Monee Mutual Payday Loans [52 Sellout Week 19]

Hi, this is Montel Williams for Monee Mutual You trust him, right? He was on TV every day when you were growing up. And now that you’re in your thirties and things aren’t going so well you could use a little help. That’s why he’s here representing one of the worst financial decisions you can make An online payday loan. I mean, our interest rates are so high they’re illegal in several states. We even paid a two million dollar fine for deceptive advertising in New York. Here’s how it works: say you need five hundred dollars to get you through to your next paycheck The vig on that can be upwards around
a thousand per cent And the loans come due every two weeks If you can’t pay it off, you have to take out another loan So add in all those late fees and service charges and you’re in for an economic raping. But hey, you trust him, right? He was on TV every day for 17 years! But he hasn’t been on TV since 2008 and he has bills too. So come to Monee Mutual and tell them Montel sent you Because he’s into us for like 750 large and we need to get our money. Woosh. woosh.

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  1. Stephanus Surjaputra says:

    Ha ha. Funny you should put this out. Google will start banning these payday loans ads on their services starting July.

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