Native American Direct Loan Program for Veterans

>>Text: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Veterans Benefits Administration>>Text: Greg Nelms, VA Loan Guaranty Service,
>>Greg speaking: Native American Direct Loan Program was established in 1992. It started because
there was a need for Native American Veterans
to have access to financing on trust land. In the Direct Loan program,
the Veteran will come directly to VA,
VA will process the application, close the loan,
and eventually service the loan.>>Tony speaking:
We’re both Native American and we live on the boundary here.>>Text: Tony and Marisa Cabe, Navy Veteran
and Members, Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation
>>Tony speaking: We can’t just go out to any federal or bank institution that we want to and apply
for a loan to build a house on the boundary. So every’s ran kind of
through the tribe. And that’s when all those
restrictions start coming into play and stuff. But with the Native American
Direct Loan, we were able to actually build the house
that we had always talked about wanting to build because they were providing
the loan directly from the VA and that just freed up
everything, allowed us to go in any direction we wanted
to, really.>>Marisa speaking:
Cut out the middle man and made the whole process easier and allowed
us to build the home
that we wanted to build. The whole loan process, I think,
was very easy to navigate and Greg and Arnus were
both great. Even though we’ve only been here
since May, it’s home. It’s a dream come true.>>Greg speaking: The first step in becoming
an eligible tribe with VA to use the NADL program
is to contact a regional loan center, a Native American
Direct Loan specialist. The Native American Home Loan program is something>>Text: Terri Henry, Council Chair, Eastern
Band of the Cherokee Nation speaking: I think that it is
an incredible enhancement to any housing program,
any housing opportunities that a tribe might be able
to offer but it also puts resources in Veterans’ hands. It’s an awesome way
for the government to show our Indian soldiers how much
they appreciated their service to this country.>>Text: Learn more:
or call toll-free (800) 827-1000>>Text: U.S. Department of Veterans Affair

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