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in fing go IM f ing Oh M fing go calm and you want to go to this website on your own and what we’re going to do is we’re going to be calculating your net worth so I’m gonna need you all to help me do this if you don’t mind if you don’t mind I want you to help me do this and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna basically and they’ll say my website is not responding it will respond in a second and if I have to do it on my whiteboard I will because it’s simple it’s really simple to calculate your net worth and as I was talking to my financial mentor mr. Alan Austin and he was sharing with me how companies that he worked with that he’s worked with over his long career as a high-end executive with large companies how they planned their financial portfolio for the next five to ten years and he said to me it was really shocking he said most people don’t plan even for the weekend they just plan for the weekend or maybe they plan for their vacation this year but they don’t have a long-term financial forecast I was like whoa and then today on the power car those of you that got on the power car you were listening to mr. Lopez and she said that if you listen this is startling this is starving I actually had to go back and check this she said if you have ten dollars in your pocket and no debt say it again if you have ten dollars in your pocket and you have no debt then you have more net worth than 25% of the people in the country we’re talking about the United States here $10 in your pocket and no debt you have more net worth we have more net worth than 25% the people in the United States of America now that is startling yes throw up the wild faces that is startling so let’s talk about how you calculate your net worth now net worth and simple net worth looking’s right here your net worth is the difference between what you own and what you owe the difference between what you own and what you owe that determines your net worth most people I want to say 80 to 90% of the people in the world have never ever tried to even calculate your net worth and I’m not even going to ask you to raise your hand if you have our habit we’re not even gonna go there let’s just let’s just look at it so I need you guys help I want you to type in the chat box what the average home is worth now if you’re in California I know that’s two million dollars but let’s just come up with an average throw up some numbers I’ll use my calculator and we’ll come up with a nice little average on what a home in the United States of America is worth we’re talking about worth right now so and I’m talking a little extra because I know there’s about an eight second delay on Facebook live so I’m throwing in a little fluff and I know you guys type slow so I’m gonna give you a moment to type in just give me an amount one hundred thousand two hundred thousand 251 okay pamphlet said two hundred thousand all right three hundred thousand so two hundred thousand and I’m at three hundred thousand and then I’m at James heads eighty-nine thousand that’s three people and the in Tunisia glass beats two hundred fifty thousand there’s four people and then three hundred thousand that’s five people and then I’ll go ahead an average guys 150 hundred fifty thousand alright that’s six people so I’m gonna divide that by six and that gives me an average of two hundred and fourteen thousand Dante Taylor says two hundred let’s use two hundred thousand guys enough let’s use $200,000 so here on the net worth calendar I’m gonna type in $200,000 now what that says is you know what we say you know we say in America we say I own a $200,000 home well you own a $200,000 home – the mortgage okay so it says and I owe this on my mortgage so if a person has a $200,000 home I want you guys to type in how much they owe right now on that mortgage all right I know you own the home but if you don’t pay the note the real owner will show up so I want you to type in how much do most people owe on their home if they own a $200,000 home how much they do they owe on the house all right the house is worth two hundred thousand but they have a mortgage so how much is the balance on the mortgage type that in now as you’re typing it in I want you to look at my cash flow spectrum I got this from Robert Kiyosaki here’s the quadrant Mike Delco came up with the spectrum if you’re in the middle of Decision employee self-employed business owner and investor which direction are you going do you own a business and do you have investments if you do you’re headed towards freedom if you have a home-based business and an employee but you don’t own a business and you don’t have any investments you’re headed that way on the spectrum and you’re headed away from freedom so let’s see how much do people Oh so let’s see Dillon Mia wrote 50 thousand has one Tanisha glass Miro 350 that’s two Chile’s reach 10 more years I know right Dante Taylor wrote 200,000 that’s three Mark Smith wrote 400,000 Jean okay okay that’s messed up all right I’m gonna have to find a medium and then Brian battle typed in 170,000 all right so that’s divided by six that’s gonna give us $195,000 owed Pam Brook said 189 let’s bring it down let’s say 150 so the house is worth two hundred thousand you or 150 thousand all right now you got those two calculated your cars are worth alright your cars what are your cars worth so somebody type in what your car is a word all right what are your cars worth how many cars you if you have two