Millennials, Watch Out For This Trap!

>>It’s no surprise that affordable housing
has been increasingly difficult to come by. In fact, if you are working a minimum wage
job, there’s literally nowhere in the country where you can rent a two bedroom apartment
with that wage. That was based on the study by the federal
reserve. This is a serious issue that many Americans
are facing right now. And so of course some entrepreneurs out there
thought maybe this is a good opportunity to make some money off people who can’t afford
their rent. And so now these start ups are popping up
that give people loans in order to basically pay their rent, which is absolutely insane. They are specifically focusing on college
students. And I just want to note before we go to this
video that the heart of this issue is the fact that we have unaffordable housing. Now are there gonna be people who are going
to prey off of that system and make money for themselves? Of course. But again, the big issue here is affordable
housing and the unwillingness by our lawmakers to really do anything about it. With that said, let’s hear from Tony Diamond. He is the founder of Staytony, one of these
companies that gives out loans so people can afford their rent. Take a look.>>Staytony is a corporate apartment provider. So the majority of our guests will stay with
us from one to three months, and so the writing has been on the wall that affordability is
an issue. So we wanted to come up with an innovative
way to address that. And so we had the idea of allowing our guests
to finance that one to three months of rent. So for example, instead of having to come
up with, let’s just say you’re relocating to Los Angeles. Instead of having to come up with, let’s say
one month’s rent of $3,000, you can now pay that over time. So for example we have an interest free program
where you can pay one month over three months, so $1,000 a month for three months or you
can break that $3,000 into paying it over six months at $500 a month. And what’s very exciting is one of our programs
is interest free.>>Just one of the programs, right? So at the end of the day, you’re still having
to pay that allotted amount that you would’ve had to pay regardless, it’s just in installments.>>That’s correct.>>I think a lot of people, especially people
just out of college, right, that don’t have, in some cases, if you wanna move to New York
City, $15,000 saved up to make all of that work.>>Okay, so he mentioned the interest free
program twice in that interview and it made it seem like, yeah, yeah, they’re just gonna
give me money for you know, for no interest and I’ll be able to pay. No, that’s not how it works. So of course, the interest free program that
he’s talking about is a very, very temporary, short term thing. It’s about six months, I looked at their website. I don’t know if everyone qualifies for that
interest free loan. Besides which, no one should be financing
rent. Like, you shouldn’t take out a mortgage to
be able to afford your rent. That’s absurd.>>You get the numbers they’re tossing around. So if you need $3,000 for your one month of
rent. And then you may need $15,000 for your move
in. They went through moving expenses, relocation
fees, temporary stays. All that stuff that comes into maybe moving
cross-country to get a job that pays you $7.50 an hour.>>And move into a bedbug-infested apartment
with three other people.>>So they provide these beautiful locations
and beautiful ways for you to get your way out. And all you gotta do is pay $1,000 a month. Did they forget there’s these other things
called expenses that you’re also paying? So they didn’t forget, I’m not saying that. But they’re presenting it in a way that, man
you get $3000 broken up into $1000 at a time, what a gift.>>I don’t wanna misdirect my anger. Right? Because again the big issue here is we have
this giant group of lawmakers, it’s called Congress, that refuse to do anything about
a very real problem that we’re facing right now. Americans are not making enough. Housing prices are through the roof, education
is through the roof. So these companies are specifically targeting
college students, recent college grads who have like astronomical student loan debt. And because they have astronomical student
loan debt, and because wages are so low, they’re unable to afford rent. So these companies are like, yeah, I’m gonna
go ahead and loan them money, and don’t worry, we’re not as bad as payday lenders, we don’t
charge 700% interest, but we do charge around 20%. No, no, no. That is not a solution to this issue.>>Well, I mean listen, if millennials stopped
spending so much money on avocado toast.>>Eh? Do I have a job at Fox? Who’s hiring? Listen, capitalism, file this all under post,
like late stage capitalism. This is late stage capitalism to the T. This is a perfect example of how, right now,
capitalists are just feeding off the carcass of capitalism.>>Yep.>>And then, there are flies that feed off
the vultures of capitalism, and then there are maggots which are baby flies, that feed
off of the flies that feed off of the vultures that are feeding off the carcass of capitalism. And the carcass really is America, right? I’m from San Francisco. This is a place where instead of rebuilding
public transportation and infrastructure, we are the testing ground for driver-less
cars. We are the testing ground for Uber and Lyft
and all the other things, right. Why actually invest in the public sector when
there are a bunch of, 29-year-old millionaires who want to jack up the prices on everyone.>>Yeah, and I want to also just note that
everything in our economy right now is a house of cards. While Trump incessantly argues that the economy
is doing really well. Again, the reality is, for the average American
things are not going well. I’m gonna give you some numbers about consumer
debt. So outstanding consumer credit, which does
not include mortgage loans, exceed $4 trillion for the first time in 2018. So more people are taking out more debt simply
to live, simply to get the bare necessities. Whether it’s medical care, whether it’s education,
whether it’s housing. Just take out loans, take out loans, be indebted
for the rest of your life. But again, it’s a house of cards, and at some
point that house of cards will crumble. Because if wages remain stagnant, if inflation
continues to go through the roof, and if our lawmakers refuse to do anything about the
cost of living and how ridiculously expensive it is, well then eventually people are gonna
default on their loans.>>Yeah, and I think that you know listen,
rent control was defeated pretty resoundingly here in California. And I think that it’s a moment for all of
us to be speaking with the people we know who are home owners or lucky enough to yes,
have a home, and really organize and to say, actually when we protect renters, we protect
everyone and we protect the value of everyone’s property and everyone’s home. And when you’re not gouging renters, actually
you’re creating stronger communities. Teachers don’t have to move out of their own
communities where they teach right? So I think that we have a lot of work to do. I do think we’re going to pass rent control
hopefully here in California and then throughout the country in places like New York, where
it’s desperately needed in big cities like that. It’s slow going and it’s hard to convince
people, that actually, well capitalism do what it do. No, it doesn’t. This is actually not capitalism. This is not actually
a free market.

