My RCU Story: Stephanie

My name is Stephanie, and I’ve been a Member of Redwood Credit Union since 2007. Redwood Credit Union’s interest rates have always been competitive every time I’ve shopped for a car. Getting a car loan can be very stressful, but Redwood Credit Union made it so simple. All I had to do was get pre-qualified online and then they handled the rest with the dealership. This car is perfect for us because me and my dog Modoc can go wherever we want. We can go to the mountains, to the snow, to the beach, or just across town. This is my third auto loan with Redwood Credit Union because they offer the best rate. I think Redwood Credit Union’s always looking out for the Member because they have low fees, they’re friendly and the branch is convenient. I will always shop Redwood Credit Union loans when I buy cars.

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