cars and you bought them at twenty thousand dollars each but you’ve had them for five years getting 10 percent depreciation here let’s just say your car is what are you Tanisha’s class we said zero that’s probably very true I’m gonna try to be generous to nature so let’s not be mean to our brothers and sisters here you know the struggle is not real but people think the struggle is real fear false evidence appearing real so 20,000 okay so your cars are worth 20,000 I like that Dante I’ll use that number so your cars worth 20,000 and then how much you owe on your car loans your cars are worth 20,000 how much you owe on the car is though Dante let me let you answer that cars are paid in full that’s good James that’s what should be your car should be paid in full but people have car notes so your car’s worth 20,000 you old 15,000 if you’re lucky let’s say you owe half of that so let’s say you owe 10,000 all right very good hey Tony doubling what’s going on brother my new business partner all right now investments which most people don’t have but let’s just let’s just factor in now we all know that gold is not an investment it is an asset so let’s add in all your assets and investments the things that you own that appreciated in value so Pam Brooks did 50,000 she was the first one attract any and I think so let’s go ahead and use 50,000 you’ve got $50,000 with the gold stocks bonds mutual funds things that are going up you know now no investments you can lose all your money but we’re gonna be generous right now let’s say you have $50,000 worth of investments actual that you can liquidate and have $50,000 that’s what I’m gonna speak to you right now things that you own assets that if you had to you could liquidate and how much money would you get from those things so Pam books they’re $50,000 and and I owe this on my investment loans we’re gonna put a big old zero right there I’m gonna say you’re smart enough not to have any investment loans you don’t owe anything and then let’s talk about let’s talk about our other I have other stuff I always get a big kick out of that word stuff but let’s use that horse stuff you have flat screens in your house and in Oh – what do you call them like a stereo system component system in your house and you’ve got a projection screen TV and you’ve got some furniture and you’ve got jewelry personal effects and so let’s say your other stuff maybe you’ve got you could sell it you can have a yard sale today and sell all your stuff how much money could you come up with somebody typing in if you had a yard sale today and so all the stuff all my books and my office furniture in my computers and my desktops and laptops and monitors and flat screens and and kitchen appliances and everything furniture everything in your house if you sold all your stuff yeah yes that’s true Tunisia your house is a debt I wouldn’t use a sister buy that that’s that’s possible we’re not having that discussion right now Delta nation we don’t get on that case later we’re gonna we’re gonna do this financial portfolio because most people would have never done this all right Sydney – at twenty thousand how much how much stuff do you have it you sold all your stuff today how much money would you come up with if you sold all your stuff so somebody typed that in I got twenty thousand going once twenty thousand ten to twelve thousand Gloria Bradley says ten to twelve thousand okay Oh mark said okay I’m sorry to Mesa I ascribe that to you so Maria Johnson said ten thousand all right so let me let’s be generous let’s say if you saw all your stuff today you could come up with twenty thousand dollars okay I’m gonna show you how bad off we are and I owe this on my other loans credit cards alright so somebody type in credit card debt how much do we owe on credit card debt just give me an average of what you think most Americans owe you know it’s right after Christmas 17,000 pounds Lord Kingsley geez Sharon Vicks 30,000 wow that’s a lot alright alright regice cot if you have gold you are not poor my brother because it is infinite what that value could be in the event of an economic collapse how you doing mr. Williams all right so 50,000 that’s a lot zero debt for you when first drop good for you brother Sydney mine or 10,000 okay I’m gonna use Sydney’s I’m gonna use the lower of what everybody said Shanae Matthews said 20,000 I’m gonna use I have three colors I chose zero way to go Gloria now there’s nothing wrong with Owen there’s nothing wrong with dad it’s good debt and bad debt but Dylan Mele said 3000 Brian battle 2000 student loans 40,000 I’m not even gonna talk about student loans we’re gonna be nice to you guys today you can do this on your own time and be honest with yourself and you can cry in the privacy of your own home but right now we’re gonna keep it we don’t keep it nice so on your other loans let’s just use 5,000 you only owe $5,000 on your loans I know that’s generous I know oh wait a minute I did this wrong let me put a zero here that’s how much I owe all my investments my investments are worth fifty thousand I got off here somewhere I got too excited I owe this on my car loans five thousand okay now I’m back on point now and then I have other stuff worth well I said twenty thousand and then what are you owe on your car loans wait a minute twenty thousand and then on your what do you owe on your other loans let’s say you have no other loans I’m being super nice here I’m being super nice okay and now let’s see we calculate this all right calculate