Mumford and Sons brings ever evolving sound to Quicken Loans Arena

Mumford and Sons brings ever evolving sound to Quicken Loans Arena CLEVELAND, Ohio – Winston Marshall may not realize it, but hes at least part of the reason new album, Delta, is so different from the bands first international hit, Sigh No More, and its single, Little Lion Man. When I was a teenager, I would pick up a guitar and that would excite me, said Marshall, calling from Kingston in the United Kingdom, not far from London. The band, which consists of lead singer – and namesake – Marcus Mumford, keyboardist Ben Lovett and bassist Ted Dwane, was about to do three back to back shows in a 400 seat venue there. Its a far cry from 20,000 seat capacity of , where the band will be on Saturday, March 9. But its a lot closer to the good ol days as a pub band. But back to the shift from the lilting, almost step dancey sound of Little Lion Man to the music of Delta: Now, I get bored with myself very quickly on the guitar, said Marshall, whos also known as the banjoist in the band. Thats something that affects the writing process. If youre writing on acoustic guitar in a hotel room or a quiet space, you can write. You do that for years and years, and you get called into patterns, he said. But you pick up a new instrument and do something different because you dont know the rules and you dont have a habit. The result is evolution, pure and simple. And yet, it remains true to the lush harmonies that made the band break in such a big way when Sigh No More came out 10 years ago. Thats largely because the four voices fit so well that its almost second nature, and yet theres a lot of work thats gone into ensuring that that cohesion survives with the Mumford Sons sound intact. [Delta] to me is a long way from Sigh No More, but I wonder if its a long way off for everyone, he said. There are a lot of similarities. What do we do that makes us a band? Marshall asked. At this point, we could put out any kind of music and it could sound completely removed. Its not that hes advocating a shift. First, he pointed out that Mumfords distinctive voice really is the signature sound of the band, so even if it was any kind of music, it would still be inherently Mumford Sons. More, its that hes acknowledging that the bands acceptance by fans means the group now is free to expand its horizons. Or, as Marshall put it, a bit more colorfully: Weve been so fortunate as a band that we could be in the studio and do weird [expletive] now. But it all goes back to Mumford. Speaking of which, the whole concept of having a band name that sounds like a family business is pretty cool, but why Mumford Sons and not Marshall Sons, or Dwane Sons? When we started the band 11 years ago, Marcus was playing around London, so when the band started playing together, we were playing his songs, he said, laughing. Then we started playing each others songs. The one song that will never leave the bands set list – and fans will be glad to hear it – is the jangly Little Lion Man that pretty much was the bands introduction to American audiences. For his part, Marshall cant understand bands that learn to dislike the songs that made them. He can understand the frustration, but those songs are career makers, and artists should know it. Youd think the bands, when they have a hit song, they should be bloody grateful, he said. That song [Little Lion Man] opened us up to a lot of people. Were going to keep playing that song because people like it! But the evolution will continue, regardless, and in an organic, natural sort of way. Theres not much thats contrived, Marshall said. We go with our instincts a lot. When it comes to music, you play what youre listening to, and lyrics come from what youre reading. You just never know whats going to excite you tomorrow. Mumford Sons When: 7:30 p.m. Saturday, March 9. Where: Quicken Loans Arena, 1 Center Court, Cleveland. Opener: Cat Power. Tickets: dollar 41.50 to dollar 101.50, plus fees, at the box office, Discount Drug Mart locations, at and by phone at 1 888 894 9424.

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