Making A Statement [Achievement/Guide] [Payday 2]

“Making a Statement”, the achievement where we have to complete
Slaughterhouse on at least the Overkill difficulty, without killing any snipers. This one is quite a challenge, since we cannot prevent bots or converts from
targeting snipers. Well at least we still have sentries. If you have watched my Matrix with Lasers
guide you’ll find that some of the contents are
similar. So with that, I did some research on the sniper scripts
from Slaughterhouse and here’s what I found. Let’s first get the easy stuff out of the
way. On the Overkill difficulty, there will be 3 snipers in the container yard
area, and another 3 when the escape is activated, after the crane objectives. Now the more complicated part. In the mission scripts itself there is a “spawn
sniper” function, that will be first called, 5 seconds after we move past the final conveyor
belt in the slaughterhouse. We can tell this from Bain talking about the
helicopter or the “eye in the sky”. When this function is called, there will first be a random 30 to 50 second
delay before evaluating whether or not to spawn
snipers. This evaluation has a base chance of 15% to
succeed and when failing that, it will add another 15% and then call the function again, which starts all over from the 30-to-50-second
delay. In total, this can happen up to 7 times, depending on RNG. So based on this information, we will see that in the worst case scenario, snipers spawn in 30 seconds if the first evaluation succeeds. Otherwise, the best case scenario would be 5 minutes
and 50 seconds, on the 7th or last evaluation before the snipers spawn. “Huh? So if we’re lucky it’s possible to speedrun the objectives, without the snipers spawning at all?” Ehhhhhhhh…. no. Unfortunately not. First, the 2 crane objectives itself already requires at least 4 and a half minutes. Which, based on the sniper scripts, requires them to spawn on at least the 6th
evaluation with each delay to be at least 45 seconds. The odds of that isn’t impossible, at 1.06% but we certainly aren’t going to try Slaughterhouse
for a hundred times. Besides, that’s not how statistics works. Basically, it’s just not a practical approach
to rely on RNG. “So what about doing it with Muscle’s panic just like your Matrix with Lasers video?” Nope. Tried it. Didn’t work. The snipers are confined to a small area and there isn’t anything to block their view, like a window frame or something similar, so we can’t panic them into a position where
they cannot shoot. What we’re left with is the hard way, survive. *EXPLOSION* And for us to survive, we want to be in the open as little as possible. So we’ll move only the minimum, 6 bags of gold, nothing more. Not even the pig! *OINK* For the crane objectives, it’s simpler since they cannot be interrupted. Plus we can hide in the containers while waiting. And for the times where we have to be in the
open, here’s what we can do. As always, the setup plays a big part. For perk decks, my personal picks are Stoic (that’s a very obvious choice) and Sicario. This is one of the rare times where the smoke
grenade comes in handy, to cover open spaces or for doing objectives
under fire. Although Muscle can’t panic the snipers out
of view, it can still be used for regeneration and to suppress enemies (which if we remember, reduces their accuracy
by half). Otherwise go with dodge if that is what you
guys prefer, though I won’t cover that. For skills, again it’s all the survival stuff. First Aid Kits with Uppers (aced) or the usual Medic Bags/Messiah combo and Feign Death. Swan Song is optional. Stockholm Syndrome (aced) will give us a one-up and then Hostage Taker for some health regen, especially for Stoic. Since we aren’t going to be using converts
or bots, sentries can help to add firepower. Just be sure to place them out of the view
of snipers. The last one, as usual is to play in CrimeNet
offline if solo, for faster armour recovery and no Winters. Hoo boy, Winters and snipers? Tsk tsk, bad combo. Now that we’re done with the setup, let’s talk strategy. For this part I’ll mainly focus on going solo, since multiplayer would be much simpler. So right at the start, I personally like to grab some Murkies for StockHolm Syndrome (aced) and Hostage
Taker regen, and then ignore them for the rest of the game, since they won’t be freed from that location. Heh. Then fast forward to when the safe is opened. *Fast forward* Now that the safe is opened, we want to gather the 6 gold bags at the end
of the conveyor belt first along with one gas can, before moving out to trigger the sniper spawns. So at this point we have at least 35 seconds
before the sniper spawns so let’s try to secure those bags first before
anything else, since those gold bags are really heavy, and can get stolen. If we have sentries we can place some to prevent those sneaky cops from getting touchy with our gold. Hopefully we will be able to secure all 6
bags before the snipers spawn but chances are that they will catch us in
the act, so Sicarios can deploy their grenades and use that short window to move bags from
cover to cover. Usually one grenade will be able to cover
2 bags for a short distance. Stoics of course can just do their own thing, just remember to watch our health. Then one minor tip here is that if the snipers are covering more of
the left side, we can make our way to the container from
the right instead, and then use the left if they cover more of
the right. Then the gas cans will be pretty straightforward. We can bait a sniper to miss a shot, before moving from cover to cover to do our
stuff. And once we are at the crane objectives, things become much simpler. Assuming we did go with Sicario or Stoic, we can pop a smoke grenade to cover us or just tank the sniper shots. We can also place a First Aid Kit for some
insurance. Then the waiting part. Since the crane objective cannot be interrupted
by cops, we can just find a nearby container to hide
in, and then chill until it is done, and then repeat for the second crane objective. Occasionally there will be a container like
this, with 2 straight stacks inside. Now this one is perfect to hide in. Just move all the way inside and chill. Then once we have the escape objective, run like hell. And at any point if we do go down for good, don’t panic and remember that we have an extra
one-up from the Murky that we dominated right at
the start. I won’t cover multiplayer since it’s basically
the same, except that bags are moved way faster and we don’t have to go back into the slaughterhouse for the second gas can. And since we can revive each other, we can use whatever build we want. So that covers this achievement, I hope. Alright, so two gameplays will be coming right
up, one with Sicario and the other with Stoic. I hope it gives you some inspiration for your
achievement run. I’ll see you guys in the next video.

