Mick Mulvaney Scared Of His Own Agency’s Power

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s
acting director is asking Congress … listen to these words, he’s the Consumer Financial
Protection Bureau’s acting director, Mulvaney. Of course, you’ve heard his name, he’s the
nutcase. He’s asking Congress to rein in the agencies
that he’s supposed to be leading. He’s in charge. He’s saying, “Congress, please rein us in.” Mick Mulvaney, the Leader of CFPB, thinks
his organization has too much power, and while he’s there he wants Congress to take away
as much power as possible. Well, first of all, look, we both know the
history. Give us the background of Mulvaney. I mean, tell us a little bit about him. Most of Mulvaney’s professional career has
been financed by the payday loan industry, those predatory payday lenders. They’ve given a ton of political money to
Mulvaney. And so the first thing he did, obviously,
when he came into office, before he wrote this report asking for less power, was he
dropped a bunch of lawsuits against the payday lending industry for all of their predatory
practices, ripping off consumers, creating endless cycles of debt. So Mulvaney last week issues his first report
to Congress, and in this first report, which was supposed to be about what his agency is
doing, about the only thing he says is, “I have so much power here to actually hold banks
accountable that you’ve got to take it away from me. I don’t need this. I don’t want it. Let’s cripple this agency, and you can help
me do it, Congress.” Well, you know there’s only a couple … You
can either read it like, “I, Mulvaney, am so stupid, and I’m afraid that you’ve given
me all this power, because I’m a fool, and I’m going to use the power in the wrong kind
of way.” Or you conclude the obvious, and that is he’s
joined at the hip with the very industry that he’s supposed to be … he’s supposed to be
in charge of making sure that this organization does their job and protects consumers. There’s been some good results that this organization
has gotten, and now all of a sudden he says, “Well, you know, consumers really aren’t that
important. Yes, I was involved in an industry that ripped
them off.” The payday lending process was such a scam. As a matter of fact, people went to jail because
of it. I’m surprised, frankly, he didn’t go to jail
because of it. It’s so funny too, because he wants Congress
to come in, because this is the group that’s supposed to be regulating those big banks,
the Wall Street bankers, holding them accountable. And so by bringing Congress in, by saying,
“You have to share this power with me, because it’s too much for me,” it’s going to let Congress
once again regulate the banks, come up with the rules, come up with the penalties and
punishments when they break the law. Not if, it’s a when. We know it’s when they break the law, and
Congress will do nothing. We’ll end up in the same tailspin we were
in 2007-2008, and the cycle will continue to repeat itself, because- What he’s really doing, he’s creating a record. That’s what he really wants to do. He wants to be on the record as saying, “I’m
the insider. I’m the guy that’s supposed to know most about
it. And yeah, I’m either too stupid … you’ve
given me too much power and I’m way too stupid for that power … or you know what, consumers
really don’t matter.” They did a couple great things last year,
if you remember, before Mulvaney took control. This agency has potential to really get some
things done, don’t they? It absolutely does, and those lawsuits against
payday lenders were going to be huge. You could have shut down the industry, or
at least fixed it, and Mulvaney steps in, says, “Nope, not good enough for me. Take away my power, because I’m too stupid
to know what to do.” Yeah, “I really am a dummy.” A Michigan agency has approved Nestlé’s plan
to boost the amount of water it takes from the state, even though more than 80,000 residents
had asked for the state to refuse Nestlé’s request. And so, again, it comes down to an agency
that’s packed with political hacks. We know the ending to this before it even
starts. I want you to think about something. When we saw all of the Koch brother activity
… remember the Kochs? They were getting involved in school board
races and county commissioner races, and everybody’s scratching their head, saying, “My God, you’re
spending billions of dollars on these dogcatcher kind of races. What’s up?” Well, this is what’s up, you see. This is what’s up. Now the agency in Michigan is going to say
to Nestlé, “Oh sure, we’re water-starved, our water is poisoned, you’ve taken …” Nestlé,
as you know, has stolen water from California. They’ve stolen water all over the world. I claim it’s stealing, but really from the
standpoint of the way it all takes place, it takes place with political favors, it takes
place spreading money around. In California, for example, what was it? For years, was it 20 years? Right, in San Bernardino, I believe. No, it was 40 years, they were operating [crosstalk
00:05:12]. 40 years. They were pumping water and paying not a dime. Okay, so let’s talk about this story here. What’s happened here is that Nestlé was already
taking water away from Michigan, which is one of the most water-starved states in the
country. They were doing 250 gallons a minute at current
rate. They wanted more. 250 gallons per minute was not enough. They wanted 400 gallons per minute. So the agency in Michigan does what they’re
supposed to do, they open it up for public comment. 80,945 people came out publicly and addressed
the agency and said do not let Nestlé do this for reasons X, Y, Z. 75 people in the
State of Michigan … Said it was okay. … said okay. 75. They couldn’t even get to 100 who said this
is a good idea. Farron, I can’t … Look, Nestlé … we know
what’s up. Okay, first, anybody watching this show before,
out of all of the water companies, out of all of the bottled water companies, they’re
finding plastic garbage inside water bottles, okay? It’s just plastic that comes off inside the
bottle or in the process, but it’s plastic that ends up in your system, stays in your
system once you drink it. Out of all of the water companies, the average
number of plastic shards were something around 300. With Nestlé, it was more than 10,000 pieces
of toxic plastic garbage that was in … what was the name, Pure Life? Pure Life, [crosstalk 00:06:38]. Pure Life. They make a product called Pure Life, 10,000
shards, little pieces of plastic that are microscopic, they have to use dye to find
it, but it was the highest of all of them. It was, and so you have to wonder, obviously,
when they pump this water out of the earth, out of the springs, it doesn’t have plastic
in it, so what point along the way are they putting this plastic in there? How is it getting in there? But more importantly with this Michigan story,
Flint, Michigan is still a disaster. They do not have clean water, and Nestlé
comes along and the state, controlled by Republicans, says, “You know what? Take more of our water. What do we need it for? The poor people in Flint? No, no, no. They like their leaded water. You take what you need, Nestlé.” Let me point out, they’re doing it all over
the world. You need to watch this story. This is a very ugly story. It’s going to get really, really ugly once
they own all the water aquifers.

