NBA Fans Making Half Court Shots For Money/Cars Compilation

This is $20,000 on the line right here man. Can he do it I? Think he can do it. I need that robo drum roll All right, Tony whenever you ready but oh and the crowd going crazy as We have a winner in the Midfirst bank half-court shot contest The tenth in thunder history, just fell out crowd is on its feet roaring its approval Three to be sued for $1,000 how you feel about it good think you’re Gonna make it oh He’s got a jock ladies and gentlemen give it up for Kevin to $4,000 oh oh Oh, I hope I Gotta check with the judges to see if I spare, but ladies and gentlemen give it up for Kevin one job Ryan Can’t read back to you And they were tonight’s Contestant Gerald now once we give you the ball you can shoot it any way you want to keep those feet behind the line when You let go come on man left your girls on to $95,000 Here we go five g’s make boom knowing we want you to with it Patrick Yes, yes ladies and gentlemen yes Cara PSW luxury, let’s hear it come on protected here is One shot Brand-new What? The rocks out of the hat was coming from Sean Kelly the tent down and the Garden goes gravy How about this he missed the layup for ten buck? Airborne a free throw 400 Air balls of three for a thousand and then hit that That is the shape and a zero contest at halftime and that is your garage shot of that Back down to you say French alright, john no space upstairs it all comes down to this take that shot when you’re ready Here we go fans. Give it up for them beautiful a brand new car for both labor believe me honey feel Heat ass tonight in the yellow sweater What’d he do to get a hook like a from abroad joseph over to go? He just won $75,000 without good running his shine. Oh my he probably enjoyed the hug bye Lebron boy did the money? Skyhook in American Airlines Arena history, and maybe the greatest hug down oh man carne Here she goes go for a girl Pam well, I didn’t touch the rim heart from half-court. It was a heck of a shot celebrating with dirt JJ. Wesley Matthew Some fun stuff right there. I tell you what she’s got to be feeling good I Think by the hole-in-one. I have a job for spinkle ago. She said got it. She’s played some basketball at her tail Look at that. Oh Good shot. Oh Yeah Wow $3,000 back down Barb oh You’re going to choose the free-throw for 500 3.4. Thousand or half-court for 5000 wait City 2% Therefore you don’t have court make some noise for going for the big money. Let’s go Let’s go Nice, man. What do you say? He’s a confident young man? He fix it and win this one for Seventy seven thousand seven hundred seventy seven dollars a little luck a little love for gorilla all right Jim When you’re ready buddy, let’s do this thing oh rubbers One shot from half-court for a brand New Toyota let’s make some noise for Daniel Yes, sir Daniel yay Daniel just won himself a brand new City baby Jeep renegade, how are you feeling and who are you gonna get shout out super this little nervous I’m going to shout out to my fiance Lonnie. We just got engaged weekend Congratulations. Well this is for lonnie. Here is your mark right here. There’s your net you got 19,000 fans get a drumroll for you now Come on guys let him hear you You want to treat for a car from half-Court? You don’t have to be vince carter Matt Barnes or zach randolph whoo whoo? Get that man a car For when he wants to shoot at half-court. He’s going for the full meal deal Right here for two round-trip tickets anywhere Southwest Airlines flies, here’s todd from camby oh my goodness gracious right under bag Unbelievable, that’s awesome. All right. God all right get it down to the line All right Alan Alan from Madras tough Act to follow where do you want to go? He wants half-court again? He saw Todd do it He’s going to do it too. Here’s alan from Madras. Oh My goodness gracious are you kidding me two for two? unbelievable Wow, all right?

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  1. PrimeTime Productions says:

    Don't know how the subtitles got there – I didn't make them lol, but please like and subscribe if you enjoyed!

  2. Meister Kleister says:

    When your so creative to give a gorilla the name gorillla

  3. Obama Prism says:

    4:21 captions

  4. John Cyrulik says:

    6:49 listen to the noise he makes

  5. GamersDesk 7 says:

    I think their ex's came back!

  6. Daniel Rafael says:

    6:47 voice crack

  7. Yes No says:

    I like the part where he makes the half court shot

  8. Kristin Wyatt says:

    Oh my lord the 2 one dough

  9. Bryan Santiago says:

    2:00 power of the dreadlocks it says it haironicles 4 :13 cant stop wont stop the lord our god has dreadlocks

  10. HxnTx says:

    8:05 he won a toy yoda?

