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(music). Let’s shift gears and talk mortgages.
Here we are moving full speed ahead on our home improvement project. Right about here
is where I need to slow down, kind of back up a little bit. I need someone intelligent
that can talk to people about mortgages. Gunny, I’m right here. What do you need?
Put that gear down before you kill somebody. Oh, sorry buddy.
I need somebody smart that can talk to people about mortgages. Can you do that?
I can certainly try. I don’t know about the smart part, but you
can certainly talk. Alright, Gunny.
Okay, go get ’em. I got you covered.
And get the wasabi wiped off your shirt, there. While we’re moving forward on home improvement,
we like to occasionally take a step back to take in the big picture, in this case, how
to buy a home. There are many misconceptions about getting a mortgage, especially in today’s
market place. We have with us Ray Brousseau to give us helpful advice on securing a mortgage.
Ray, thanks so much for being here and thank you for having Carrington Mortgage involved
with Military Makeover. You guys do a lot of veterans’ causes, don’t you?
It’s good to be here, Art. We do. We have a charitable foundation. It’s known as The
Carrington Charitable Foundation. It focuses heavily on veterans’ causes, and what you’re
doing for the Parke family is right up our alley in line of what we believe in.
You know, for the folks sitting at home that are saying, “I’ll just write the rent check
every month. I can’t be bothered owning a home. The process of getting a mortgage is
scary, it’s intimidating, and I don’t want to be rejected.” They don’t have to worry
a lot about that because Carrington Mortgage has programs that help even the underserved,
isn’t that right? That’s absolutely correct. It’s a big transaction.
It’s one of the largest financial transactions an individual is going to make during their
lifetime. So, spending some time thinking about it is appropriate, but don’t get sick
over it. It’s not that intimidating of a process if you work with the right type of a lender
like at Carrington. There are programs available for those that are perfect and those that
are not-so-perfect, or as you referred to the underserved.
Veteras, for example, have certain benefits that other consumers may not be entitled to.
The VA will make 100% financing available to a veteran so they can get into a home with
zero cash out of their pocket, so they can use it for renovations or other things. That’s
one of the greatest benefits as least when it comes to buying a home that a veteran gets
to take advantage of. This can free up funds to invest into improvements
for the home. And that’s not limited to VA borrowers either.
That can be for a civilian through the FHA program. They’ve got renovation loans and
other programs available where it may not be 100% financing, but you may only have to
put 2% or 3% and some of that can be even gifted to you.(music).
We weren’t done talking about mortgages. What makes it easier to get your job done?
Well, I think it starts with understanding where you are from a credit perspective. Credit
is very important. It influences a lot of different transactions in your life. So, start
by understanding what’s in your credit profile. Get a copy of your credit report from one
of the credit agencies. You’re entitled to that for free once a year.
Also, gather your income documentation like pay stubs as well as tax returns.
Oftentimes, borrowers have multiple choices on the kind of products that are available
to them and what’s going to work best for them.
What are some of the things that Carrington Mortgage can offer a first-time buyer that
maybe some other mortgage companies won’t do or can’t do?
Well, Carrington’s uniquely positioned in that we’re not just a mortgage company. We’ve
got a real estate firm, we’ve got a title firm, we’ve got an Escrow firm. So, what we
can provide a borrower is the complete experience from beginning to thinking about buying a
home to getting pre qualified to working with a realtor to getting their title and Escrow
needs done and even repairs, frankly, if they need them through our property preservation
unit. Because purchasing a home can be intimidating,
Carrington has an education program where home buyers can learn a lot more about the
process. That education program requires the borrower
to invest about 25 minutes, and they go through a series of questions about their transaction,
about their income, about the terms of the loan so that when they’re done they understand
everything completely. Exactly. Right, thanks so much for being here.
We really appreciate it. Thank you, Art.
Alright. (music).

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