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  1. The Young Turks says:

    New businesses are popping up with one objective, taking advantage of millennials. Leave a comment below!

  2. Colin Sherritt says:


  3. Michael Valente says:

    Scamerica at it's finest.

  4. Mplay1983 says:

    More simply put, this is a market that only exists because government hasn't invested sufficiently enough in public transportation as well as housing. A preventable problem was created due to lack of public investment which created a market for capitalism to fill the void.

  5. George Rech says:

    Great, more predatory leaders and no infrastructure or government watchdogs in place to protect the average consumer.

    Thanks TYT for making us aware.

  6. Bullion Forever says:

    The economy is going well, lol. I haven't had a raise in three years. My pay doesn't even keep up with inflation. So yeah things aren't going well like Trump would lend people to believe

  7. coryluke12 says:

    Left-wing policies lead to left-wing results (like the affordability crisis).

  8. Ralph Bernhard says:

    Yeah, and then after 3 months the tooth fairy arrives and magically leaves the next 3 months under the pillow…

  9. Shade Bleu says:

    Trap = Transvestite

  10. Brendon says:

    A recipe for disaster, it will snowball month by month.

  11. Aaron Wantuck says:

    This is nice, but it is not a solution. It is kicking the can down the road.

  12. NightmaresTickle says:

    Fran, you are awesome. Keep slugging!

  13. Bane says:

    Interest rates rises when loan increase; if it does not than you'll just be creating money out of thin air. The same principle applies to rent costs. If apartments for example were under rent control(we have tried this many times in this country with each time leading to utter disaster) there would be a shortage of housing because as the costs go down, the demand goes up. If they lower it too much, you destroy the incentive to invest in real estate so now less housing will be built because nobody works for free. This hurt NYC housing because landlords couldn't keep up with the costs of repairs or anything; buildings started to crumble. As a result they were abandoning their properties since it was costing them money and even risked punishment as it's illegal to do this as a landlord. So less people investing in the housing market along with houses being all taken up due to the lower costs equal a massive shortage.

    It's imperative people understand the law of supply and demand. The fact that TYT has been doing this for so long and doesn't even understand this basic economic principle scares me. It shows me they haven't read any literature on economics, a topic they talk a lot about.

  14. Jonathan Edward says:

    Ana I am speechless….Is this entire country trying to prey on the most vulnerable!? Loans for rent? They can't be serious!

  15. Widde says:

    I pay ~$500 a month in rent for my apartment, and that is a "generic" apartment.
    Who the f**k thinks a college student, or any student, can afford a $1000 rent…?

  16. jawadad802 says:

    tar and feathers should be brought back,…too many quacks….