your net worth let me go back and final missing something here okay so now on this side your current net worth is so this person’s current net worth with with it’s just a home the car 90% of your net worth is your home and this is a person let me make sure I did this right your home is worth 200,000 I owe this on my home mortgage oh I did that wrong I apologize okay let me go back your home is worth two hundred thousand you owe on your home one hundred eighty thousand all right I did that wrong I apologize let me take my time here and do it right my cars are worth twenty thousand I owe 10 thousand my investments are worth fifty thousand I oh nothing I have other stuff worth twenty thousand and I owe nothing on my other loans okay so when you go up here it says your current net words and then your assets are worth a million dollars in this scenario and your liabilities are worth seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars so your net worth is Jordan fifteen thousand so notice here we calculated what’s your liability your assets are worth a million your liabilities are worth seven hundred fifty thousand so you’re worth Jordan fifteen thousand and it breaks down your assets here now this is what’s startling this is a person who is very financially healthy what happens to most people most people have a home worth 150 thousand but but it’s worth a hundred thousand so they’re negative fifty thousand on their home okay their value actually was cut in half during the economic collapse and what happens people have a nice car but they have a car loan so they have no net worth in their car they have no assets to speak of middle-class people buy stuff they buy liabilities they buy nice cars they buy nice homes or a nice apartments they buy a really nice clothes a nice jewelry but if they stopped working all of their network is depleted in an instant and they end up in debt and they die broke and they pass to the heirs dead most people don’t calculate and even if your net worth was worth 250 thousand dollars that’s what you could liquidate to have cash how long would that last your family if something happen to you you know I’ve been thinking a lot here lately about my mortality you know I’m 53 years old this year I’ll be 54 and I said I say to my wife sometimes I really kind of I get on her case I say baby you need to sit down with me like this chair right here this is her chair and I say you need to sit down right here in this chair with me and I need you to watch me work all day and she said I know and you know I’ll leave that alone I don’t want to get in trouble with her happy wife happy life but I said I need you to watch me do every single thing I do take a notepad and take notes on every single move I make because if I would have dropped dead today and don’t say it can’t happen it can happen you’re a human being you can stop breathing before the end of this live stream god forbid I notice a morbid thought but it’s a real thought because people leave there were people who didn’t wake up this morning and so I said to my wife I said if something would have happened to me would you be okay would you be able to pick up where I left off and keep going I’ve built the business that pays me a full-time income with or without my effort if something would have happened to me today could you run that business would you know the websites to go to and the passwords and and how to liquidate cashing different investments that I had would you know exactly what to do or with all of my wealth to die with me because you have it you received it by will but you don’t know how to access it or you don’t know how to continue to run the business when you answer if when my phone rings and you answer it would you know what to say to people would you know how to answer their questions the four years that I put into building my network would you would you know the people on my team would you be able to talk about talk to them as intelligibly as I can would you be able to get on a 3-way car with Stuttgart Germany and help my new business partner get through their little hoops they gotta jump through to launch their business I just signed up a new gentleman from Florida and yeah a day before yesterday named Jesus Figueroa and I signed up a new gentleman last week from Stuttgart Germany who now lives in Colorado Springs Colorado named Fred would you know how to pick up my phone and call Fred and let him know that you’re gonna be working my business and he can call you because see I’ve built an asset see here’s one of the things I want to talk to y’all about see this business that so many people overlook because they have a job and they don’t have time or they own a business and they don’t have time or they are passed or they’re a lawyer or they’re a doctor or kneel judge or there’s some person that’s so busy they don’t have time quote-unquote to own a business this business asset is a true asset that can be passed on to your heirs it is actually net worth see my business it’s probably worth two or three million dollars to today well you say well how do you know that Mike well because if I take build a prospectus on my business and let’s say it’s making $200,000 a year I won’t tell you how much it’s making because I don’t want you to ask me for money but if let’s say is worth $200,000 a year and I draw it for five year perspectives five times 200,000 that’s a million dollar business in the next five years if she wanted to sell it to someone with vision she could