100 comments on “Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden – Cinematic Reveal Trailer | PS4”

  1. Microwave says:

    Now you too can fulfill your desire to play as Howard The Duck

  2. NavySeal Cadetxx7 says:

    If a nuclear apocalypse happened and most humans were genetically spliced with animals or mutated in general. What would you like it to be? Me, I’d like to be spliced with a honey badger or of similar kind because I’d be the most durable and ferocious on the planet. Besides roaches

  3. Decatonkeil says:

    I gm Mutant Year Zero and, while this looks interesting, I wish they had kept it centred around the mutant humans or had gone for other animals from genelab alpha. That Howard looking duck is not what I imagine the animals in myz at all. Too cartoony. For example, badgers or other animals tend to be represented as just a bit bigger and with opposable thumbs but not entirely anthropomorphic, and the most interesting part of them are the pack dynamics we aren't going to see probably.

  4. MaliciousGrim05 says:

    Lmao, is the ducks bill split and being held together by duct tape? Lol that's good

  5. Snow Sreilliv says:

    Le canard est clairement inspiré de canardo

  6. AntixGamingYT Samudio says:

    yO tHAT gAME iS sO cOOL!!!!

  7. Telephone bit Guy says:

    wow intrigued, new IPs are what we need

  8. James Matthews says:

    Jesus does every game have to be some weird looking open world rpg-ish mess. What happened to video games?

  9. Jai Aggrel says:

    Come to PC as well please!

  10. Suspect on foot[FIN] says:

    Funny how she supposedly checks the shotgun's chamber to make sure there's ammo but instead of pumping it halfway she goes all the way back which would eject the shell.

  11. Jason Carto says:

    This better be something good.
    I can already smell the cliche of special snowflakes vs "the machine".

  12. TheVJProduction says:

    your a mutant duck and you cant even fly…thats lame.

  13. Fordi_Lajorge says:

    Man, Scrooge McDuck looks weird in the new Duck Tales.

  14. TheFrozenGamer YT says:

    This is a swedish game everyone

  15. alex smith says:

    is that Howard Duck? it's him!!!

  16. Clayton Bigsby says:

    00:40 is that supposed to be a female big boss from mgs? Total character rip off.

  17. Leonex says:

    Road to Eden… this is how the Farcry 5 Cult see themselves as.

  18. jacobs stephen says:

    Why does the female character look like BIG Boss from MGS V ?

  19. Paul Sabian says:

    I assume that spider spy 🕵️‍♂️ on top of the wall give away their position by sending info to flying robots 🤖.Awesome

  20. K2D says:

    Love that the pig is wearing what looks like a black cured, pig leather jacket..! Layers within layers!

  21. Denis Kutergin says:

    It's Beebop from TMNT and Donald Duck? Add Pepe the frog please!

  22. capthavic says:

    Title Originality Zero: Unnecessary subtitle included

    Gripes about dumb names aside, not a bad trailer.

  23. Tony Rump says:

    I've always loved the tabletop game. Time to go buy a ps4 i guess

  24. Henry White says:

    Can you say "Biomutant rip-off"?

  25. Mami Burger says:

    The Toontown reboot is looking dark…. The cogs have really gotten an upgrade. Those dang Bossbots!

  26. Retro- GIE says:


  27. Furkan Bozyel says:

    Kingdom Hearts 3 looks sick

  28. xyoxus says:

    Not to destroy all your fun waiting for this game but it's a XCOM like turn-based strategy game.

  29. Javen Epperson says:

    Would have been a much better experience having been a FPS, but this will do. Unique and fun, perfect combo.

  30. hunter villalon says:

    I hope there is more to the rosters.

  31. Bomber Blurr says:

    I thought that was Falco.

  32. IMPROVISADOR says:


  33. Mario says:

    Welcome to the path of eden.

  34. Steven Odhner says:

    Kingdom Hearts has gotten kinda dark.

  35. ธนากร แขขุนทด says:


  36. GeekFish says:


  37. Daryl De Leon says:

    Anybody know the music at the end?

  38. skull soldier 37 says:


  39. MrSuperVikingo says:

    Looks refreshing indeed. Can’t wait…

  40. Brian K says:

    The tabletop RPG system this is based on (Mutant:Year Zero) is great. Highly recommend.

  41. Nicolas Riveros says:

    PC please!

  42. frank sinatra says:

    Well i got to say it Venom snake + quiet = cammo skin pony girl

  43. ST AR says:

    Name of music at the end??

  44. Neo Rime says:

    I dig it. It's got a PS1 throwback vibe to it.