  17. Dale Lucassen says:

    I guess I'm not seeing why this company is bad. Like any financial product…it is not for everyone and this definitely not for low income renters…it is for situations like moving.

    I recently moved across the country for work and my company was reimbursing me for moving expenses. Between 2600 in a lease buyout, 2000 for moving, another 1000 for shipping my car, another security deposit, and a full months rent, I had to take out al loan to cover things until I got reimbursed. When I got reimbursed, I paid it.

    I would have found their product t helpful while settling into my new area. Not sure why this is an evil product…nobody is forced to use it.

  18. Daryl Pettiford says:

    Francesca is gorgeous and I would love to see her do another Newsbroke type show. More talented than Michelle Wolf and more beautiful Tomi Lahren, smarter also.

  19. Peter Kan says:

    Hold up Francesca. I generally agree with most of what's on TYT. But you should really do your research before commenting on rent control.  I’ve rented when I was fresh out of college and I own rentals now.  There is no market manipulation in rents.  There is no government ordinance or policy favoring renters vs. landlords.  An argument can also be made that CA is a renter friendly state.  A landlord can only charge what the market will bear.  A landlord is not responsible for keeping his rents below market so that a person’s commute to work is shorter.  If anything, rent control is market manipulation. That said, I agree that rent is unaffordable for teachers and public sector workers.  However, even if I lowered rent by 10%, they still couldn’t afford to beat out the tech worker making 3x what they’re making.

    You can argue land use, you can argue zoning, you can argue density restrictions…but rent control is not the answer.  Capitalism is charging what people will pay.  Should Mercedes be made to charge less because a recent college grad can’t afford one?  I would think most people would say go buy a Scion.  Should a landlord in SF be made to charge less because they own a property in a prime location?  I would think the answer would be to move further out.  If you disagree, go ask the 10 other people in line willing to pay market rent for that apartment.

    I don’t mind discussing paying teachers more, better funding education or having everyone paying their fair share when it comes to taxes.  But rent control is unjust wealth re-distribution and most research has shown it to be a failure in the long term.  I challenge you to find a study where it has worked.  I’d also like you to imagine a time when you grow up, buy a house, and decide to rent out your in-law unit to
    help pay for your mortgage.  If I came to you and said you could only charge $100 for it, would you do it?  If you do (bless you), you would be subsidizing someone else.  If not, you will be adding to the rental shortage.  I can hear people say, “$100 is an unrealistic number.” 
    Sure, but who decides if not the market?

  20. CaptainEO420 says:


  21. Radwulf Eboraci says:

    The President of 10,000 Lies, the Mango Molester, lies about everything … and he's lying about the economy.

  22. The Millennial Gamer says:

    Government logic : War with Iran is more important then caring for our Americans.

  23. Corey A says:

    Rent control? How about property tax control?

  24. $3000 a month…….. What in the f*** !?!? I pay $1000 a month for 5 rooms two bathrooms a huge kitchen a living room and a whole basement. Backyard, garage and porch……. What do they have in NYC ?? A room a bathroom and a kitchen lmao what a joke

  25. Adrian Caraballo says:

    Classic American solution. Rather than actually solve the problem of affordable housing let's provide another rent seeking opportunity for the parasites in the financial sector. More of those market based solutions both parties peddle and endorse.

  26. Eric Sarnoski says:

    Thank you Ana for making this public service announcement. The Preditory nature of our capitalistic system is so disgusting and almost unfathomable.

  27. Todd Dunn says:

    I suspect these rent loan people are targeting new finance grads from Harvard who have moved to New York to work in the financial industry and need to survive until they get their first big bonus check so they can afford to move into a nice 7 room apartment and buy a new BMW. Somehow I doubt such loans are available to the person who just moved to New York and has a job as a waiter/waitress or perhaps UPS driver. These loans represent a stop gap for someone who is just starting a job with a six figure salary.

  28. Jason Jason says:

    The turds don't understand that minimum wage is not a living wage. Minimum wage is meant for entry level jobs , student and retiree jobs. The point is to get into the market work minimum wage for 6 months, get experience get promoted and get a better job. Eventually you will afford your 2 bedroom apartment. There was never a time when minimum wage could bye you a 2 bedroom apartment in the city.