sell it for a million dollars liquidate the business not have to work it and live off the cash if she made some sound investments I’ve got investments that are doubling and tripling sometimes alright does she know how to take to exit those investments or is she gonna hold on to them and let them go back negative because investments can go negative hey those people who invested in Blockbuster Video that that investment went through the roof where is it now it tanked uo- wealth okay so are you learning the skills necessary to survive and even thrive in the untimely event of a loved one’s passing that business that you own is an asset that belongs to your family forever as long as that business is alive and viable so are you able to continue to work that business in the in the absence of the person who started that business and my wife and I literally have a friend who was working another business and he had built that business to a deep six-figure income and he was tragically murdered now while he was built now I need you I need y’all to hear this and those of you who may have spouses that are not necessarily in favor of what you’re doing I need you to maybe show them this video and I’m saying this with the utmost love from the fullness of my heart help your spouse build this business help your spouse build this business because it is a true wealth building asset now this gentleman built this business just six-figure to a six-figure income and while he was building that business to that six-figure income the whole time she was like you used you own the phone too much I don’t get enough time to spend with you but he’s built he quit a job a traditional job to work this business full-time and he believed in himself and he built that thing to a deep six-figure income and she was complaining the whole way he built it in spite of her and then when he she was so negative about networking just negative and she could be and when he got tragically murdered when he got murdered the people that was business partners came to the funeral came to her and embraced her and said we’re with you and they helped her ramp up and keep that business viable and today that business is still earning like he’s still living and she’s working a business and in my opinion she’s taking it to another level because he built an asset he built a networking business which is an asset that continues to grow exponentially so that business becomes an asset and it’s adding you in the direction of freedom I got some testimonials that I’m gonna give you in the coming month that I can’t really share right now because of because of proper reasons that I shouldn’t say anything about it but it is a blessing to have a business that allows you the freedom to take care of your loved ones without having to go and spend eight to ten hours a day on a job when you’re spending that time on a job you’re not spending that time in direction of your freedom now I’m not saying don’t work I’m saying if you have a job don’t be pointing in this direction if you have a job at least be heading in the right direction on the cash flow spectrum and by owning a business and/or having sound educated investments because this direction builds your net worth this direction does not it is vital that we have a net worth that can be liquidated so that if we have some sort of catastrophe financially our family and our lives will be secured all right now this didn’t come out exactly as I like it to because I’m dealing with this raggedy slow backup computer can’t wait till I get my computer back up but guys I hope you got something out of the stream I’m and with this statement what you focus on it will grow what you focus on will grow if you’re focused on making sure you get up and go to work and be a good employee that thought is going to grow you’re gonna be a great employee you’re gonna be loved at work you’re gonna probably get your name on a plaque you’ll get a good parking space all right that is gonna grow because you’re focused on your gonna be a good employee I was talking to a lady the other day and she I said did you see an opportunity for yourself with karatbars international and she said I did but I’m not sure it’s for me and I said why do you say that she said well I’m not that kind of a person I said what kind of person do you mean she said I’m not the kind of person that likes to talk to people I worked for the government I have a good job and good benefits and I’m satisfied now check this out check this out I said okay I understand that I said 95% of the people in the world feel the same way don’t feel bad about it don’t say that to me like you’re embarrassed by it be proud of that because 95% of people world they they have a job they think like that I said let me ask you a question I said if I could show you an activity that you already do and all you’ve got to do is do that activity and share with other people how to do the same would it be worth it for you to try she said I don’t know what is the activity I said the activity is saving money if I can show you how to save your money in an asset and then refer other people to save them money in an asset and that pays your commission for that activity would you do it she said yeah she said I said because you’re already saving money right now here’s the gold nugget guys don’t miss this I said you’re already saving money right and she said well yeah when I can I said what do you mean when you can she said well it’s hard to save money I was I said well wait