  11. Daniel Ward says:

    I'm guestong everyone after the two men that made the shot 9:45, missed there shot


    steph curry: i can make halfway court shots if i have to win a game
    regular fans: hold our new car's keys

  13. Patrick Sassi says:

    Even Warriors fans could shoot the 3 ball

  14. david says:

    8:52 first time trying anal

  15. John Paul Roman says:

    That silver dude at 4:59

  16. PS4 SURVIVOR says:

    2.40 Did he make it yes or no Because i can barely see it make it

  17. Jed Xaver says:

    All the dislikes in this video are those people who cant even make a three point shot

  18. Glory to God says:

    The person who setup the contest: (@*#&%&*

  19. Broscowscy Bros says:

    5:41 woah woah


  20. Jason Xavier says:

    1:58 I'm sitting here thinking Durant got family in the NBA that got dreads?

  21. Ed Gillis says:

    The guy in the Portland jersey was like 6-7 feet behind the half court line when he let it fly…! Wow!!

  22. Low Tech says:

    I son't know why but when they make it it just feels like they are stickin it to the man. I love it.

  23. DubEmerson says:

    That announcer at 6:49 sounds like that lady that fell doing the grapes stomp. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  24. 》Switchin Lanes《 says:

    The #WhiteSupremacist #Colonizers #WhiteWashWorld will never give a black mane life changing money unless he open his ass hole to them…..$1000 $5000 is the story of a black mane life in america this is a great example of it I think

  25. jayden jones says:

    Hey Gerald

    You thInk you c4n fl3X

  26. Off-road Outlaws Addict says:

    6:49 when someone closes the car door but your foot isn’t all the way in

  27. M Silva says:

    3:35 Michael Scott

  28. Organic bananaphone says:

    ?that second one?

  29. Aar Bar says:

    Everyone loves a half court hooker

  30. Claudio Reyes says:

    0:31 nigga check at that hoe cameltoe

  31. devonzf says:

    lebron james the half court hooker 4:41

  32. Uchiha Hitomi says:

    Bruh $95,000…..

  33. WorldWide FAILURE says:

    95 GRAND!!!!!! I shiiit you not, I would live at 24 hr fitness taking half court shots all day and night for weeks, living off energy bars Gatorade & those protein drinks 💰

  34. WorldWide FAILURE says:

    See how easily Lebron pulled that dudes big ass off that court with one hand like he was a damn child

  35. Declan R says:

    Guy: everybody scream
    Fans: …

  36. dachicagoan says:

    9:21 two free round trip tickets. Economy class

  37. dachicagoan says:

    8:55 feel dat ass

  38. Aldair Chavez says:

    Plz sub to me i will really appreciate it

    If you do GOD BLESS YOU

  39. Erick Garcia says:

    Steve Kerr laughing back when he had allstars on allstars and it was all fun and games

  40. Noel Quigley says:

    Ffs it doesn't seem to be that hard.

  41. daedralord1 says:

    The richer the team the less prize money

  42. BlueSkies TypeOfGuy says:

    There's something satisfying watching ordinary folks win big money

  43. Eagle Bird says:

    This just got me so hyped😂

  44. Anthony Rodriguez says:

    You know you just made a sweet shot when it puts a smile on Steve Kerr's face

  45. Larry Megel says:

    Give it up for dukes he just one a giant check that ses $10,000 dollars 😂

  46. Skirt Skirt Mobile Gamer 21 says:

    3:59 oh yeah daddy harder

  47. riyo 814 says:

    better than Shaq😂😂😂

  48. Jahs Ghost says:


  49. Siddhanta ALE MAGAR says:

    Plot twist: The ball was a paid actor

  50. Angie Solano says:

    @ 9:40 when the guy turns sideways, he looks like Ryan Reynolds, or is it just me?

  51. Harry Sacks says:

    Can we cut off the annoying announcers.

  52. Colin Moore says:

    I like how some or for airline tickets, 3K, 5k and then theres the lakers and its like 95K WTF.

