Mean Girl Stole My Work – Instant Karma

a long time ago in year 6, I was lonely I had no friends. Lunchtimes I was alone, break times alone. Even when we had to get into teams I was alone. It wasn’t fun But one day, this tall blonde girl came up to me and asked if I would like to help create a road safety assembly a year 1 and 2 I obviously said yes right away, so we got started on it I got a laptop and the girl said… “why don’t you type and create a presentation… ….because you’re really quick at typing?” I said yes! We spent a good two weeks on it or should I say, I spent two weeks on it. Now one of the day of the assembly we got to come out of class to practice when I got there I open that up top open opened the script, then she told me I had been replaced. She only wanted me for my ideas. I felt ashamed and mad at same time. I tried making an argument but whatever came out of my mouth was completely different to what I was thinking. I accepted the fact that I was betrayed. The next day when by and this tall blonde girl came into class with the big smile on her face. The presentation was so good she was asked to go on tour around town to present the same assembly. But she was also a little worried because only I had access to the script. So she had nothing to work with. She asked if I could open it for her. I said no. She had to go to another school that day and she had nothing. The time came to do the assembly she walked up on stage, she opened her big mouth and cried. She knew what she had done and betrayed me. She was made a laughingstock. Everybody found out what she had done, and my classmates suddenly started to talk to me and wanted to play with me. From that day onwards, I had friends.

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  2. Sup3rM4R!0 says:

    Is it only me or i just reed
    "Mean girl stole my karma"

    Like if you saw that also

  3. Dusk Desolatr44 says:

    2:09 Oh my God I'm gonna jump off this cliff cause a dog is chasing me

  4. Note Gaming Paper says:

    K A R M A

    I S


    B * * *H

  5. M a g e n t a Glowing says:

    That start, omg, she's like me!

  6. Jocebella says:

    Bully : Can you open your computer?
    Girl : No Bish

  7. MrArt yay says:


  8. Jae girl 24 J_J says:

    1:46–1:48 she opened her big mouth 😂😂 I’m dead

  9. DizTheKiz says:

    Two-pronged hair girl: Dad, what's for dinner?

    Dad: A fistful of Karma. You better eat all of it. You remember what happened last time.

  10. Cool Dragonball184 says:

    I Think You Should Thank That Blonde Girl Cause Shes The Reason You Have Friends Lol.😂

  11. Tacia YT says:

    Like the saying: "Karma is a bull-"

  12. shit nugget says:


  13. Sofi the earth worm says:

    Ehe looks like hermione granger

  14. Markus Holloway says:

    Karma's a bitch

  15. Ramichii says:

    Anyone in 2019? Like this comment if you're in 2019 and watxhing this xD

  16. HarryPotter_GURL ! says:

    How’s Hogwarts?

  17. rainbow roblox says:

    Karma lady KARMA!

  18. dis channel ded says:

    Who got a sketchers twinkle toes add on this video and in ur mind you what in da …

  19. Geek Pottermore says:

    B O O M K A R M A

  20. fantastic rabbit xoxo says:

    Bully: can I open your computer?

    Sure, when you grow up.

  21. The Official Lemon Show says:

    Jennifer : Break time i was alone…
    Purple man : *Walks away*

  22. gamer pro 7 channel says:

    Go f*ck yourself stupid mean girl

  23. Zoul Storm says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    That bully got karma
    And so did you >:)

    That was a joke😂

  24. h3xed says:

    instant karma eh? well i guess my reddit account is gonna get a lot of karma.

  25. c Miller says:

    Lol I have Karma on speed-dial.

  26. NotLenny _ says:

    This is the kind of story i want to hear!!

  27. Nicolas Jr says:

    Karma is a bitch XD

  28. bushra ishaq says:


  29. pipa pig says:

    Idk why but i feel that every mean girl is blonde 😂

  30. Dan Fedorov says:

    If crap like this happens to you fight back or otherwise shit will keep hepining to you

  31. i hate this fucking world says:

    When u can tell
    , stories from story booth are real 1:58

  32. II I says:

    Well Yiu Should Be Thankfull Because If It Weren't For Her You Wouldnt Of Had Any Friends

  33. 8kitty 546 says:

    Good luck

  34. Thanos Cookie says:

    You shouldove gouged her eyes out

  35. ・ɢᴀᴄʜᴀ ᴛᴀᴇ・ says:

    I had no friends too qwq

  36. Melissa W says:

    peoples karma always bite them back, I have always believed that, and theres your proof.

  37. scjcps says:

    You have friends cuz you're a little genius I have two friends all the other people are not exactly friends they're just people that like talking to me acting like my friend and then back stab me I'm going into a new grade and I want to stand up the people who tease me

  38. Cheeser Craft says:


    Use me for your hard work and not credit me? Enjoy being treasoned.

  39. Jaydyn Torres 2 says:

    Copycat 😠

  40. slimegirl38 says:

    How do you put in a story?