you just saying you had a good job she’s one do have a good job I said well how long you been working on your job 14 years okay 14 years and you save sometimes guys the number one rule of building well is every single time can somebody type every every single time you come into money pay yourself first that’s called saving but saving an asset that’s not depleted by inflation every single time you come into money you should pay yourself first but let’s just throw it let’s go back to her conversation she says I saved when I can okay if I could show you a way to every time you save when you can turn it into gold and then refer others to do the same and you get paid for that would you do it she said I don’t know see guys it’s a mindset it’s not a job so you can have a job and pay yourself first and you’re headed in the direction of well you can have a job and not pay yourself first and you’re headed in the direction of poverty it’s not how you make your money is what you didn’t win you make your money so every time yes Brian battle every single time sherry brown that you get money pay yourself first well that’s our business we’re in the business of we’re wealth advisors this guy says to me at church he said you know wealthy bonds he said well give me a class on well let’s not do it right now you don’t even have to pay me every time you get paid say first he said I said exactly right that’s it because a part of your assets even though it’s a depreciating asset its cash on hand guys if you don’t have $500 I’m gonna say this emphatically if you don’t have $500 that it’s not wise to do this but that you could take and ball up and why are you driving down the highway at 60 miles an hour throw it out the window and it doesn’t collapse your life if you can’t afford to do that you are a financial accident waiting to happen if you can’t afford to throw $500 out the wind I’m not saying you should do it please hear what I’m saying I’m trying to I’m trying to illustrate the importance of having disposable income if you don’t have $500 I’d say 5500 if you don’t have $500 that you could blow up in a paper ball and driving down how we roll to win the bet and throw it out and yeah you might go hate idea there but if it doesn’t if it destroys your life you are a financial catastrophe waiting to happen and if you work in a job and you’ve been on that job five years and you don’t have $500 that you can throw out the window that means you weren’t able to save a hundred dollars a year for five years disposable but you’re giving away eight hours of your life five days a week please tell me how that makes any sense like what are you working for I’ll tell you what you’re working for you’re working to make somebody else from all that business rich you’re working for somebody else’s legacy and we’ve got to we’ve got to have somebody that’s that’s radical like me that will spit out a camera and for anybody who’s willing to listen and say just stop for a minute and and analyze what you’re doing just analyze what you’re doing take a true assessment of what your actions are accomplishing if you’ve been working for 10 years and you’ve got a thousand dollars in the bank that means you’re saving a hundred dollars a year that system does not work doesn’t work and that doesn’t mean quit your job either that means on your job you need to turn around and point in the direction of freedom you need to own a business to maximize taxes and increase your cash flow and make some sound investments and stay headed in the right direction towards wealth ask yourself today don’t worry about me don’t worry about me forget who’s forget about the messenger and just listen to the message in your own voice and in your own temperature ask yourself this question how much cash do I have saved up that’s the first question how much cash do I have saved up second question how long have I been working in my life I started working at age 15 and no one from 15 to age 50 not one person in my life not one parent grandparent aunt uncle no one say it Mike exchange your cash for assets no one all wealthy people tell their children that from birth but not one person taught me to exchange my cash for assets nobody in 35 years of life from age 15 when I got my first job shining shoes at tux shoe clinic in Eden North Carolina nobody said it might take a portion of your money and keep it and put it in assets and let your money grow earn money keep money grow money the three the three phases of money earn it keep it grow it earn it keep it grow it nobody ever told me about keeping it growing it I just got left with to earn it I’m making that money stacking that paper one stack of nothing nobody told me to move my a portion of my savings into an asset had they told me I would have been a 50 year old millionaire it’s truly that if you teach your children right now even if they don’t start a networking business if you instead of giving them $20 allowance give them a two tenths of a gram of gold and put in a safe hiding it gold is so amazing let me just let me show you something this is a true testimony one of my business partners while it gots purse got stolen and the stupid criminal look at this she had chewties to five gram gold cards in her wallet two of these the criminal took the cash and the and the credit cards out of the wallet and threw the purse behind a trash can somebody found it and turned it back into her they were nice enough to leave her driver’s license turn it back into her and she had 10 grams ago they