27 comments on “Mick Mulvaney Scared Of His Own Agency’s Power”

  1. WineScrounger says:

    Where do they find these guys? Were they already this evil or did they have to do a short course?

  2. Anthony Kirkwood says:

    Crooks and nothing but crooks.republicans are dirty cheating ass dogs.

  3. BLSoldier says:

    "I will hire the best people."
    -Donald Trump.

  4. whee38 says:

    I fucking hate these retarded Unamerican terrorists. If you hate the country so much just fucking kill yourselves

  5. Jan Kodes says:

    At least Dr. Evil wanted only ONE MILLION DOLLARS, not sure about the BEST people Trump came up with.

  6. Truth Betold says:

    Mulvaney is a boob.

  7. Kevin Kidd says:


  8. George Washington says:

    The CFPB needs to be abolished. Just another useless Government bureaucracy that does more harm than good!

  9. Simon 's says:

    Their crippling agencies that protect the people, we are just consumers, a way to get rich off our American backs.

  10. billy the dead says:

    Mick's a winey little bitch that has wanted to destroy this agency before he was put in charge of it and will do anything he can to do so. Get informed get involved do your own independent research and vote in the blue tsunami washing away the stain of this administration and the republican party

  11. billy the dead says:

    Mick's a winey little bitch that has wanted to destroy this agency before he was put in charge of it and will do anything he can to do so. Get informed get involved do your own independent research and vote in the blue tsunami washing away the stain of this administration and the republican party

  12. RurouniStarchild says:

    I've noticed a pattern! Every time I watched your videos today, there's these ads keep showing up of how desperate they are for us to support tRump.

    "Do you STAND with TRUMP? YES! / no."

    "Sign the petition to get congress to FUND THE WALL!"


  13. Paul Wilson says:

    Qualifications to run a country
    1-To be thick as pig s##t
    2- To be able to lie through your a##hole
    3- To have your head so far up your leader's ass you know what his tonsils taste like
    4– Doesn't mind who you piss off every time you open your mouth or rant away on twitter.
    5- Doesn't mind who they poison, who becomes sick or hurt as long as they get more money.
    If you have these qualifications please contact The White House or if unavalible contact Fox News or Fox and friends. Thankyou

  14. hermenutic says:

    When the water aquifers are owned by corporations it is too late to do anything.
    Water is life, if a corporation owns the water it owns life and the water user becomes nothing more than a person whose life is dependent on the goodness of the corporation.

    That means if this situation continues, we're as good as dead. This situation must be remedied don't you think?

  15. Carlton Odom says:

    WTF! Mid terms are coming! Can't we vote in some capable trustworthy women and "A few good men"! We've got to literally clean the swamp of ALL the vermin!

  16. Linda Stuart says:

    Wow they never stop

  17. Matt Meistrell says:

    Wells Fargo mad at him now?

  18. Vern Thorson says:

    Time to change your jingle "NESTLES IS THE VERY WORST#TIME TO STOP

  19. Roy Andress says:

    They're steeling water in Ontario,Canada also.The town are sewing them.

  20. Sinister Minister says:

    If it wasn't for the good people it would hurt I'd say go Mickey go. Let all the Trumptards reap what they have sown. Unfortunately a lot of good decent people are going to be hurt by all of this as well. Come on America you're always up in the world's face about how tough and how free you are. When in the hell are you going to grow a national pair and take your freedom back?

  21. DigitalLibrarian says:

    Mulvaney was put there to be a wrecking ball to the CFPB

  22. Matthew Lewis says:

    What make's me really laugh about all this is the people most hurt with this corruption are 90% Trumpist's. When and if they realize what's happening it'll be way too late.. Then they'll start crying and wanting to prosecute anybody and everybody. Too late at this time because they've gone and your money with it. And then come's the "but how could we have known!"
    I have absolute no sympathy for them at all..But Donald you promised to drain the swamp not fill it with more swamp dweller's. How could you do this to us?
    Boo Hoo…

  23. Frank D. says:

    The swamp became a cesspool, that swamp looks like a pristine lake compared to that cult that President Tweety Bird put together.

  24. bigraviolees says:

    Trumps admin is hand grenades  to government and an act of treason on the American people. Next up Dylan Roof  pardoned and appointed czar to race relations. Michigan isn't water starved, its clean water starved and that's pathetic in this rich nation

  25. Satria Kurniawann Djaenal says:

    Trump's directive to his appointees: DESTROY EVERYTHING.

  26. Feeds Ravens says:

    There is microplastic in the arctic ice in the meantime.

    In the oceans it is anyhow, because of all the garbage washed into the sea.

    You can bet it will not stay there…

  27. VYCanis Majoris says:

    Whether or not this federal organization is abolished you all will all be goyim slaves to the fractional reserve banking system.

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