  29. Carlos Ornir says:

    If you don't work hard,your not getting money.Get a job libtards

  30. DeathSauce says:

    I have been seeing those type of loan companies pop up and I’m glad you guys did this segment.
    Those type of loans are obviously a bad idea but it might not be so obvious to everyone.

  31. Lord Tricky says:

    Jenk and The Boomers at the young turds 💩🇹🇷 are dinosaurs. They voted for Hillary for allahs sake!

  32. Fatima Cartagena says:

    Im actually from puerto rico, i moved to colorado like a year ago. How rent works here is so different. It was kind of crazy and weird to me. Yes, we would pay 1300 for 2 or maybe 3 bedroom apartment of houses, depending on the area, but the electric and water bill would be included. A house or apartment with water or electric not included would be like 500 or 600, the electric and water in PR is getting really explensive. But here barely 1200 gets you a one bedroom unless you look to live in lower income areas, that can get you a 2 bedroom. Thats without electric, water and other utilities. And here, i dont know why, rent changes depending on the day you move in… Why? It makes no sence to me.

    I think this has to change, at least increase the lower wages.
    Its increasingly surprising how life works here.
    I thought people came here for a better life and it looks to me that people just come here to work until death.

  33. brunno 888 says:

    There are small towns all across all across america that need people and houses are cheep.

  34. K Rids says:

    Buying income property provides you with the best tax shelters, it’s also a safe place to put your money, The prices go up because other rich people are doing the same plus the Chinese are outbidding everyone, prices are at a premium so you have to charge top dollar for rent. The solution would be to change the tax laws and stop letting foreign nationals buy property.

  35. TransHuman says:

    Just think about all the undeveloped land that people could build homes on and farm. Oh wait, someone owns all of it apparently and anyone who needs it can afford it. I guess were all going to have to just be homeless and starve to death in spite of unused land because that’s better than people freely freely using it. Yeah who needs a solar and wind farm, A satellite uplink for remote work and hydroponics for food. I much prefer starving, it’s so slimming.

  36. TazKidNoah says:

    TYT needs to review year+ ago stories when they defended Tenants to Rent their space in AirBnB….If LIBERALS want Tenants to do that then this rental refinance shouldn't be seen as a scam since Liberals r ok with Tenets scamming Homeowners by tenants renting OWNER's space withOUT PERMISSION!!!!

  37. Rielle Koy says:

    People & government are so focused on making fast millions that they don't realize the power from providing funding for affordable housing ventures & public transportation ventures. Rent caps/ bullet trains/ tiny houses need to be a thing.

  38. Lon Brooklyn says:

    They need to set up soup kitchen for these poor people too.There arent enough of those!

  39. Anthony Badessa says:

    Hey, i'm very INNOVATIVE Too, i want to offer Loans to you, on the Loans you took out previously! With just a Trim Interest rate of 37%.

  40. t v says:

    I'm waiting for the Fake-Your-Death businesses to start popping up

  41. charly32 32 says:

    Thats a horrible idea!

  42. Jerry Marasco says:

    Millennials watch out for this trap !!! Life is tough !!! No one owes you a thing so, don't sit there and wait for it. Go get it. No one is gonna give ya a damn thing.

  43. bigraviolees says:

    the mafia is always there to loan you some money though they are changing their name

  44. William Trotman says:

    Looking at the thumbnail you’d think subscribing to TYT was the trap.

  45. MzMiaRoseTV says:

    Back in the 1980s you could work a full time, minimum wage job bagging groceries, or flipping burgers, etc. and afford a 2 bedroom apartment, and that's without HUD. We as a country need to bring our economy back to that.

  46. rogue wade says:

    Indiana : 7.25 x 40 x 4 – taxes = $928
    In 2012 I paid $650 for a two bedroom apartment 🤔.

  47. blackstarafro2 says:

    From the thumbnail picture, I thought they were referring to a different kind of “Trap”. 😂😂😂

  48. Andrew Johnson says:

    Whoever this guy is he sounds like he is a fraud DON'T trust him. If your a new graduate from high school think first before committing to college or university you can save yourself alot of money.

  49. CJ Noir says:

    Properly implemented commuter rail to save space, time, the environment and the bank accounts of the citizenry! Yes!

  50. Eternal Zoom says:

    Great Depression 2.0 here we come.

  51. pethdr Márquez says:

    Millennials hate to work lazy asf they sucking dad's savings accounts ahh but with latest iPhone

  52. John Gable Smith says:

    I’m confused. Isn’t the rental term only 1 to 3 months?