didn’t touch the gold look at they look right it only they’re stupid look right at $500 that’s this is $250 worth to go make me 300 today gold is going up and the dollars going down they looked at the gold only that only there and they left the gold and her driver’s license just stupid not only are they stealing that’s stupid they double stupid they left the real money in the purse we have got to share with our family our friends our children we got to get off this hamster wheel am i fired up you better believe it I’m fired up because there are so many people that I love and they know me I consider myself a fairly trustworthy person no I haven’t been perfect all my life but I’m trustworthy enough they they trust me enough to ask me to borrow 50 bucks alright so they know that I’ve been sitting there home for four years because I found a system I was able to leave a job because I found a system where you just save your money exchange it for assets share with others earn more cash where you save more money exchange it for more assets tell more people and you build an organization that never stops growing it’s an asset that I can will to my family pass on the my wife put it in a trust it’s so simple I got a text message today of a gentleman my business partner right there he just pops on the screen he says helping mr. delacro mr. Allen Austin referred me to a gentleman that wants me to teach a financial class it’s a nonprofit organization that wants me to teach a financial class for six weeks and I’m more than likely gonna do it mr. Austen it’s my time into the universe because getting wealthy is much simpler than being broke oh my god getting wealthy is much easier than being broke getting wealthy is much easier than being broke we have to learn how to be broke I’m trying my best to get off the stream but Ellen Austin fire Mia just seeing his name money as much as he’s taught me over these last three years that I’ve known it no six seven eight year I don’t know how long they fire me up because here’s the deal everything in the what it’s somebody do me a favor type in the chat box what you’re made of what is the human body made of somebody type it in the chat box it is yes Pam Brooks getting wealthy is much easier than being broke I was reading the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and Napoleon Hill makes a statement around about page 30 or 40 somewhere he said when wealth comes if it does at all when wealth comes if it does at all it will come in such abundance till you’ll wonder with amazement where it’s been hiding all those lean years when wealth comes if it comes at all it will come in such abundance till you’ll wonder where it’s been hiding all those lean years now I ask the people what are we made of and sherry brown gave the best definition and yes water absolutely we are comprised of water but we’re made of dirt when we die our bodies Lord Kingsley will dehydrate of all that water and we will return from the dust from whence we came we are dirt okay well then that’s not an insult that’s not an insult that’s an that’s an admonition to understand who you are my understand who you are thirteen years our awesome thank you brother for correct is an admonition of who you are Gloria Bradley think about this we are dirt so this is kind of conversation me and Ellen have I wish I had him on this train what does dirt do guys you know what dirt does you know what dirt does dirt grows stuff dirt growth dirt is alive it’s living if you put a seed in dirt it grows the seed into you can put a seat on this table it’ll never grow you say the power is in the sea well I push back on that a little bit the power is on that sea when is in the dirt and you’re to see your dirt look guys the dirt grows the the dirt knows no lack there is no lack anywhere in the universe there is an abundance of water in all the oceans there’s an abundance of sand and all the desert there’s an abundance of life of our vegetation in all the green spaces in the world there is no lack there’s an abundance of ice in the Arctic there’s no lack anywhere in the world except in this dirt and this dirt is the only lack this is the only dirt that experiences a lack of abundance no other dirt in the world and on our planet experiences lack accept this dirt with the only dirt that knows how to not be abundant why is that the case is because this dirt hear me clearly I got to get up the stream I’m frustrated my own self I don’t want to talk no more I can’t stop talking there is an energy beyond me that’s pushing to talk to somebody that maybe sixty people on this stream but there’s one or two people that are really talking to your heart and I don’t care who else is is saying he don’t know what he talking about there’s two or three people that know for a fact that I’m talking straight into your heart you hear me better than everybody else on this stream you’re who I’m talking to you because you’re hearing what I’m feeling in my heart my heart is about to beat out of my chest you know what’s causing this dirt to know how to lack abundance you want to know what it is it’s your free will you’re the only dirt in the universe with free will and you get to choose to lack abundance and you say I’m not choosing that light why would anybody choose that you choose it by what you were taught by what you weren’t somebody typed it in way before me let me go back and give credit where first raw programming you were programmed for lakhs oh my god you were programmed to not have enough your