  45. Jacob Bielski says:

    The pig should have kept that mirror, it has a ton of uses. Looking around corners, sending signals, starting a fire…

  46. Arya Kurniawan says:

    so this is where you are going…. Daffy Duck?

  47. I C says:

    But that soundtrack is straight up copied from Planetside 2.

  48. Agnes Ohlsén says:


  49. Samuel Pezi says:

    Duck dodgers: remake! Daffy duck with porky pig back in action!

  50. AdamW - Karmantreprenör says:

    Played the original Swedish pen and paper rpg Mutant in the 80-s, I can see the similarities… will check this out…

  51. BungeeRooster says:

    Join daffy duck porky pig and cinderella in this deviantart blockbuster

  52. Drogon 298 says:

    Is this an exclusive?

  53. Mister J says:

    Who else came back here after being thrown off by the new gameplay trailer?

  54. तन्मय खामकर says:

    Quack Quack muthafucker

  55. Killroy says:

    Leonard the duck

  56. Hiển Nguyễn says:

    i need link music this game !

  57. LordDesAbsterdens says:

    Where the Bebop and Rocksteady?

  58. Anthony Paul says:

    love the concept…games need more humor

  59. Arrakiz666 says:

    The sequel to Howard the Duck I did not know I wanted.

  60. kill cap says:

    That end track is sick!

  61. Peterley dorcius says:

    Reminds me of armed and dangerous

  62. Rocklessness says:

    big boss's daughter wearing snakes camo suit in xcom

  63. Gizelbelcoot says:

    Remind me of Gorky 17 and BGE

  64. Simply Childlike says:

    Looks great!

  65. comrade lenin says:

    0:55 xD

  66. * Lucas * says:

    Free on Xbox Gamepass

  67. ArcherDrake287 says:

    Daffy Duck and Pumbaa surviving the apocalpyse

  68. Salim Osman says:

    When is out anybody?….looks great…

  69. strmbx says:


  70. zsha says:

    this is a better Fallout game than Fallout76

  71. Ambiso Tawsik says:

    Duxx is already my favourite…

  72. uegafly says:

    I love Xbox Gamepass !!! S2

  73. Remix City says:

    Jag trodde änglarna fanns bara, bara i himmelen

  74. Solid - says:

    The Last of us part 3

  75. Key says:

    I'm just here to say there's a webcomic called Endtown that has literally the same premise as this game.

  76. Kathleen Grünwald says:

    Hi 🙂

  77. Asket _ says:

    Cool music!!!

  78. Samuel SG says:

    This gane rulz and the músic is brural!

  79. Domarko Lane says:

    Some how I got this game confused with Biomutant lol!

  80. SkankHunt42 says:

    Jag trodde änglarna fanns i himmelen

  81. RICK SANCHEZ says:

    JAJAJAJAJ nada que ver al juego como muestran en el trailer… UNA LASTIMA.

  82. D D says:

    Howard the Duck!!
    ehh…maybe I'm the only one who knows who that is. Until Marvel makes a movie with him of course.

  83. soultiger 267 says:

    Reminds Me Of TMNT After The Bomb A Little Bit

  84. Irene Dazs says:

    But ..but she does not turn into stone like that….

  85. Alexis Jaeger Ranolds says:

    Does anyone know that soundtrack at the end of the trailer?😮
    Just to be honest it was so freaking lit
    One of the best track i have ever heard😍

  86. Stream Spoart! says:

    1:00 we found fooo… oh sorry

  87. Crispy AKo says:

    Love the pig

  88. serg sergio says:

    finished the game just now, very impressive game! was a bit too short 🙁 … hope to see the next chapter of this game. I am advising to play this gem 🙂

  89. UN _ Conventional says:

    I thought this was BGAE…

  90. azzazel says:

    well that looks freaking stupid

  91. ASIF IQBAL says:

    anyone remember that really old spooky game ODIUM!!??…this looks exactly like that!!

  92. Dillon Britt says:

    Imagine mutant bugs bunny and Daffy Duck going
    "Rabbit Season, Duck season, Rabbit Season, Duck season"
    during the game.

  93. iwishihadagirlfriend says:

    i hate my nose too pig

  94. Alex Cobain Fischer says:

    Ohhh Duffy Duck and Pumbaa

  95. Matthew Smith says:

    This trailer looks awesome… Then I saw the gameplay.

  96. Stream Spoart! says:

    Can't wait for DLC

  97. Indiferente says:

    A gente sabe porque você esta aqui !


    el juego se be muy suabe

  99. Aaron Mc Eneaney says:


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