Meet the Gateway Family! We are here for your financial success!

Our credit union is agile We respond quickly to our members And the products and services that we sell Are really products and services that they deserve to have I have associated myself with a brand That I would buy And there’s no greater joy Than selling a product that you yourself believe in We engage members We know sometime it may be difficult for members to come inside the branch So we go to them So it’s more personalised that way When we engage them on a one on one basis They don’t have to wait in the long lines So that is primarily the role of the marketing and sales department Currently we have a WhatsApp number that members can filter their feedback We get reports monthly from that medium And we use it as a little benchmark to see Where we’re doing good or where we need to make improvements At Gateway we not only sell our products We dialogue with our members For Gateway as an organisation is that they really look out for their staff In terms of staff development, training is always available They have different functions for their staff That will keep the morale up They drive teamwork I love the family spirit Family, family Family Your Gateway Your Financial Success Every time, all the time Always

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