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– Mountain America’s history
goes back to the 1930s. And at that time the average person had a hard time having
access to financial help. So a group of people got together and they pooled their resources. Some people put their
money into a container and then they loaned it out to each other. Paid a little bit of interest
and then it went on and on and we grown into a
wonderful institution today. (upbeat music) – When I think of Mountain America I think of, I just always
expect and get good service. They’ve always been very
responsive to my needs. (upbeat music) – Mountain America is
not only a credit union, it’s part of the community. And giving to the community
makes, to me, the heart. (upbeat music) Along the lines of learning, investing and financial planning, my dad
was a big advocate of that. And so, right off the bat, my
dad taught us about interest,
taught us about savings. But then my dad, we lost him and he went to heaven. I’m like, who do I talk
to about investing now? What do I do now? Because I don’t have my dad to turn to. So now I turn to Mountain
America Credit Union. (upbeat music) – [Suzanne] As a
federally-chartered credit union, we are not required to
pay state sales tax. We are owned by our members. Where normally you would
see that profit pyramid, where the stockholders are at the top and the customers are at the bottom, instead we flip that around. And credit unions, everything
is about the members. And so they are our owners and what we do is always with them in mind. We do make profit, but we
reinvest that to benefit our members in multiple ways. And this in turn puts additional
money in their pockets. That they’re able to spend
in their local economies, and that’s a positive thing for everyone. – [Lynn] It’s also important
that people can come together and form a institution that will manage their financial affairs, in the best possible way, in their interest. We need to preserve that opportunity. (upbeat music) – [Suzanne] At Mountain America, we have a member advocate program. If a key issue comes up that would impact our ability to serve you. Then we would provide information and ask you to contact
your representatives and express your views about this. We hope that you will sign up online. We’ll provide you with information and let you know how you can
take action to protect Mountain America and our
ability to continue to be a great financial institution. – [Lynn] The best way to
preserve credit unions is for the members themselves
to get involved. – [Suzanne] Our best
advocates are our members, who share the things that they
love about Mountain America with their friends and family. (upbeat music) – [Marjie] I want to credit
union to stay where it is. Cause they have always there for me, I want to be there for them. (upbeat music)

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