Navy Federal Credit Union Celebrating Military Appreciation

[MUSIC PLAYING] Dear Hero, We don’t know each
other, but I wish we did. You serve our country
and that’s amazing. Being a soldier is tough work. And I thought football
practice was hard. I’ll never be able to
repay you for protecting me but you can have
my superhero doll. He can fly. Dear Soldier, My
mom always says, if you’re having a
rough day, remember, the most important thing
in life is to be yourself– unless you can be a rock star. We dedicated a performance
to you at our dance recital. It was good. A lot of the moms cried. But don’t worry, they
were happy cries. I hope I grow up to be
brave, just like you. You’re superheroes. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much! [MUSIC PLAYING]

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