My First Time (Renting An Apartment)

Am I proud of this? Kinda. Should I be? No. It’s the end of my sophomore year, it’s late at night, And my buddies are like, “Living in these dorms sucks.” And I’m like, “Now hold on a minute. There are so many great things about on-campus housing. Like all the furniture looks like it belongs in a prison, There’s one bathroom that 15 people have to share, And the dining hall, which has hundreds of options, which all taste exactly the same. THIS IS AMAZING!!” But us, being the crazy rebels that we were, decided we should live somewhere where burning popcorn doesn’t send an entire civilization into chaos! * le insert people screaming :3 * So when they passed out the forms it was like, “Are you sure you don’t want to live here next year?” We checked off, ‘YES’ No, wait. Yes. Yes. Yes. You know what? You can check these boxes off for me. Because I am done son. We made a ruckus, threw some parties, basically took advantage of the fact that we never had to see these people again! And, uh, we quickly Realized that maybe that was a mistake? No, this is a big deal, because the first time in my life I’m looking for my first apartment! Now when you get an apartment, you should be worried about proof of income, credit checks but I was more like, “Let’s worry about the important things..!” Just gonna have a pool, like a movie theater, a waterslide, Knocking it out of the park on the first go! Now, I’m not sure if you know this, but when you’re looking for apartments on Craigslist They help you out by sorting the apartments into different categories.. Which made it easy. All the ones I wanted were listed under: “Are you out of your friggin’ mind? You can’t afford this?! ” So, we’re (whatever he said)and just trying to find anything that maybe we could even live in! There in that Craigslist section titled Sure, this is an apartment. I-I PROMISE Now, me, being a budding entrepreneur that I was like, “I love this~! How can I give you money so I can not sleep in a box?!” But my friends Zack and Steve, soon-to-be roommates, They’re a little bougie~ Nah, we gotta live somewhere nice. The semester comes to an end We all go back to our parents house for the summer and I’d pretty much given up couldn’t find a place that my friends thought was good enough and I did not have money to get the places they wanted So I just kind of hid in my room and watched old reruns of Mister Rogers Not sure if you heard of him, but he created this prolific children’s show when I was a kid. Mr. Rogers neighborhood every morning He put on this sweater and somehow will give every child in America a hug through the TV. Mr Rogers was a role model like a living angel. I know it’s a show for babies But so what if I watched it in college? I was starting to realize I had a lot in common with these kids like the only place I could afford to live is a crib, so the summer rolls on and we’re ping-pongin’ back and forth. I’m sending junkie places they send in fancy places And we we just can’t seem to find a place that all three of us could live in about two weeks before junior year starts and we got to move back up to Boston. Steve sends me an email He’s like, hey, I found a place I gave him the deposit. We move in on Monday. Whooooooa. Sent me a couple pictures not that many but I was impressed guys. It looked fancy. So I wired him the money drive up to the apartment with my dad and it is impressive. It’s like barely a mile from campus. It’s in like a really fancy swanky building with like a doorman The only thing missing from it but the places I found had were dead bodies in the elevator So it was a go. Ride the elevator up to the top floor dad’s giving me this look like, Are you selling drugs to pay for this? Father, please your jokes. No, I have a college education. That makes me a fancy human. I see. And by the way father, Have you been working out? You look F A B U L O U S Nope I’ve always looked like this. I swear it. So when he opened the door to the apartment. See my two roommates in there and uh They’re they’re arguing now You weren’t there to know how intense it got but uh, let’s just say There was a good chance there was gonna be a dead body in the elevator soon. Steve you told me this was 2 bedrooms seems like it is two bedrooms. I’ll be sleeping upstairs. You’ll be right here in this Cove. Whoa whoa whoa guys, no need to argue. Just yet. First we need to figure out, Why isn’t this three bedrooms? And my dad’s just sitting there, laughing. You see it turns out Steve who was the one that was adamant that we get a really nice place basically, he rented out this apartment without telling anyone else that it was a one-bedroom. And then Zack had laid dibs on this Cove That kind of had a swinging door. It wasn’t closed off though It was still like part of the kitchen and then I was just supposed to sleep in the living room I was understandably upset but my dad, you know, he did the dad thing. Son, You’re an idiot, but I have an idea you see when my dad was about my age He and a bunch of friends moved in this apartment and they all lived in the basement and they kind of split the rooms up With sheets. I was like dad that is so money. Let’s do it So we got some heavy-duty shelving put it up with some two by fours and drywall and basically felt some low-income housing Housing in the middle of our fancy apartment. Well, it wasn’t the apartment I’d been dreaming of my dad did help build the whole thing and turn it into a home So for any dads out there that do nice things like this. Thank you It really means a lot that you look out for us. So that’s kind of the story of my first apartment It may not have been perfect But I was proud of it. Oh and I am gonna tell you about the couch. But real quick one thing I never realized you needed for apartments was credit checks. There really not that scary It’s just an easy way from this guy pays his bills on time And if you want to check your credit, you can use our sponsored slash Alex You’ll be able to turn completely for free actually when I got that first apartment I was so nervous that I wasn’t gonna pass the credit check and I was gonna have to live in a tent so that’s what’s great about Credit Karma It checks your score without affecting your score and it does it all completely for free I was able to do that when I got my first apartment I wouldn’t have been so worried So to find out why so many Clarkers have joined the 80 million members that trust visit Slash pally so filling that apartment with furniture wasn’t easy. I forget the day after we moved in We this beautiful couch out by the dumpster of our apartment building. I was so excited as I call my god This is a couch. I can afford rounded the corner and whoever got rid of this couch clearly Thought it was too much of a hassle to bring it down the stairs as it was so they sawed it in half right down the middle basically turning it into trash and so my first thought was Well, this is gonna be easy to bring back upstairs feel like you’re gonna look at me differently Now that you know, my couch was sawed in half for most of college now if you are a fan of animation Thank you for subscribed and you might be interested to know we recently switched over to huion tablets They reached out to us about working together. So if you’re interested, we can definitely set up a tablet giveaway Just let us know down in the comments. I’m its Alex Clark and I will see you soon ok bye

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