Marine Credit Union Foundation

The Marine Credit Union Foundation is a non
profit organization that helps out the communities served by MCU not only through charitable
donations but also through efforts to increase financial literacy. Marine Credit Union Foundation serves a wide
range of things. It can be as small as giving gifts to families
that are in need or it can be as big as sending kids off to college. it just depends on exactly what the need is
and how we can serve them in our best interest. Marine Credit Union Foundation my definition
of what I believe it to be is a way for us as a business organization to help out the
local community and our members and staff. We had to have multiple trucks from the County
bring all the bags of presents out because we were able to provide a lot for the children
in need. Milwaukee public Schools College and Career
Center placed a college and career center at each traditional high school so they have
advisors who specialize in FASFA, college applications, scholarships and also the career
side with finding job placement, resumes. Marine Credit Union donation to our senior
send off, to the Milwaukee Public Schools College and Career Center, it warms my heart
because a lot of these students that people don’t know about or they don’t know that they
need help and it’s a good way to help them. Marine Credit Union is like one of hte first
companies that stuck their foot in to help out and even come back for the next year and
help again. Even them sending out a representative from
MarineCredit Union to the event and just seeing some of the students taking pictures with
them knowing what they have done for them with bringing in more gifts. it’s just very heartwarming and I’m very grateful
for everything that Marine has done. Jaden was born suffering a stroke and later
devloped cerbral palsy and a grand mal seziure disorder so I’ve always sought out assistance. I came across a school in Grand Rapids, Michigan
know as Conductive Learning Center and it is a specialized school that offers very unique
approach to education and therapy for children with cerbral palsy and spinabifidia. We’re very oriented for kids and stuff as
the organizations that we give a lot of our money to so we just thought well and we also
thought becuase we could walk in it that that would be something that we could do as a branch. The assistance of Marine and other people,
we took Jaden back and Jaden is walking independently. Marine Credit Union really took it that step
further and really made it about celebrating Jaden’s progress and the future and the potentials
for his future.

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