Minivan | Navy Federal Credit Union Commercial

So I think we’re going with the family van.
A family van! Was that her choice? Nah man! That was my choice! This thing’s got reclining
seats, DVD player, it’s got a built-in vacuum cleaner! You ever seen my kid eat crackers!? Yeah!
You see that … you see how that works?
Sometimes you just gotta go straight to the source.
Car loans fast from Navy Federal Credit Union “Our Members Are The Mission”.

14 comments on “Minivan | Navy Federal Credit Union Commercial”

  1. Wheel of Wonder says:

    That cute lil boy! Hahahahaa!

    Best commercial ever.

  2. Tiny Duty says:


  3. Courtney Tokas says:


  4. Analytical Alchemist says:

    Hilarious commercial, really sticks with you. That's good advertising.

  5. Ghost Nappa says:

    Alright fine. I laughed.

  6. Calvin Smith says:

    He has done it again, the greatest of all hackers , lord hack. He helped me with $7500 in my account with no upfront payment . Donโ€™t miss out contact him via [email protected]

  7. Taylor Bodeman says:

    Makes me think of my dad.

  8. Feheen1 says:

    I just saw this commercial and I immediately had to watch it again lol. So funny ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  9. Nick Papagiorgio says:


  10. Chris Hager says:

    I vacuum Daily.. SAME ISSUE

  11. Thomas Wallis says:

    Great commercial but this credit union is worse than Bank of America.

  12. Luke Fleming says:

    Fantastic ad! I wish this was the standard

  13. JustHellooo says:

    Imagine how funny it would've been if the guy was vacuuming the kids lips while he was eating crackers and it did that sucking thing on his lips and the kid just rolls his eyes. My goodness could have been real gold.

  14. George Warren says:

    This commercial is hilarious as so true.

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