Megalo-mania in a few minutes or less! [Achievement/Guide] [Payday 2]

Hey guys, Unknown Knight again. Today will be a quick guide video on the Megalo-mania
achievement from the Hardcore Henry update. “Have all four players using a fully unlocked
Maniac perk deck and have an average of 65% or more of the white Maniac bar filled.” Of course you could do this the legit way
by playing loud. One of my friends suggested to me that we can just molotov Winters and
be done with it but you’re going to wait a long time for Winters. If you’re looking for a quick way to do
this, I have a recommendation for you. Before we go into the live action let’s
talk some numbers. Assuming everyone aims for 65%, what do we
really need? The maximum amount of damage and hysteria
you can get is 600 damage or 240 hysteria every 4 seconds. Let’s do some calculations here: At the 4th second mark: We gain 240 hysteria 8th second mark: After decay and gain, 296, which is barely 50% and not enough 12th second: 536 hysteria which converts to 89 percent. So we need 3 hysteria waves of 600 damage
and enough for 4 players. My strategy here today will be to find the
biggest baddest tank and just pump enough bullets into him every 4 seconds. For myself I’m using a Deagle which has
about 150 damage so I need 4 shots per hysteria wave but any weapon works just as well. If we’re going to do all that damage to
1 enemy, we will need 600 damage times 3 waves times 4 players which amounts to 7200 damage. With that we’re looking at at least a Deathwish
dozer, or, I would suggest a headless dozer so nobody headshots him by accident. So just load up a heist on Deathwish, find
a dozer and get your achievement. It will be easier if you can disable the dozer so
I’m bringing ECM with feedback. And in my recorded gameplay we went in on
Lab Rats and found 2 black dozers instead so that’s what we worked with. Well that was very fast isn’t it. In fact
most of this video was me talking away and the gameplay is just that little. So if you need to find someone to get the
achievement you can always check the Crews and Clans subforum in the online Payday 2
forum on Steam. Hope this video helps you to get that achievement
quickly and I’ll see you in my next video. Unknown Knight, signing off.

2 comments on “Megalo-mania in a few minutes or less! [Achievement/Guide] [Payday 2]”

  1. Drunken Heister says:

    4 x flamers and headless dozer spawn on start of labrats over pretty quick too

  2. vladukchokik says:

    Now the only hard thing is finding 3 other people who are willing to so this

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