Mick Mulvaney Made It His Mission To Destroy The CFPB From Inside Out

Mick Mulvaney, the Leader of CFPB, thinks
his organization has too much power, and while he’s there he wants Congress to take away
as much power as possible. Well, first of all, look, we both know the
history. Give us the background of Mulvaney. I mean, tell us a little bit about him. Most of Mulvaney’s professional career has
been financed by the payday loan industry, those predatory payday lenders. They’ve given a ton of political money to
Mulvaney. And so the first thing he did, obviously,
when he came into office, before he wrote this report asking for less power, was he
dropped a bunch of lawsuits against the payday lending industry for all of their predatory
practices, ripping off consumers, creating endless cycles of debt. So Mulvaney last week issues his first report
to Congress, and in this first report, which was supposed to be about what his agency is
doing, about the only thing he says is, “I have so much power here to actually hold banks
accountable that you’ve got to take it away from me. I don’t need this. I don’t want it. Let’s cripple this agency, and you can help
me do it, Congress.” Well, you know there’s only a couple … You
can either read it like, “I, Mulvaney, am so stupid, and I’m afraid that you’ve given
me all this power, because I’m a fool, and I’m going to use the power in the wrong kind
of way.” Or you conclude the obvious, and that is he’s
joined at the hip with the very industry that he’s supposed to be … he’s supposed to be
in charge of making sure that this organization does their job and protects consumers. There’s been some good results that this organization
has gotten, and now all of a sudden he says, “Well, you know, consumers really aren’t that
important. Yes, I was involved in an industry that ripped
them off.” The payday lending process was such a scam. As a matter of fact, people went to jail because
of it. I’m surprised, frankly, he didn’t go to jail
because of it. It’s so funny too, because he wants Congress
to come in, because this is the group that’s supposed to be regulating those big banks,
the Wall Street bankers, holding them accountable. And so by bringing Congress in, by saying,
“You have to share this power with me, because it’s too much for me,” it’s going to let Congress
once again regulate the banks, come up with the rules, come up with the penalties and
punishments when they break the law. Not if, it’s a when. We know it’s when they break the law, and
Congress will do nothing. We’ll end up in the same tailspin we were
in 2007-2008, and the cycle will continue to repeat itself, because-
What he’s really doing, he’s creating a record. That’s what he really wants to do. He wants to be on the record as saying, “I’m
the insider. I’m the guy that’s supposed to know most about
it. And yeah, I’m either too stupid … you’ve
given me too much power and I’m way too stupid for that power … or you know what, consumers
really don’t matter.” They did a couple great things last year,
if you remember, before Mulvaney took control. This agency has potential to really get some
things done, don’t they? It absolutely does, and those lawsuits against
payday lenders were going to be huge. You could have shut down the industry, or
at least fixed it, and Mulvaney steps in, says, “Nope, not good enough for me. Take away my power, because I’m too stupid
to know what to do.”

29 comments on “Mick Mulvaney Made It His Mission To Destroy The CFPB From Inside Out”

  1. Mira Prochazka says:

    Trying to defraud more hard-working Americans, get them out instantly

  2. Latricia Morrell says:

    Beetle juice is a Putz!

  3. Egypt * says:

    Another stupid Trump minion working on 1 braincell & trying to call the shots 😵 the world is laughing 🌎😂😂

  4. OrionPax09 says:

    No surprise. Every tRump appointee has been put into their positions of power to destroy the organizations that they're supposed to be heading up from the inside out.

  5. Basilius Ravencroft says:

    There should be hearings involving Mick Mulvaney and then a crackdown on these predatory lenders for putting him in the CFPB.

  6. Dek Cgi says:

    …..Trump doesn’t need the Mueller report to demonstrate his complete incompetence and lack of leadership ability…..!!….. Trump demonstrates his incompetence every day,,,..!!

  7. Alan Gann says:

    #TheAbsolutelyCorruptGOP #RealizeTheTruth #TheirCorruptionHurtsUsAll #VoteForUsAll #VoteOnlyProgressive #Bernie2020

  8. I'MPEACH says:

    Dick Mulvaney….the slimiest of the Swamp critters!

  9. Don Anderson says:

    Like all of the lunatics appointees,complete sacks of feces.

  10. Hat3 Th3 Hat3r says:

    At all times it looks like mulvaney is dealing with the worst constipation of all time. And the way he talks it sounds like it's all he thinks about as well because he is more stupid than even Kellyanne.

  11. Yvonne Camacho says:

    Trump hires brainless people who think like him. Again, birds of a feather flock together.

  12. john alley says:

    He just wants to eliminate any regulations by eliminating the dept.

  13. clockwork914 says:

    🇺🇸 BERNIE 2020 🇺🇸

  14. Ron B says:

    America was a dream.

  15. Imani Ife says:

    Another bastard that should burn in HELL.

  16. Anthony Ahearn says:

    He is bad news!

  17. Anthony Ahearn says:

    100% company man! Wolf in charge of the hen house.

  18. Yolanda Gonzales says:

    Mikey Malvaney, is a disgrace, he a theft, he there for himself, just like Trump, and his family. They aren't working for Americans, they are working for them selfs, they are traitor to all Americans. He's tied up at the hip with Trump, the White House, this is like a Russian Mobster, and Republicans goons, everyone in there are traitors to America.

  19. tuberholic says:

    Good ol' Mick (Ya gotta pay me before ya can see me) Mulvaney. Slimiest swamp creature of the worst kind.

  20. Warren Abeshouse says:

    Republicans have the uncanny knack of demonstrating how little empathy they have for the average citizen at every turn and Trump putting Mulvaney as the CFPB's acting director is a prime example of this. Predatory lenders rip consumer's off? Let them continue to do it. This is exactly the same mindset that Trump has with his mission to destroy Obamacare and replace it with… nothing, as the Republicans don't even have a replacement plan. The Republican Party has no business being in government as they only work against the people and for the very rich instead of for the people and those who are struggling to survive.

  21. Bobby Ketchup says:

    This Mulvaney is a true pencil d,,,!

  22. Leticia Nieto says:

    Mike: please tale my power away so i can't do my job.

  23. Donna McDonald says:

    M Peabody been lie through his teeth and butt hole and is a joke like Trump.

  24. Devil_Travels says:

    Trump wants to destroy this nation. There's just no denying it.
    P.s. please donate to the Steve Birch funeral GoFundMe campaign. The poor need our help.

  25. JC Woodman says:


  26. Crypto Spin says:

    I wish i could see the look on his face every time trump tears into him for being stupid. We will see how long mick lasts being trumps chief of staff. lol be careful what you wish for

  27. bigraviolees says:

    its so easy for evil to sabotage human decency, they got paid. Next they lie and destroy. No repercussions and we have to sit and endure it, thats terrorism

  28. Mark Gigiel says:

    SO MANY evil people running and ruining things. I can't stand it anymore. I REALLY can't stand it. Sometimes I just want to die after watching this shit show for 60 years.

  29. Stev Rex says:

    The United States likes to pretend that the law is applied equally. The United States likes to pretend that criminals are accountable. Not if you are a white collar criminal. Even Obama did not prosecute them!

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