Makeup Challenge — Can You Buy a Full Makeup Kit Online For Under $50?

Hi everyone! I’m Erika, and welcome to MoneySmart’s new series: Check Out My Check Out! A show where we’ll be shopping for the things you love at a bargain. We’ll be hunting for the best deals, discounts, and share with you our tips and tricks to make sure you maximise your savings. And today’s episode is about: Makeup! And I’m so excited! So we know that makeup can be really expensive, so if there’s a cheaper way for us to look good, then why not? That’s why for today’s challenge, we’ll be trying to assemble a full makeup kit for the budget of $50. Personally, I hate online shopping, because I hate how I can’t try it on, and then I have to wait for delivery, but apparently you can save money, and if you use the right credit card, you can even earn cash rebates. So, maybe after the end of this episode I’ll be converted. So the first place we’ll be shopping at is Watsons. Now usually I go to the physical Watsons store, but apparently if you shop online and using my OCBC Frank card, I can get cash rebates and save a lot more money. So I’ve always wanted to try the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation. Oh! It’s only $13.90 here. I’ve actually seen it at the store before, it’s $19.90 there. And… there’s only 4 shades here, but I think that the closest shade to me is 322 so I’m just going to add that to the cart. And then hope for the best. I’m gonna skip straight to lipstick because that can double as your lipstick and your blush. The Silkygirl Lipstick is $4, so I’m gonna get that. I’m gonna get the warm brown shade because I feel like that would match my look much easier. And finally, I think I’m gonna look for powder here just to set everything down. I heard that Peri Pera is a popular and good brand, so I think I’m going to try that! Looking at my shopping cart, I have 3 items and the total is: $28.30! I still have 2 more things to get with less than half the budget, can we make it? I don’t know. But I think we’re done here with Watsons, now I’m going to try and go to Qoo10. Okay! So I’m here at the Qoo10 website, I was gonna look for eyebrow pencil and eyeliner. Here’s an Etude House one… here it says it is $6.99, 1 for 1. At their store it’s usually $5.90 for 1. So $6.99 for 2 is about $3.50 each, which is, I think a pretty good deal. Normally eyeliners like the one I buy are like $19.90 for 1. For their eyeliner to be $5.90 on Qoo10, I think that is a really awesome deal, but also really scary at the same time. Will it burn my eyes? We’ll find out! Okay, so I’ve got everything I need for a basic makeup look. Alright, and now we just have to wait for the items to arrive, and we’ll see you in a bit! Okay guys, so it’s been about a week and as you can see, I’m barefaced, because I’m going to try all of the stuff today. I was quite surprised with the delivery because Qoo10 actually reached much faster, it took like 3 working days for me to get them. And Watsons took 4 working days plus a weekend. So it’s actually 6 days for me to self-collect my items. Which was really weird because why would it take longer for me to self-collect my own stuff? But anyway, I have all my stuff here now, and I’m really excited to try them out. And now I’m going to try the foundation. Which I have, kind of a bad feeling about. This was the thing I was talking about, online shopping and not getting to try things! Cause I really don’t think this is my skin tone. Let me just swatch it on my jaw cause that’s what I do. If I just test it on my jaw, I’ll look like I have a beard. I don’t know if you guys can see, but to me it’s very clear that it is not matching my skin tone. In stores it’s $19.90, but online it’s $13.90. So I think that it is a really good buy still. If I got it in the right shade. And then, I’m going to put on the Peri Pera powder instead for my base. Since I don’t have a foundation anymore. I feel that it still makes my face look smooth. And not very oily or shiny, so it kinda mattifies my face. Which is actually quite important to me. So, there we go. Think that’s alright. Do I look like a ghost? Alright, so the powder is done. I’m gonna try on the eyebrow pencil now. Okay, so…. I really like this kind of eyebrow pencil, because it comes with the brush, and the eyebrow pencil itself. So it’s really like I feel value for money. This was round up like $3.50 each, since it was $6.99 for 2. I can never draw my eyebrows evenly. But it’s okay, they’re meant to look like sisters, not twins. Yup, I’m pretty happy with that. And now it’s for the heroine make eyeliner. Okay, so, I’m both excited and scared to try this. To try this eyeliner because it was $5.90? I have never bought eyeliner that cheap before, I didn’t even know that eyeliner that cheap existed. It’s a very fine thin line, I think the ink is really good because it was just a very light one stroke and it was already really dark. So far my eyes haven’t started itching or anything like that. Ok, I’m done with my eyeliner. I’m going to move on to lipstick. It’s not bad, I quite like the colour. And also this was really smooth, this is one of the smoother lipsticks that I’ve tried. Alright, so just now we mentioned that we’ll double the lipstick as the blush and the lipstick. I don’t know if you can see it on camera, but in my mirror, I think it’s pretty good. It helps a lot that it’s really creamy. So it’s pretty easy to apply on my face and to spread it out evenly as well. Which is really good cause then it won’t be patchy. Oh my gosh, yes. I’m so happy with this one! I think out of all the buys this lipstick is my ultimate favourite because it was only $4 on Watsons, and apart from using it as my super hydrating lipstick, I could have used it for my cream blush as well. Which I think is really awesome. So ya, this one is definitely my favourite buy! And this is my completed look! For just under the budget of $50. So inspired by the Heroine Make superstay waterproof eyeliner. See this girl is crying really hard and… apparently it’s so good it won’t budge, so, I’m gonna test that out by applying eyedrops on my face because I’m too lazy to cry by myself. Game of Thrones Season 8 was so bad It’s not bad. It’s still there. Okay, I’m going to take some of the eyedrop and just like rub it. Wow. So, now you know that you can wear this to like any show, any movie, and cry your eyes out, and it will still stay. Would I buy it? Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s $5.90! And like… it proved true! To what they kept selling everybody. That no matter how hard you cry it would stay. So ya, I think now. Now I feel like I am more sure that I would definitely buy it again. Was this challenge a success? Well, yes and no. Because I was pretty disappointed with the foundation, just cause I got it in the wrong shade. Other than that, I think the product is still pretty good. Along with the rest of the makeup, I still feel like I managed to pull off a simple makeup look, while staying under the budget of $50. So, as you can see online shopping is a bit challenging when it comes to makeup. But all in all, you can still save a lot of money. So in total we spent $43.10 which means we saved 33% from shopping online. And it’s not including the 6% cash back I got from using my OCBC Frank credit card. Some other popular online shopping cards include: the DBS Live Fresh Card, the Citi Rewards Card, and the UOB Krisflyer card. So depending on which card you use, you can either earn cash rebates, air miles, or rewards points. Just be careful not to get carried away, because it’s really easy to shop non-stop when you’re using credit. And if you wanna enjoy all your credit card perks, make sure to pay your bills in full and on time. For more credit card comparisons, or just budgeting in general, make sure to check out MoneySmart, links in the description below. That’s all for today’s episode of Check Out My Check Out! Let us know what you want to see next! Thanks for joining us!

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