parents all well-intended they were they took you they took you at a tender age your most impressionable years they took you from the Korea from your mommy’s arms and handed you to a stranger and said raise my child cuz I gotta go back to work I got to go back to work cuz I gotta feed my baby you got those gifts and abilities and talents inside of you that people the world will pay you for that there are opportunities that will pay you just to connect with people but no I’m afraid to do these networking thing they compared me let me go back and work in my legal pyramid with the boss at the top in the end the senior partners than the area managers and regional managers in the end the rest of the employees let me go work on the real legal period because I don’t God for God’s sake I don’t want to own my own I don’t want to own my own pyramid let me go work for somebody else’s period and you go work and you hand your baby off to a stranger and they start teaching them from a book that somebody wrote to teach you how to work for somebody else and we keep this perpetual cycle of working to build somebody else’s legacy going to Eternity and that’s what’s called generational poverty and then generational wealth is being created right across the tracks because their kids they teaching them hey son here’s your trust when you get 18 here dad already to put a million dollars up for you by the time you’re 18 that million will have grown to probably 5 10 million and then the kid grows up like a Donald Trump talking about I wanna you guys my dad only get Fred Fred Trump only gave me a million dollars to start my my real estate business what he gave you a million dollars to start the business I feel like that was pretty tough he could have get they actually gave me 10 million he was worth more than that guys we got to break the cycle if not you then who if not nailed in win and if not this then what who’s gonna do it I am determined that if it is to be it’s gotta come through me I don’t have anybody else that set me up and am I gonna leave my son marquel or my son Michael or my daughter Micah or my daughter kaya or Kayla and for my grandkid am I going to leave them bills or benefits what am I going to leave them somebody’s got to draw a line in the dadgum sand and say I’m about to build something if it takes me to the next five years if it’s gonna take me the next five years I’m going to build something look get out of your feelings it might not even be about you you talk about this business ain’t working fast enough you work that business for the next five to ten years maybe it’s about your grandson maybe you’re not the one maybe you’re not neo maybe your grandson is the one and you’re supposed to build a legacy for him or her hey if grandma and grandpa would have held it down well maybe they could my grandma my great grandma and grandpa were slaves but if your grandma and grandpa weren’t slaves and they had the right to learn and get this information and if they have done what they needed to do you wouldn’t be going through what you’re going through now guys I can’t tell you how frustrating I get frustrated I get when I see my young african-american brothers and brothers walking around with their genes showing their behind and showing it underwear I can’t turn it sideways and they like you know yeah uh yeah you know though yeah what a dollar and I’m like I can’t even understand what you’re saying we don’t have a chance we’re being taught that that’s acceptable you can’t even communicate a business plan to somebody to help them build well I don’t know where all that came from all I’m saying is this time it is time guys to build a life but you don’t need a vacation from and that you can share with others how to do it when you’re by the time your children get to the fourth grade they’re already indoctrinated to go work for somebody else when you start trying to teach this stuff to them it’s almost uncomfortable for you and you know it’s the truth so guys learn to calculate your net worth learn to focus on what’s important well let you focus on will grow you start focusing on your net worth your net worth will grow you start focusing on building your business your business will grow you start focusing on amassing assets and net and sound and children investment and they will grow your money will grow focus on your money people say things like all you talk about on time is money yeah that’s why my money growing yeah that’s why my that’s why my portfolios grow cuz I think about money I think about God so my relationship with the Lord is growing I think about my wife and my kids my family like they’re growing you know my son my son that got shot I think he’s on this stream right now he just now said dad can you can you send me some money heck yeah I can see some money soon as I get off this stream I’m saying somebody because I’ve learned how to get out of the rat race I remember when my son had asked me for money I was I have to say no I don’t have you know so yeah I’m out of worry so y’all have a great day this is Mike now call the CEO continuously empowering others CEO University I was talking to one of our business partners today from lassoo – he said I’m the listener CEO me and I got so chicken I said yes sir that’s why I incorporated my name CEO international that’s my new LLC CEO international continuously empowering others everybody can be a CEO you be your own CEO we’ll see you all on the next journey

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