  53. bobby says:

    Just another stupid example of millennials graduating college and moving into "a minimum wage" job. Ahh, the stupidity continues.

  54. gembeification says:

    This sums it up how this guys are against capitalism ….so "Staytony" should have offered the housing for free?

  55. F. OPE says:

    An "innovative idea" to solve a problem whose solution everyone already knows: raising the minimum wage and increasing programs for housing security.

  56. fl00fydragon says:

    Capitalism is the problem.
    Late stage capitalism is just capitalism after a few generations.
    There's no "true capitalism" to return to, this is capitalism. We need a new socioeconomic system.

  57. John Helmes says:

    Gen Z is ages 4 – 24 so its starting to effect them too

  58. Ali Moutik says:

    always come to tyt to hear some stupid shit, @7:30 increased rents are the definition and the result of free markets/capitalis

  59. PUPPET ACTRESS says:

    Stop allowing illegal immigrants in maybe more housing would be available

  60. PUPPET ACTRESS says:

    Move out of the cities .

  61. PUPPET ACTRESS says:

    Also you people claim republicans are the big donor party . Yet the richest corporations are Apple,Google,Amazon,Facebook, all of which actively censor republicans

  62. PUPPET ACTRESS says:

    You can’t argue for cheaper stuff and more third world immigrants. They kinda work against each other

  63. john kaul says:

    End homelessness no more greedy people in power we have more job losses more homeless are showing due to inequality wtf are you thinking you can't build a country more by taking everything from the people and leaving them with nothing in the end if the government doesn't change the people will fight back best to be smart and fix the major problems before it sinks the country. End homelessness in this country and we need to see Medicare for all then you will start seeing the people bounce back and the country grow it's not a damn utopia it's human decency plain and simple its human rights

  64. Ye Old Metal Head says:

    I caught this story the other day. There is absolutely no hope for this society.

  65. No One says:

    This is capitalism, it's human greed. All the ism have it, they're fine in the beginning then people get greedy.

  66. Dr. Venkman says:

    These tech startups are full of dumbassess. This is a terrible idea.

  67. Crescent Fresh says:

    This is how you bring the old time slavery back and make everyone think it's okay.

  68. first last says:

    how about move out of LA and NYC?

  69. lars coksmore says:

    So kinda like Russia?

  70. Ace Diamonds says:


  71. Ian Aguas says:

    the "free market" argument is invalid when you can buy politicians

  72. Justin Chipman says:

    If you have to take out a loan to rent a place because you are moving to a town to get a job, might I suggest a different job?

    Also, market mechanics cause this. Essentially, investors are buying up housing stock and this makes it unavailable. Competition for the property ensues and the price is driven upward. Essentially, from a market point of view, all investors can be seen as a monopolistic force in the market and monopolies drive the price upward and cut the service in the opposite direction. Expensive housing at low quality is what ensues. It is the essence of the path to wealth for the real estate investor. Then, the inflation of the market gives the owners "new equity." All of the laws favor owners–tax laws, banking laws, everything is geared toward ownership so that the renters become a sub class.

    If you want to solve housing, eliminate the right of one person to own what is needed by another person.

    Socialism, in simple terms, is the only path towards achieving the ownership of the self by all people. It isn't communal ownership, which is communism, it is universal, individual ownership of the vital system needed to sustain life.

  73. Scott Tenn says:

    You see, these people that loans out these "fake loans" are the enemy of the working- class!

  74. Name Withheld says:

    This is just a loan for the security deposit right?

  75. Plant Based Analyst says:

    This isn't much different than taking out student loans to pay for housing on campus.

  76. MJ Bankhead says:

    The name Tony Diamond is kind of suspect…🤔

  77. Skeleton Jazz says:

    Do you think Ana and the gang still believe? I've got a sneaking suspicion the TYT are feeling trapped at this point. Branding's a B. What is the average age of your audience? Just curious…

  78. Skeleton Jazz says:

    You are a victim. Organize and march around in the streets. Patriarchy, racism, etc. Equal outcome/zero sum. Lower voting age to 2.

  79. Ty Lawrence says:

    ABSOLUTELY! The whole point of HAVING a government is to improve the lives of it's people. It's to correct injustices of society. If not then what is the point of HAVING a government

  80. Ashley Steel says:

    I don't know what their regular interest rates are, but I ended up having to use my credit cards to pay rent before I lost my apartment in San Diego. I had a 67% rent increase and my rent went up to $2000 for a very old non updated unit. I recently moved to Mexico after being homeless for almost a year. All this because I had a medical issue that just destroyed my energy and functionality. We really do need to do something about this in California and everywhere.

