Navy Federal Credit Union Military Family Appreciation

My name is Todd Cerny. I’m a logistics chief. I’ve been in service for 17 years. I grew up in a military family so it’s just something I’ve known for my entire life. I met Todd working at a pizza place in Virginia Beach. He was skinny. He looked like a hippie. He had very long hair. We were really good friends. When he told me he was joining the Marine Corps I just wished him well and we wrote letters back and forth while he was gone. I heard from him every day or every other day After I got back from Okinawa I decided to propose and she said yes. We’ve been married since 2001. When you go on a deployment you do a lot of training. When you get back from there and it’s time to pack everything up maybe two weeks to spend with the family then it was time to deploy for six or seven months. You miss birthdays and holidays that you’d like to be there for. Some big events. You just worry about what may happen that you’re not able to take care of. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2007. I’ve had 12 surgeries in the past ten years. She was battling cancer while I was an instructor so I missed quite a bit of stuff. I’d have to be at work and on the range. It’s made us very resilient and stronger The Marine Corps does have great family readiness programs in place. I have a deeper appreciation for our military now than I did before and how your sworn into family is just as important as your born into family. You gotta be able to focus on your family and be there for them because they’re going to be there for you

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  1. Sarah Hawley says:

    This add came up for me on a vid, my grandfather has just passed two days ago. He was a marine for 25 years. ❤️💕

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