork then this is the perfect place to do that There’s so much to learn here. And so many opportunities. Things we look at most is not your technical skills. It is your culture. Do you fit with the relationships we’re trying to build with the credit unions we serve? Synergent is a great place to work in general. But it’s not a place for complacency. You kind of get out what you put into it. We have employees all over the country. We have some folks out west. Some folks that even work in the remote, more remote areas of Maine. We look for talent wherever we can get that. The Maine credit Union League opened me up to this entire network of people that are deeply committed to their state and share the same mission and values that I care about. Working to improve the lives of their members and working to make sure that their tomorrows are better than their yesterday’s. I have a perfect mix of doing that detective analytical work that I love, digging in and you know analyze it. You know, nothing’s more satisfying than being able to go to a credit union; and teaching something that they know nothing about; and see a smile on the face and like see the light bulb go off and have it click. That’s really a really satisfying experience. So, why did I choose Synergent? It was it was the culture. It really was. The Maine Credit Union League and Synergent is one of the best place to work because of the people. They are caring. They are helpful. They are knowledgeable. And they’re always there for each other. Even internally at our organization, our culture is people helping to people. I often will say, “If you’re doing it alone, you’re doing it wrong.” because what we do is so complex. From the leadership perspective, it’s sit back and let people do the things that they do really really well. All of your leaders and your mentors are going
to ask you about what you want to do and
where you want to go. I’ve actually played multiple roles here at Synergent. I’ve had the experience of being on our implementations and training team. I’ve worked in direct marketing services as a marketing representative. And now in the CU Services, for our technology division. You walk around the company, and you’re going to see government advocacy. You’re going to see education. You’re going to see accounting. You’re going to see technology and you’ll see payments. You’re going to see marketing. And sometimes advancement is moving up and sometimes it’s stepping across – you’re climbing up one ladder and it’s stepping across to another ladder and taking a new a new path. We want you to become that fully diverse employee and be able to grow pretty much anywhere you want to grow. I was very easily and quickly able to move up
to a leadership role and now into
the account management role. I definitely have the potential to grow here. It’s great to have a company that cares about where you are professionally. It’s gonna be a place you’re gonna want to stay. And I know that when I have life that comes into you know, conflict with work, that my employer understands that. They understand and they can work with us in meeting our needs and still getting the job done. We are a very engaged entity. I love that Synergent has the opportunity for us to work at a place like this and come volunteer I feel like there’s always something on the calendar that I’m looking forward to. Whether it be ice cream or a retirement dinner. We have gone bowling and this year we’re gonna do the cuise. Getting together on a regular basis to do… They go on painting outings, or they go to the bar or they go to lunch, whatever it may be There’s just all different things to really bring us together and get to know us outside of work and I think that’s super important. One word to describe the League and Synergent, it would be “Impact.” “Service.” “Evolving.” “Growing.” “Dynamic.” I would say we’re “Innovative.” “Supportive.” I would say “Community.” It’s “Home.” It’s “Family.” “Family.” “Family.” I feel adopted. You’ve heard our people and seen who we are. The Maine Credit Union League and Synergent, one of the best places to work in, Maine.

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