Mark Serwotka at a payday protest in central London

Hello I’m Mark Serwotka the general
secretary of PCS. I’m standing outside the civil service building in Marsham
Street in central London where we’ve just had an excellent payday protest as
part of our series of activities around the country today. Hundreds of events
have taken place in civil service and public sector workplaces where PCS
members are telling the government we’ve had enough of cuts in our living
standards and we deserve an above inflation pay raise. So I wanted to let
you know exactly what your union is doing. Following the brilliant vote last
year in the ballot when 99% of members voted to say they wanted above
inflation pay raises, we have submitted a pay claim to the government. We’re asking
for a 5% pay rise across the board with an underpinning minimum of £1,200 a
year to be paid to all PCS members in all civil service departments and public
sector bodies. We’re asking for a minimum wage of £10 an hour and a return
to national negotiations on everybody’s pay. We have submitted that claim and I
am now seeking a meeting with the minister
to make that case on your behalf and I’m hopeful we’re going to meet the minister
within the next two weeks. What we need to show the government is we’ve had
enough of cuts in our living standards. We have calculated that PCS members have
lost £1.7 billion in money that they should have had and could spend in
the economy, because of pay cuts and pay freezes. That’s why our claim for 5% is justified. You deserve it and we’re determined to achieve it for you.
So as I meet the Minister on your behalf in the next couple of weeks I want to
make sure that we show him how strong we feel. So recruit members to the union if
they haven’t yet joined in your office make sure you attend our events, go on
our website and send an email to the Chancellor via our pay calculator so the
Chancellor knows how much money you have lost. Get involved in the union to ensure
they can see we are a strong voice in every workplace. If we do that now I hope
the government will see sense. If they don’t, we will be coming back to you to
build our campaign to ensure that in 2018 we get above the rate of inflation
and we reverse the decline in your living standards.
It’s a scandal we’re having to do this but we’re determined to get justice for
pay for you and your family. Thanks for listening.

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