NEFFEX – Life ✨ [Copyright Free]

Yeah, yeah, let’s go I ain’t the first with the curse with the thirst, that I want to be better not worse man it hurts I’m on this Earth with my words and I put em all together insert, ’cause I wanna have worth workin’ hella hard till they put me in the dirt gonna go far man listen to my words gonna be a star man life’s like a blur when you’re working this hard ’til you get what you deserve (let’s go) yeah, I ain’t taking a backseat I’m passing anybody else who is rapping I’m nasty, ain’t nobody able to catch me they gaspin’, they can not compare they can’t match me, I’m at half speed I got you’re girl and she laughing, and dancing hanging on my what, and she askin to crash with me, smash with me she savage, she wants cash money and she knows how to live lavishly, oh I want to live I’m cold inside give all I have just to feel alive I fight to live I fight to strive one day I’ll have what I want in life I want the whole world in the palm of my hand I got a plan, I’m the man now I’m teaching the game a veteran, better than anybody else who tests me I’m ready lookin’ at my hand and it’s steady I’m trending, ascending, and blending lyrical bending now I’m spreading and getting my name out now yea, they hearing me loud all the crowds, repping the sound I’m hitting the ground running up and coming ain’t nothing yeah, rookie of the year I’m a keep it 100 cold blooded no budget from nothing to something I ain’t bluffing I got a full hand and a full plan I ain’t gonna stop ’til I’m at the top man every single drop got me feeling awesome I’m about to pop started from the bottom, yea I want to live I’m cold inside give all I have just to feel alive I fight to live I fight to strive one day I’ll have what I want in life

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  1. NEFFEX says:

    Listen to "Life" on Spotify:
    Google Play:…muyyhtkrhwe&hl=en

  2. BertroX Lomiu says:


  3. Sean Johansson says:

    AAAAaaaaaaaahhhhh I love your flow man!!!!!! I listen to you everyday, I LOVE YOUR MUSIC!!!!!

  4. rama sifa says:

    You wat

  5. Nero DT says:

    Love the song 🙂 Detroit: Become human brought me here

  6. Purity OwO says:


  7. Edson Alex says:


  8. Master Curio says:

    nice song in free fire live

  9. PEAM-Arthit Chaipanich says:

    who still watching on 2019

  10. MyNameIs SaditKamvret says:

    I like song

  11. Ferib Hellscream says:

    sooo motivating!

  12. Mohammad Abdullah says:

    Who's here after its my life ?

  13. ARC•SQUAD YDA says:

    Sound free fire

  14. Azka Music says:


  15. Farel gaming says:

    Its cool mean

  16. GØD•NINJAS says:

    It's amazing sing

  17. Lim Po San says:

    i like this

  18. HulkKidGaming says:

    I Heard This Song Here:

    It's Great! 🙂

  19. the KILLER says:

    Like por shiro free fire … que bueno tiroa ala cabeza..

  20. AREK ARMO says:

    Yg Kesini Gara Gara Nyari Backsound Letda Hyper Angkat Tangan

  21. Abhishek Machal says:

    Hi neffex. I just want to say thank you for the music you've shared. It's what makes me live on. I'm on the verge of suicide and everytime I feel like i want to die, i listen to your songs to make me hold on unto my life. Your music inspires me to fight these problems that have came into my life trying to cause havoc. I am so grateful 😊 thank you so much for making me live my worthless life.

  22. Las Kill Gamer says:


  23. Enty xD says:

    I see one really big problem with this song


  24. Sanket Chikhale says:

    this song can change someone's life

  25. N O O R says:

    Soooo…I can dowland and put this I my videos???

  26. M.A. / GHO5T says:

    This will be in my "Wildfire" animation. NEFFEX, you'll be credited.

  27. Kenny / PND says:

    Retry 00:00. It's for free.

  28. Panca Wasidipa says:


  29. Na na says:

    คนไทย ไลค์หน่อยค้าา!!!

  30. ᎫᎧᏁᎪツbʟr :v says:

    Algún Mexicano?

  31. João victor Silva says:

    Cadê os br dessa poha

  32. SHADOW99 V2 X says:

    I want more💞🤣🤣this song is awesome 🤣🤣🤣

  33. SHADOW99 V2 X says:

    This song is awesome …. keep up the good work ❤️😍😎

  34. Funtime Roxy says:


  35. Linda Rodriguez says:


  36. Wayan Dika says:

    Bagus sekali aku suka sekali bangetttt jangan lupa like ya

  37. lela wølf says:


