Missoula Federal Credit Union gets name change

the Federal Credit Union says it is changing its name to reach more people with the services it offers on September 3rd the bank’s new name will be the Clearwater credit union they say this decision was reached after more than a year of debate but it was unanimously agreed upon among its Board of Directors the new name is meant to make sure as it expands it welcomes all people it’s also meant to convey the desire to be transparent with the community the chief executive officer of MFCU says the change should have very little effect on its members and he highlighted it wasn’t an easy decision to make yeah this is really exciting it’s challenging it’s a little sad for all of us none of us went into this hopeful to change your name but growth necessitates the change and we are extremely excited about where we’ve landed with from a great process with a lot of member involvement staff involvement and we think we’ve we’ve landed in a very good place so if you’re a member and you have any questions you can contact the various locations around Missoula to get those questions answered

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