Mission 2 $AVE Credit Union at School Program

We have a really great partnership with a local branch where they send employees over that help us with our volunteers. Students know the volunteers. They come in excited to bring in their change or their money to deposit. It’s so much simpler than when I was a child and we had to go in with those little bank books go into the bank, have our parents drive us to the bank and wait in line at the bank. Now the kids are kind of the powerful owners in this. You go to the school and you’re setting up and the kids are happy to see you. They know that I’m there to collect their deposit and they’re going to get some type of incentive and a little prize. But they’re really not there for the prizes anymore. They want to say hi. There sometimes they don’t make a deposit, and they’re like “Well, I’m not here to make a deposit, but I’m here to say hi.” We want all these students to be college ready and have the financial aspect and the financial literacy being taught. It helps me push that message even more. Each week, when they’re so excited standing in line, you know with their money and telling me how much money they have, it’s amazing to see what young students can do once they understand the concept. Sky’s the limit for them. I think the fact that we’re teaching our children how to save and how to plan. As a parent, I know that’s all of our desire is to help our children grow up and have strong financial sense, so as a parent I would love it that my child is actually learning these financial skills so early on in their life. They’re learning how to save, they’re learning how to count money, they’re seeing their balances increase, and I think they’re building self esteem and self confidence in themselves. The idea is being reinforced every single week that I’m going to go to college, I’m going to go to college, so those students, whether they have enough money or not, at the end of their high school year, it’s in their hearts and on their brains that that’s who they are. That’s what they’re going to do. It also gives them ownership of their money. So instead of a parent managing their money, they manage their money. So they can bring in their math skills. It’s meaningful and it’s fun for them to see that balance growing every week. Really, as a principal, it has to be special to the children. If you’re not participating in in a school program right now, get involved, because it will really make a difference. We love the program, we’re very excited to have it continue at our school, and I’m sure it’s going to keep expanding and expanding further and further, so we’re just grateful to have Mission Federal a part of our school. [bell rings]

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