Navy Federal Credit Union | Veteran Families Partnership

I was in the Navy for 26 years and
became a navy federal member at the onset of my career and you guys have
been great ever since well by when I went to DC Navy Federal was there I went
if I went to Kansas City Navy Federal was there it’s local but at the same
time it’s national and international what I like most about maybe federal is
definitely customer service they try their best for you and they’re gonna be
there beside you if you need any help they even answer the second ring if not the first
the services are great for instance the last car I bought called
on the phone needed a loan within like two hours I was able to come in sign the
paper and away I went I thought this is fabulous! For the banking piece I mean
it’s just like I said the ease of access everyone in my family all my immediate
family members have a checking account and a savings account so it’s just been
really easy for us to get everything done in one place just to have a bank
that is taking care of active duty and veterans it relieves a stressor that you
don’t really need to have in life when you join Navy federal and you’re a
veteran you becoming part of a family you becoming part of a team they greet
you by your title you know commander Silva or whatever the case
may be as a veteran I appreciate that very much having an organization that
serves veterans and families like mine just makes us want to be here even more it’s Navy federal but Navy does not say at all it’s all-inclusive
together we’re making it we’re making it happen

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