  53. Jason Pierce says:

    8:52 When you stick it in the wrong hole.

  54. Jammo6803 says:

    2:00 Nic Naitanui

  55. Eddy Lolly says:

    8:01 Daniel! Just won a brand new toy yoda!!!!!

  56. Kyle Hechler says:


  57. oscar zambrano says:

    Hahahhah for 2 southwest tickets. Lmao.

  58. Rey Martinez says:

    Fiance probably wasnt happy about that ass grab at 8:54

  59. Sarmen PM says:

    Technically 2nd one wasn't a half-court shot cause he crossed the line 🤷‍♂️

  60. J Coles Mastery says:

    8:50 she sound like megan from family guy

  61. J Coles Mastery says:

    Boys on the 1st day of December 6:49

  62. Getting 1000k subscribers With out vids says:

    How come i don’t get that luck

  63. BodhiZaffa says:

    white shorts thigh gap 0:31 nice.

  64. Joystick Jay YT says:

    Everyone in Bikini Bottom: BALD!!!!!!

  65. Michael Franz says:

    95.000 dollar shot… Mah man
    Good for you.

  66. Michael Franz says:

    Yellow jacket guy is a legend

  67. Lillian kline says:

    I’m so jealous can’t watch it’s amazing anything can happen in life win lottery who knows

  68. Brenden Hoffman says:

    I bet I could make one

  69. SAlman Alauddin says:


  70. Veevo says:

    6:48 when you step on a lego

  71. Jaminique Jackson says:

    You knw how lucky you got be to:
    1. Get picked out of THOUSANDS of fans &
    2. Make an NBA halfcourt shot!

  72. iFlickz says:

    8:56 why did she go up and jump in his arms after just finding out this was for his fiancé.

  73. MR. DEHOST8593 says:

  74. Joyson Wildhart says:

    i pray that when i do this i get one of the $90k shots not one of those $1k shots like goddam market on half court shots are all over the place

  75. Psychy says:

    6:49 — when you step on a Lego…

  76. Arthur Drexler says:

    Draft them all to NBA

  77. Kenny Duff says:

    Christ 500 dollars for one of them and 97,000 for another… NBA and you get 500 dollars… pretty shitty prize really

  78. Andy Ellis says:

    Was the girl wearing lingerie

  79. Ahmed Alhadhrami says:

    0:46 and 2:21 same person !!??

  80. Kidz Bop 38 is Straight FIRE!! says:

    Only the Hawks would have a half-court shot contest for a measly $1,000. That's probably half their roster salary.

  81. Kidz Bop 38 is Straight FIRE!! says:

    Who is that smokin' HOT Laker girl at 1:30?

  82. Dylan Roberge says:

    Love how Kerr is smiling at the fan, it's so genuine.

  83. Derek Johansen or something says:

    8:55 she was 100x more excited than he was 😂

  84. Reb Gaming says:

    4:46 she was so lucky she hug by lebron I want to say in ph “sana all”

  85. Joe meats says:

    That second shot needs to be on sport science

  86. Hello종운 says:

    잘보고 갑니다^^ 저는 초보자 입니다 찾아 와주셔서 구독과 좋아요 시청 해주시면 성장하는데 도움이 될거 같습니다

  87. Gianmarco says:

    Wtf is that mike korzemba

  88. Mat S says:

    08:55 his fiancee didnt like that booty grab, thats for sure

  89. The Juice Man 2007 says:

    knicks fan missed 3 time because of shitty ownership

  90. Andre Gelias says:

    kd made 5k watching that fan win 5k

  91. willie nunez says:

    Pause at 8:55

    You're welcome lol

  92. Cody Barnette says:

    over and over

  93. Old Wes says:

    every single one crossed the line lol

  94. James Wise says:

    Traveling at 8:23

  95. Dany Mota says:

    8:56 i thought he had a fiancée?

  96. Kayson Mueller says:

    Someone, made a 95,000 dollar shot. Daammmnn.

  97. Chrifa Malak says:

    Is good motivation for the peaple ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  98. Josh Sharf says:

    did he say "half court hooker" at 4:35

  99. falko says:

    so how was the game ? "nothing special"

  100. Josh Sharf says:

    lmao lakers: 95k
    mavs: 3k

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