  41. The Noobs Dudes :D says:

    H A H A T H E K A R M A

  42. lps phantom cookie cat says:

    Tall and blonde?????

    That describes me (the looks not the actions)

  43. Ron Ron says:

    Finally storybooth always says things like grade 4 and I have. No idea what that means but now it’s english

  44. Taroob_plays ROBLOX says:


  45. Mont says:

    O O F F F

  46. ivan liu says:

    And that’s the tea bich.

  47. The_Unkown643 says:

    A lang tame agio

  48. Sinister 777 says:

    Bitch ass work stealin blond headed no good tall ass grin smiling crying baby faced BIATCH

  49. TheRealhero 76 says:

    She's like me I'M ALWAYS ALONE 😤

  50. Tiffany Lopez says:


  51. Tiffany Lopez says:


  52. Tiffany Lopez says:

    Aw man

  53. Tiffany Lopez says:

    So we back In the mine

  54. Tiffany Lopez says:

    This as a grueling one

  55. Tiffany Lopez says:

    You now what I QUIT ON THE SONG

  56. allen heart rosales says:

    Good for you

  57. Jorge Sigala says:

    1:16 whys no one talking about that she walks weird

  58. +*!!Øřãķű_Øřęö!!*+ says:

    🙁 so sadd

  59. Nisha Kodancha says:

    Aaaw!! Such an amazing story!! SO sorry that this mean girl just stole your work… But, at the end she deserved a punishment!! Bravo, that you stood up to this girl and said "No!" See this is why you should like storybooth!! So many people have such amazing, terrifying, …. stories to tell.. This makes it more interesting for everyone!! I give 100 likessss!!!

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  60. Gacha _Wolf says:

    How did they find out? How did you know she cried?

  61. Dimentio the jester says:

    Are those classmates REALLY friends tho?…😶😶😶

  62. _ Aesthetix - Chan _ says:

    How did u know if she moved schools!!!

  63. Uga LoL says:

    Karmas a bitch narli magical anta mata magical see me in a. Sorry I don't know the lyrics

  64. Kayla loves lancer says:

    That girl is a b*tch

  65. Hello I can’t think of a Name says:


  66. Draco Malfoy says:

    Plot twist

    She is the tall blond girl and she’s trying to be the innocent girl

  67. Marisa Baiz says:

    Can someone tell me why this blonde hair girl looks like the girl in the blue dress from Charlie brown

  68. Proudmario 2 says:


  69. Kim Taehyung says:

    Da thumbnail tho ….
    Wow u cAn rEaLly dAnCe

  70. Fazebear 09 says:

    So you Basically got used

  71. aw xxxtentacion says:

    karma joined the chat

  72. Communist Poland says:

    Do your work wrong and watch them fail

  73. Calum Yeaman says:

    Sounds like someone wanted to be Eric Cartman

  74. Snap ! says:

    Why is the uniform so similar to Hogwarts's uniform for some reason…

  75. Francesca ScarianoKoppe says:

    How do u we tell u our story?

  76. Monster Jam OCD fan number 1 says:

    In the moral of the story is don't trust f**** no one

  77. Lonley Melon says:

    Same but you don’t see me screaming about it.

  78. SourGeoduck 8462 says:

    I said Jes

  79. Thiccbunny Thiccbunny says:

    Can I be your friend

  80. Claire Chanza says:

    Moral of the story don't plagiarize =/

  81. CA Castro says:

    1:49 thats what that stupid asshole blonde girl gets!!!

  82. Unique Aniyah says:

    W E S T A N F O R K A R M A

  83. Troll says:

    She sounds like Lara from ask Lara

  84. 00 Z says:

    I am 99% sure she's British.

  85. emman remedios says:

    That's Donald trump XD

  86. Lemonade Tea says:

    Mean girl: copies work
    Karma: I like to do something called a pro gamer move

  87. Pink Diamond says:

    This is why i never try to be mean

  88. rrainbowii Gxcha says:

    taste the karma

  89. DanMKM Gaming says:

    Fack u breatheny

  90. Caleb Blogs says:

    Moral of the story: never betray someone innocent or karma will get u back

  91. WizardKitty Gacha says:

    I’m really good at writing so whenever my class does group projects every one wants me it’s so annoying

  92. Elijah Kirtley says:

    Karma hit her like a bus xD

  93. ducky XD says:

    1:42 nice animation!

  94. WOL FY says:

    Karma is not a bitch after all

  95. Yux Yux says:

    this was all god's plan.

  96. Maximilian Alexander Boateng says:

    on the laptop 00:45

  97. ClarityGemz says:

    Who’s watching this in 2019
    And they are in year 6

  98. Layton the ok Gamer says:

    Cha Cha Real Smooth

  99. Sweaty Samzz says:

    K A R M A: B E G O N E T H O T

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