Often, weapons become associated with the
forces that wield them: their role and alignment help shape their identity. Lawful good through and through – this is
a gun for the good guys: The MP5. So, how did it earn its heroic status? What makes it a perfect fit for a counter-terror
role? And what’s the deal with the slap? The MP5 is a German weapon, manufactured by
Heckler & Koch. H&K were founded in 1949, directly in the
wake of World War 2. The company took its name from two of its
three co-founders: all of whom were former Mauser engineers: Alex Seidel, Edmund Heckler
and Theodor Koch. At first, they manufactured machine tools
and precision metal parts – but in 1956 the West German government put out a tender for
a new rifle for the Bundeswehr. H&K put forward the G3 design, based on a
rifle designed by former Mauser engineers at CETME, a Spanish technical institute. Their bid proved successful, and H&K developed
a number of G3-derived designs to fit different roles – with the MP5 amongst them. Originally known as the HK54, work began on
the new SMG in 1964. It fires the 9×19mm Parabellum round, the
standard NATO pistol calibre. Original magazines were straight, but a slight
revision in 1977 gave the weapon its distinctive and slightly curved 30-round mag. Like its parent G3 design, the MP5 has a roller-delayed
blowback mechanism – a simplistic but effective enough action that has roots in German prototypes
made near the end of the war. There are quite a few MP5 variants available:
from the original HK54, also known as the MP5A1; the fixed stock MP5A2 and A4; retractable
stock MP5A3; and sliding stock MP5A5. The MP5K – or Kurz – is a shortened variant,
pared down into the smallest package possible: The MP5SD variants boast an integral suppressor,
for covert use; and there are larger-calibre variants too: such as the MP5/10, which fires
powerful 10mm Auto rounds; and the MP5/40, which fires .40 Smith & Wesson. A flexible and configurable weapon, then – and
one that has found favour with a large number of police and special forces units. In 1980, one event in particular secured the
MP5’s iconic status: a siege on the Iranian Embassy in London. 6 terrorists, 26 hostages, a densely-populated
urban location and a live television feed: it was a very tense situation with an awful
lot on the line. On the sixth day of the siege, a hostage was
killed. This prompted immediate action by the British Special Air Service – under the
codename Operation Nimrod. 17 minutes after their first breach, 5 terrorists
were killed, the final captured – and all remaining hostages were rescued. The mission’s success reinforced the SAS’s
reputation as a deady special operations force: and these events served as the perfect advertisement
for the SMG they used. Its proven track record, and suitability for
the close-range fighting typical of urban terror operations, make it a fitting choice
for any counter-terror role – and a must-have inclusion for any games that depict such forces. The SAS’ legendary live-fire exercises in
the Killing House are depicted in the tutorial of Call of Duty 4: in which you drill the
following mission’s plan with plywood simulacrum. The MP5’s presence here is true-to-life, and
the game shows a recreation of the real training exercises that the SAS would have undertaken
in preparation for the embassy siege. The MP5 sees prime placement in the armouries
of tactical shooters, then: and it’s a flagship weapon of the Rainbow Six series. When it comes to tackling a terrorist threat,
there’s nothing better for the task. One quirk that crops up during the MP5’s reload
is the infamous ‘HK slap’: an open-handed tap on the cocking lever after inserting a
fresh magazine, sending the bolt forward and chambering a round. It might seem reckless to smack your weapon,
but it’s actually recommended procedure: a softer approach might not drive the bolt home
properly. Besides, the MP5 is a working weapon – and
one that can withstand a little rough-housing. The ‘slap’ isn’t unique to the MP5 – but it’s
a cool move that has helped to bolster its iconic identity through fiction as well as
fact. Its distinctive on-screen presence and association
with heroic action makes it a prominent choice in cinema. The weapon has turned up in hundreds of films
– normally seen in the hands of the good guys, but sometimes revealing a more impetuous side. With notable appearances in Die Hard 2 and
The Matrix, the weapon appears outside its counter-terror role in games inspired by classic
action movies. Games like Max Payne and Modern Warfare 2
indulge a more brash side of the SMG: far from the tightly controlled discipline of
well-trained special forces, the MP5 can also employ spray and pray tactics. It might waste ammunition, but it looks good
on screen – and more empty mags mean more stylish reloads, complete with the slap. Today, there are a number of more modern SMGs
and personal defence weapons vying to replace the fifty-year-old MP5 design. H&K themselves even offer two alternatives:
the more modern and larger-calibre UMP-45, and the armour-piercing power of the diminutive
MP7: but the classic 9mm SMG still reigns supreme: well-loved by those who wield it,
and with ubiquitous use by police forces worldwide. A legendary submachine gun that earned its
reputation through a baptism by fire. Always cool under crisis, its the perfect
counter-terror weapon: The MP5. Confident. Force for order. Terrorist’s bane. Thank you very much for watching – Iconic
Arms will return: and until next time, farewell.

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  1. Fancy Duck News says:

    "This is a gun for the good guys." Hans Gruber would like to have a word with you


    No half life and counter strike clips?