  38. Mr. How to make says:

    Great song😘☺️😂☺️😙😍😉😝😉🤗😜😙🤗😙☺️😙🙂😋😜😉🤗😙☺️😙🤗😙☺️😙😜😋🤗😋☺️😙😂😙😊😝😉😜😋🤗😚😜😙🤗😙😝🤗😙😜😋🤗😋🙁😊😙☺️😗😂😍😉☹️😙😊😘😘😋😛😉😊☺️😝☹️☹️☹️😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😘😘😘😛😛😛😛😛😘😘😘😘😘😘😘🙃😝😉😊😉😝😙😊😜😛😉🤗🤔😛😗😚😅😗🤗🙄🤔😉😝🤗😉🙄🙄🙃🤗😙😝😍😙😍😚😊😙😝😙🤗😙🤔😝😗😂😀🤗😊😙😍😚🤗🤗😙☺️😙😅😙😜🤗😚🤗😚😜😚😊☺️😙☺️😗😅😝😗😊😙😂🤔😋😜😋🙄🤗🙄😙😍😗😂😝😗😛😁😗😛😊😙😜😊😉😂😉🤔😚😜🤗😙🤔😋😜😙😍😜😙😝😙😊🤗😙🤔😉😝🤗😗😝😙😍😉😜😝

  39. Menna Salem says:

    Came here from the Detroit: Become animation video

  40. grandong bos says:


  41. Фантастический Фантом says:

    Almost 10 000 000😲

  42. SENSA YT says:

    Finally found this song

  43. 無影片挑戰100訂閱中 says:

    Subscribed to

  44. Wes Mari says:



    I live for Neffex

  46. Fajr Naqia says:

    bikin lagi

  47. HAMZA REİZ says:

    im filled with


  48. ŞEKİL ÇOCUK says:


  49. febri black says:


  50. Rizky_ Ramadhan says:

    lagunya bagus!!…indonesia mana ?????

  51. João França says:

    Vem pelo vídeo do João rojas do SP q postarão no face

  52. Pumpkin key says:

    I love it

  53. Jennifer Brown says:

    when Conner dies and then comes back (Hank) "THE HECK!?!" Conner acts like it's nothing

  54. X̷Ø̷ ʙᴋmp40 says:


  55. daffa gaming says:

    Letda music

  56. pawan raghav says:

    Yo neffex growing🤘🏻

  57. pawan raghav says:

    Yo neffex growing🤘🏻

  58. Cody Fanning says:

    Awesome song very addictive beat to listen to for the gym.

  59. Maurizio Notangelo says:

    dont fuck whit neffex OK DUMBASS ASSHOLES

  60. Lucy Crystal says:

    Am i the only who come here becouse of the AMV?

    Yes? Okey…

  61. кириешка тв says:

    Я один Русский любящий эту группу

  62. FAHRIL Fahril JR says:

    Lagu kesukaan LETDA HYPER

  63. [Beta]_zNexus20_20 says:

    0:22 can i go fortnite

  64. BUSSID GAMING says:

    L E T D A H Y P E R

  65. THE LORD says:


  66. Buster says:

    This song makes me want to do push ups even if i don't have hands…

  67. Vanessa Buffalo says:

    It's a game on PlayStation

  68. TM*Zihan*TM advan says:


  69. TM*Zihan*TM advan says:


  70. Rahat King says:

    Iove you ….

  71. Alexander Granger says:

    Love this song best I've ever heard keep it up

  72. Harvey PH - Gamings & More says:

    I love NEFFEX, this music gives me motivation when I playing. Love you NEFFEX more musics to come

  73. MasterPVP54 says:


  74. Kaik gameplays says:


  75. julia Stranger says:

    Who else thinks is the perfect song for teen wolf?
    Just me?

  76. Danolex FF G says:

    Reportence con un like los LATINOAMERICANOS

  77. dancok gaming says:


  78. Öp Pentagon says:


  79. Julian Carabajal says:


  80. Ferryan Nanda says:


  81. Радион Пойда says:

    Кто от Войтенко

  82. Destoy Toy says:

    I like this song yyayayayyayay🤩

  83. Спайк 228 says:


  84. Memer Dreamer // Hiatus says:

    can we all just agree this song is a banger and not focus on how we found it

  85. • Bananenbeißer! says:


  86. Leozynhoo Silva says:


  87. Ye Boi says:

    I’m…probably the 1 person that’s not here from the Detroit: Become Human animation.

  88. Aurakasih Dimas says:

    Neffex very good 😀😀😀😀😀

  89. Mad Universe says:

    I love you Anna ♥

  90. Daniil Snak says:

    best song ever

  91. Abd Shreif says:

    Let's go brooooooooooooooo

  92. Asri Wahyuni says:

    Letda hyper

  93. legend x mnx Hd Football says:

    Nobody:Guys You There Is a Silly Mistake in Da Song Cause This Is about end me:ay,Man this is neffex boi it never ends boi…..

  94. SFT Tuky1604 says:

    Algun español escuchando esta increíble canción?

  95. Kocia łobuziara 11 says:

    I love this song



  97. Salty Foot Lettuce says:


  98. Yuli Yanti says:

    Lagu ledda enak

  99. UPClasher says:

    best copyright free song

  100. yawn says:

    Can we have no vocal? I love that music.

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