    I don't know if these guys are predatory (depending on interest rates they do charge) or if they are just filling a desperate need for people who are unable to afford first, last and deposit on an apartment (which can reach $5000 on a one bedroom).

    We just shouldn't be in this place in America where 50% of people are living at or below the poverty line and 80% of people have less than $1000 saved. That's not a rich and prosperous country!

  81. Billy Sanford says:

    If everyone is saddled with $200,000+ debt…and they all default on it (or die)…how do the capitalist pigs make their money back?! It's make no sense! >:(

  82. Matthew Johnson says:

    That is stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is ridiculous. The problem Americans charge everything.

  83. The Toltec says:

    All they gotta do is sell the loan blocks on wall street backed by credit default insurance …this way if the people default on the loans they could care less and get paid either way …they still get thier money and still screw up the borrowers credit rating, so that the only loans those borrowers can qualify for in the future are 400% interest rate loans…the vulture capitalist system at it's best…so terrible ….excellent expose young turks

  84. marvel Central says:

    Of course minimum wage can’t rent a house that’s why it’s called MINIMUM wage

  85. James Akers says:

    Are Traps gay?

  86. Nicholaus Buthmann says:

    If this business doesn't sound like "OLD FASHIONED MAFIA LOANSHARKING", I don't know what the hell does!?

  87. Sily Bustillo says:

    Company's love people to keep people indept.

  88. Tony A says:

    Agreed on one thing, real estate and rent is through the roof from greed and also is where the system has been hiding our current state of inflation/recession. Everyone who didn't own a home pre-recession is getting soaked, not just students. I remembered when I went to tech school, there was options to share apartments with other students. Even here in Arizona where rentals were half the cost as California, it's gotten way out of control. Someone will need to start making some hard decisions fast as billions upon billions will be needed for the monstrous influx of retiring baby boomers to cover their social security retirement payments!

  89. issaciams says:

    Francesca looks super cute in this video. The content is great but damn she is looking really nice here.

  90. Ron Jeffrey says:

    Millennial are in their 30's now there is no way they should be working minimum wage jobs… And if they are they shouldn't be looking into $1,000 a month apartments.
    And the nature of captism is if you can offer a service that people will use, more power to you, if people weren't using these services they wouldn't exist.

  91. DRock7977 says:

    If youre working a minimum wage job of course you cant rent a 2 bedroom apartment for your sorry bum ass.
    You need to be at least 2 people on minimum wage to rent a 2 bedroom apartment what a shocker HAHAHA.
    But i love how TYT keeps on pandering to their fans which 70% of them are on minimum wage (the rest unemployed) in their mid 20s,30s and 40s.

  92. Jim Mauch says:

    Is he in the business of renting property or is he a loan shark preying on people who can’t pay rent now or in three months.

  93. Geoff Smart says:

    you have to pay a mortgage now of rent hahah

  94. John Jason Tesla says:

    She makes $30,000 a month.
    Ana the rich socialist!

  95. Darkspecter says:

    Loan/credit companies love people in dept/late payers, I applied for credit and got denied because I didn't have a credit history, while I know people who have applied for credit who have bad history and/or never paying their dept get credit all the time.

    They love people who accumulate interest, that's their business I learned.

  96. Jason Jimes says:

    At one point does TYT expect people to take responsibility for there own lives?…25?..30?..40?…you want stuff?…work for it

  97. JJ Bckr says:

    This is the same woman who thinks fascism is better- she literally thinks we should band companies because the owner has different religious opinions. What a BUFFOON.

  98. Brosedale says:

    Frances the Al-Queda/Al-Nursa/ISIS supporter. Next.

  99. Sebastian H says:

    Ok I'm on your side but here in Muskegon, MI you can definitely afford 2 bedrooms on minimum wage

  100. Gilly Puente says:

    This is an absolute lie xD There are plenty of places where you can work a minimum wage job and afford rent. I live in Muncie, IN. I rent a 5 bedroom townhouse with all utilities included and it only costs $700 a month. Literally, my only bills are rent, internet, my cellphone bill, my internet subscriptions, and then gas for my car.

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