  3. sleepy Boi says:

    At 1.75 speed the frequency of your voice resonates with itself and creates a distorted sound sometimes. Kinda creepy.

  4. GreyKid says:

    "This is a gun for the good guys"
    Quiet kid who has had enough: "You sure about that?"

  5. Destroyer 0001 says:

    Old guns are the best guns

  6. No McC says:

    I always see the mp5 as a villain gun because of Die Hard

  7. Katarzyna Kostusiak says:

    Can you do M1927

  8. Forgotten/Latest Game Updates says:

    MP5 "Gun for the good guys." Never forget about Nakatomi Plaza

  9. dog 52 says:

    Pronuciation of Koch="coke"

  10. DX Animates says:

    It's actually called heckler & Coke literally I'm not kidding

  11. OrignalRECIPE92 says:

    The MP5 was so ahead of it’s time. It still holds as a benchmark that nearly all CQB pistol caliber variants are judged against. They are very fun to shoot, comfortable, and easy to learn on for machine guns.

    Used to work at a range that had a demo MP5N. I’m surprised it still has rifling as it’s been a demo that’s still in service and has been since the early 2000’s. It’s been through countless rollers, extractors and by this point several million rounds of full auto. The weak link is the extractor and when rollers wear out. They will run but not quite as reliable. Usually the last few tend to jam up in old mags.

  12. Connor King says:

    If the MP5 is Lawful good, can we fill out an entire alignment chart with guns?

  13. nathaniel kaniatobe says:

    Now illegal in the u.s after 1990 something the mp5 now is averaged out to cost 10000+ per unit not including magazines

  14. nathaniel kaniatobe says:

    I miss advanced warfighter 2

  15. ChrisGaming says:

    The MP3 is a bit too quiet…
    The MP4 is about right…
    The MP5 is too loud…

    Id dont get it…

  16. Finishing Touch says:

    0:47 I assume you meant Cold War

  17. Brandon Morel Rojas says:

    Terrorists win.

  18. yoda gaming says:

    How irronic. MP40 is Bad guy gun.

    MP5 is good guy gun.

    MP7 litterautly any guy gun.

  19. Alex Alex says:

    Can we get a f for alex seidel not getting a name in the company

  20. to2 wacze says:

    0:13 ahoy:lawful good through and through, this is a guy for the good guys
    He says as the character onscreen sprays bullets into a poor man's PP

  21. reagent -52 says:

    Operation nimrod. I wonder why it was called that.

  22. GNPsubaru Music says:

    MP5 is my favorite machine gun

  23. soldiert01 says:

    "which fires 40smithandwestern"

    ok Stuart I think you need to slow down there buddy.

  24. Solo-Wing Pixy says:

    One of the best, if not the best series on YT. I love the animation and narration. Your hard work is appreciated.

  25. Maximilian Belz says:

    Good Guy Gun
    The RAF wants to know your location

  26. BoOtY_QuEeF 9000 says:

    4:48 "When it comes to tackling a terrorist threat, there is nothing better for the task"
    Terrorists win
    Okay then

  27. Thomas Abell says:

    I always thought this gun was for bad guys. The bad guys from die hard had MP5s i think

  28. Tairy Hesticalz says:

    I like how do since england used this weapon, he describes it as a gun for the "good guys". that's fucked.

  29. Cody Stoddard says:

    This guy could talk about a pebble and make it sound like a lethal modern military assault weapon

  30. BartekS says:

    Who else is here because of rook and doc

  31. Ibrahim Habib says:

    Somethings you can't replace
    Ak 47
    Mp 5

  32. Ibrahim Habib says:

    Mp 5 is common in Pakistan
    We called it baby klash (klash mean ak 47)
    Pof also make Mp 5

  33. MitAKe Ran says:

    4:49 more like "When it comes to tackling counter-terrorist threat…"

  34. MitAKe Ran says:

    5:52 What's the point of having MP5 with fixed stock if you can have better, lighter ones with sliding stocks??

  35. Thanh Tam Nguyen says:

    7:14 Is it intentional in modern warfare ? I didn't remember that part (Angel part)

  36. Loosermannen Gaming says:

    PLZ Do the Swedish K

  37. EI Tadashi says:

    You pronounced Heckler & Koch right!!!! HHHHHUUUUUUUURRRRRAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Vincent DeFiore says:

    You should do the steyr AUG and Barrett 50cal

  39. The3rdID says:

    4:48 "When it comes to tackling a terrorist threat, there is nothing better for the task."

    Terrorists win

  40. that one guy c says:

    4:48 when it comes to tackling a terrorist threat there's nothing better for the task ……. terrorists win ….

  41. A Duck says:

    My favorite variant of the MP5 is the MP5N.

  42. KzS Poseidon says:

    MP5 – also known as the German AK47.
    Mostly cause it's reliable just as the AK and has been produced in a large quantity too 🙂

  43. Random User says:

    im suprised i know all the mp5 variants

  44. Drake of the Lake says:

    I actually know one of the men who took part in Operation Nimrod

  45. Doomlord2552 says:

    In Germany it is known as a weapon on the flag of the RAF (Red Army Faction), a terrorist group in the cold war and on in Germany.

