Need Help with Student Loans?

Hey everyone, it’s Alan here and thanks
again for visiting our page on student loan debt. As we all know this is a
massive problem that been going on throughout our country and one of
the things I pride myself on is I’ve dedicated my practice to helping
Millennials not just get their financial planning in life but also to help
them live their fullest lives and that’s so hard to do when we’ve got a mountain
of debt that’s almost suffocating so what I’ve done is I’ve created a webinar
free webinar here on this page with our student loan expert Meagan Landress and
today we just want to give you a couple of tidbits about what this webinar is
and hopefully you decide to watch it here soon but Meagan we know that student
loan debt is not just a problem it’s a crisis here in America, how have you
found that it has affected your clients before they come and see you and what
have you been able to do to help them once you get done with their planning?
-Yeah, so student loan debt is an overwhelming burden a lot of times when
someone’s coming to me and they haven’t been able to find the right strategy for
them yet you know folks aren’t able to prioritize
other financial obligations or goals of theirs because they feel like their
payment is very overwhelming or they’re concerned about how long it’s going to
take to get out of student loan debt or if they ever will, a lot of folks who
come to me and feel like they’re gonna die with it! Not the case 🙂 so, our process
when we’re looking at student loan debt is making sure that we’re putting
together an efficient strategy that allows you again to live your best life,
not neglect your loans but also be able to focus and prioritize other areas of
your financial plan as well. -You know I’ve run a lot of my clients a lot a
pharmacist a lot of attorneys a lot of professionals with massive amounts of
student debt to Meagan and she’s really been able to help
them lower their monthly payment get it online to get it forgiven or if it makes
sense refinance to a much lower interest rate. so Megan, when you’re working with a client how do you decide whether or not
they should stick with federal loans or whether they should go and privatize
maybe get a lower interest rate? -That’s a great question. So I do have some rules of thumb there. And people will ask you know what balance size do you work with
and that’s not really the question the question is, where does your balance
stand in comparison to your income? so if your balance is below your annual income
that may be a chance to look into refinancing that may make sense to
reduce your interest cost over time if that’s the case. If your balance is about
the same or especially when it’s much much more than your annual income that’s
certainly where we need to look at leveraging the federal system and
leveraging forgiveness opportunities because that will be your safe haven
essentially for for taking care of your student loan debt in the most efficient
way. -So if you’re watching this hopefully you don’t have student loan debt, but you
know oftentimes people do and so if you’d like to,
please feel free to watch our webinar below we go into much more depth on each
of these areas also feel free to share this page with people we all know people
who are struggling immensely from student loan debt so hopefully we can
help some people out together hope to talk to you soon thanks for watching

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