10 comments on “Making A Statement [Achievement/Guide] [Payday 2]”

  1. BlackHawk TP says:

    Another great video by UK!

  2. DemonsGalore says:

    I just did this achievement thanks to you. I used the Sicario build and it worked pretty well despite me never using Sicario before 😛
    Only thing i changed, compared to the video build, was using minis instead of meds. And i was even lucky enough to not even need Stockholm Syndrome.

    I just wanted to say thanks, since your Videos also helped me get "Matrix with Lasers" and "I feel like Robin Hood".
    If you ever feel like it, I'd appreciate another guide on how to solo Failed Assassination.
    Anyways, keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Davtwan says:

    There's another hostage trick you can use on this map in case anyone needs extras to make sure the assaults stay delayed during breaks even after Stockholm Syndrome saves the Murky at the beginning.

    You can tie up the white-suited workers and move them deep into those side rooms in the hallways. Unless the player is bunkering in that room, the cops won't go in there to rescue them even while the player is still in the Slaughterhouse.

  4. Chuchu says:

    How does you achieve that snipers arrive so long after? Is there some crazy factor at issue in order to get snipers arrive as late as possible?
    When tried this one, Bain always announced their arrival around at 11 – 13 minutes approx, until one certain run where I'd used speed drill skills and achieved open the vault at 7 minutes getting the supreme RNG-luck of a route free of snipers, securing all of the gold just before the first assault wave ended up and the rest was easy peasy.
    Seriously, this one in particular is unfunny at all, just like that Caution! wet floors achievement, I went throught so many tries and it ended up being a little bit rewardable.
    Thanks for the video.

  5. CRACKGEAR says:

    Well Bro , I'm going to make a statement now , See you soon

  6. uh says:

    i did it with a friend taking cover almost all the time, great job!

  7. Damien Evermore says:

    Apparently I was late to the party with an achievement that I failed out of nowhere several times (not because I suck but because I can't keep tabs on people and bots). But now that I'm here I'm ready to reattempt it. Thanks UK for the amazing video!

  8. CursedChad says:

    Holy mother of cheese, this achievement is hard. Absolutely no cover from the snipers.

  9. WrathOf Wolf says:

    Thanks for guide, this achievement was really hard one. Kingpin worked really well for me, never used it before, scario was too much about hiding and luck, but still biggest problem werent snipers but turrets, when you finally had gold prepared for transport and met turret outside, that was really demoralizing.

  10. Aezakmii says:

    Thank u,boss

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