NAHREP Top Ten with Patty Arvielo

So the NAHREP 10 to me means… It’s like a simple business plan for personal
and for business. When Gary first talked to me about it I thought
you know what? I do all of these things, I really do all
of these things and for Gary and for NAHREP national to put it down on a fool-proof plan,
to me, was something that I talk about a lot when I go across the country and I talk to
groups of people because I think that in order for you to succeed and get what you want you
have to kinda write it down, you have to envision it in your mind and have a road map of where
you want to get to. So one of the things I want to talk to I’m
not going to hit on all points but things that kind of resonate with me is I talk a
lot about when I was a little girl and my nana used to tell me “estaba coda” or “i’m
cheap” and at a very young age I had a habit of saving money and I didn’t really want to
even lend it out, I wanted to have this pocket of money stuck in my little box in my room
maybe my little barbie jewelry box and I wanted it there because it made me feel secure, safe,
foundational. As that’s carried on through my life it’s
served me very well. For me it was a natural instinct but I think
for most people, it’s not a natural instinct. I think that if you can grasp that and realize
that foundational support really means a lot especially to entrepreneurs when you’re going
out and taking risks to increase your business. Be physically fit! I’m 51 years old and I live on the 5-2 plan
meaning that Monday-Friday I eat for fuel I make my lunch everyday I eat at work I rarely
go out to lunch with clients I go home at night and I cook dinner for my family and
generally low carb dinner at night so we’re not sleeping on carbs, the weekend is our
time to eat what we want even then I don’t eat like I used to when I was young but that
5-2 plan works for me because what I’ve realized is that as I’m aging it doesn’t even matter
what you have. If you don’t have health, wealth doesn’t even
matter. You will not enjoy it. Think watching what you eat, researching it
because everybody is different you know low carb for some people, low calorie for others
but really research what’s healthy for you because it totally matters especially as you
get older. Be in the top 10% of your profession. I’ve always always strived since I started
in this business when I was a 16 year old, to look for someone better than me in this
business, whatever path I was on. Somebody who I can look up to as a mentor
because that was a way for me to strive to get to the next level. Everybody asks me who’s your mentor, it has
changed in every single aspect of my business life because I have grown in every aspect
of my business life so of course I am reaching for the top currently right now I would have
to say Quicken Home Loans, huge mentor for me, if you’re not looking at Quicken and you’re
a lender you’re missing out because the world is technology driven and they’re a technology
company before mortgage company. That’s kind of a few things that grab me on
the NAHREP Top 10 of course it’s super simple. It’s a road map and after my video stops I
want to show you a few road maps that I have. When I was a little girl I envisioned, when
I was driving to my nana’s house in Tijuana, there’s this freeway going down from LA to
Tijuana and as a little girl every single time I went past San Clemente and I would
look up on the hill and I would see these big white houses, even as young as like 8
I remember going “Oh I’m going to have one of those, I’m going to have one of those.” Well I built one of those. Another thing that I wanted to show you is
that here within my organization, 5 years ago at our Top Producer’s event, we call it
President’s Council, there was one woman in attendance 5 years ago so I went on a mission
to kind of tell women step up, move up in this business, I’m happy to announce that
today I announced our top 5 loan officers in the nation #1 and #2 are women, #2 is a
Latina, so it makes me super proud . Not only makes me proud but it just kind of shows you
that what I’ve envisioned to do and set out to do can be done. So anything that you put down in writing and
you’re looking at as a goal you can do it. Just to wrap up the NAHREP Top 10 here Hispanic
Wealth Project, again another initiative that if you put it out there into the world things
can happen, especially collaboratively as all of us at NAHREP work together to increase
Hispanic wealth in America. And I think we’re doing what I say is the
number one thing is increasing home ownership by supplying financing or selling homes to
Latinos. Super important. So I’m going to close with one of my quotes
and that is that no one is going to come and tap you on the shoulder and say I want you
to be successful, you need to be that person. Have a good one.

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  1. Ron Aguilar says:

    Patty, thanks for the video.
    I do follow Quicken and their progress.

    Ron Aguilar, St George Utah
    New American Funding
    Loan Originator

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