  46. Amazing says:

    stalker shadow of blyat

  47. 70lb Gt says:

    If u guys shock heard sas unit that mean one of u play r6

  48. Liam F says:

    "this is a gun for the good guys"
    "created by germany"

  49. Rehan Zainul Abdeen says:

    Heckler and Kock

  50. Day Cg says:


  51. Mahin Ahmed says:

    Deutschland über alles

  52. Michael Hunt says:

    one of the bad guys in die hard use it

  53. Tuna Airsoft says:

    This belongs on the history channel

  54. Gem Bocobo says:

    dnd with guns now sounds appealing

  55. Dat Teapot says:

    "When it comes to tackling a terrorist threat, there's nothing better for the task." Terrorists win

  56. jinxmaster1 says:

    One of the hostages died during the sas assault

  57. Cement Table says:

    I like mp5 because in some games it almost has no recoil

  58. so guys we did it we reached 250000 subscribers says:

    what happened to mauser, is it still around, if so have they changed theyre name

  59. Jade West says:

    mp-5 exist
    P90:"allow me to introduce myself"
    HK:"allow me to introduce my veto to yourself"

  60. Mortimer The Third says:

    wait…. did he make a dnd alignement joke at the beginning?

  61. Scp says:

    Reminds me of the mp44. (stg 44)

  62. Soc Virnyl Estela says:

    QUALITY COCK CONTENT. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  63. Riley704 says:

    Teacher takes my mp4 player I take out my mp5 sprayer

  64. PDKSkeitter - says:

    smacks on food ya know, your voice,*smack* makes me think,*smack* of captain price

  65. CyberBOT db says:

    Good thing you added the Black Mesa MP5, because its extremeley inisual to see a granade launcher in a MP5

  66. MALUCOZZ says:


  67. ToxicGamer says:

    You sound like captain price

  68. Phyco Buzzaxe21 says:

    When the bullies steal your MP3 and MP4 so you whip out the MP5

  69. Dan the Man says:

    I think it's pretty neat how for the longest time, H&K weapons still had physical resemblance and similar operation to the one that started it all- the STG44/MP-43

  70. A Duck says:

    You forgot the MP5-N variant.

  71. Egrith says:

    Wait just a damn second, the MP5 was used in Die Hard, no need to skip to the sequel. And while I’m talking about it, it is a Christmas movie

  72. Bla bla Dudel says:

    Some enjoy MP3, some enjoy MP4;

    I enjoy MP5 !

  73. Can Not stand says:

    DMR MP5

  74. Kevin Roller says:

    "On the sixth day of the siege" ohhh I get it now (((Thatcher intensifies)))

  75. Memestreamer Inc. says:

    “This is a gun for the good guys”
    Air Force One and Die Hard: Am I a joke to you?

  76. 30 to 45 minutes ago says:

    "when it comes to a terrorist threat, theres nothing better for the task."
    proceeds to shoot and kill counter terrorists

  77. Remilia Scarlet says:

    >when it comes to tackling a terrorist threat, there's nothing better for the task

  78. benjimon 262 says:

    my 3rd rewatch and just notice that at 3:54 he says advertisement as ad-ver-tise-ment

  79. Findraw XD says:

    why are these videos so entertaining

  80. air conditioner says:

    Am I the one who always pronounced "Kosh" instead of "Koh" ?

  81. ATVER Gaming says:

    -99 in 4 hits its shit

  82. antimatterdragon321 says:

    You gotta do UMP45 and variants.

  83. Kazuma says:

    My favourite version of the MP5 is the MP5SD

  84. Joe Matsuzawa says:

    "Now I have a machine gun. Ho-ho-ho."
    – John McClane

  85. ArcadeFredo says:

    Now I have a Machine Gun.
    Ho Ho Ho.

  86. Rocky Leasdale says:

    A gun for the good guys…

    disappointed hitler face

  87. Replicant 2600 says:

    "When it comes to tackling a tarrorist threat there's nothing better for the task"
    Tarrorists win

  88. TH3 PLA1NP1L0T says:

    Can you slap the bolt of the MP-40?

    It has a similar action when reloading so I was wondering if you could

  89. A. Nonny Mouse says:

    Throws out magazine
    Shoots 9 rounds into an enemy

  90. Big D. says:

    You should do the UMP45

  91. GoLdEnGaMeRs98 says:

    It’s used by the British police officers, and c.t

  92. Alwin Tom says:

    Review a marshmallow.
    I'm sure you'll make it look like a WMD.

  93. KritzИ says:

    Everybody gangsta til someone pull up Sniper Rifle

  94. Elmer J Fapp says:

    I think the pinnacle of smgs was the mp5 for its durability and utility while the p90 seems the most effective for recoil and accuracy

  95. SirTheGHOST says:

    So why do the brits use this gun in games?

  96. Cesar Vidal Alarcon says:

    I always thougt that the MP5 was Made from the same guy who dessigned the MP40

  97. Colton Chavez says:

    What’s the deal-

    With the
    S l a p p

  98. Clickbate and then Switch the title says:


  99. ltz AMBOSHER says:


    nice touch

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