Nerf War: MONEY Battle

Nerf FPS First Person Shooter Eliminate all hostiles and secure the money Shout out Harambe MONEY BATTLE! Here we go Oh yeah, make sure to subscribe And turn on post notifications Thank you Time to make wreck some noobs Smash LIKE for that headshot! Don’t mind if I do Supply drop? How convenient OUCH CHARLIE! This isn’t good Hopefully there’s some band-aids in there BANANAS! NOM All better! I might need these later Now that was satisfying CRIKEY! That was close CHILL BRO That’s what you get Right in the nuts, sorry fam Weeeee! AHHHH YAAAAS Thank you for the Nerf SCAR good sir Nice mansion Make like a cow and eat grass! Haha I’m funny Comment down below if you’re reading this Nooooo NEED.. A.. BANANA Come to PDK My sweet, sweet banana NOM NOM REVIVED Give me that! Pro tip: always check the grill What do we have here? Cold Brew Coffee! Quite refreshing And a modded Nerf blaster All in a day’s work Is this guy for real? He’s listening to ice cream truck music haha FREE CANDY?! This seems too good to be true… Also very sketchy Trust, but verify Who do we have here? Look at that mullet! Well, if you insist Can’t say no to free candy This should be interesting Yo Welcome to my van! You saw the free candy, huh? Take some candy, take some candy YEAH! Pickle bite, munch, munch Also, at the same time, you need a new gun my friend Here is the Sniper Rifle 2000. Now what you gotta do is enter the mag like so Bada bing bada boom, you’re ready to go baby! Good luck out there! Well, that went better than expected. That guy looks like Eric with a mullet though Initiate 360 No Scope OWNED Guess I need to eat another banana YES Yummy! Nerf Minigun! What are you going to do with that bro? That’s going to leave a mark Let me show you how it’s done my friend And that, is how it’s done Who wants some? Indiana Jones style RIP Fortnite But thank you for the loot Fortnite Drop a comment for the MASSIVE NERF DART! Fortnite Tactical Shotgun, not bad Thank you sir Someone better not pop out of there Called it When in doubt, always check the trash can Time to go inside and get this bread Nerf AK-47 nice Hold my drink, gotta get the mail AMBUSH Hopefully I have another banana left Not going to make it… YAS My hero! Howdy sir! A glass of champagne, huh? Ooooh Ooo OO Ooo Ooooo Mhmm Ahhhh Good luck to you sir Nerf Ultra One! Let’s see what she can do Someone is pinching a loaf You should’ve locked the door fam Damn bro what did you eat? That’s better You should see a doctor Bro is seriously taking a nap right now? Let’s see if he likes bananas Here comes the naner Oh lord he’s ready I better be getting paid good for this Please don’t bite my finger Goodnight Here I’ll leave this for you for later Sleep tight Dude was hacking Oh boy we got another one WHY doesn’t anyone EVER lock the door? Woah easy there Harambe! I come in peace You like banana? You want? Here you go That should keep him busy Back to work Always check random places for Nerf guns Check me out in the mirror. I look good Harambe how you doing fam? He’s eating good I’ll leave you alone with your banana Super nice guy Three shots at once that’s lit Who could possibly be ringing the door bell? Oh it’s my good friend Mullet Man Sir your pizza is ready Enjoy, I’ll be waiting in the van out front after you secure the package Toodles Good man, I was getting hungry Let’s see what we’re working with here SMASH LIKE BUTTON Time to chow SO GOOD Just what I needed AND COMMENT DOWN BELOW You heard the man Back to the mission I smell money Conveniently placed pumpkin You know what this means… Ahha, just what I was expecting A little slimey but it’ll do Very convenient indeed This blaster RIPS One more for the boys Dude’s been eating too many burritos I got you brother Ah a rocket launcher, just what I was looking for We’ll see about that Looks like this guy is subscribed What’s on the calendar? Subscribe to PDK Films and turn on post notifications Copy that Sorry it has to go down like this my guy Ouch, that had to hurt Almost at 10 Million Subscribers Subscribe! And hit the bell of course Thank you so much This Nerf blaster was $2700 I love this Nerf blaster Comment your favorite Nerf blaster down below That looks like a case full of money My precious WOOOOOOOOOOOO A BURRITO! YUM And a GOLD JOLT Autobots roll out Comment below what I should buy with all this cheddar See you next time guys Looks like mullet man is out front with the van LET’S GOOOOOO Yo So you got the package, huh? Well I got the candy now that’s a deal, let me tell you that baby Groovy baby, let’s take a gander here shall we? Wooooo Well, that should do it

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    quiero que hagas un vídeo con la nerf mega megalodon

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    You are the BEST . Like if you reed this coment

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    Pdk films you must make more like this soon

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    i have a comment hahaaa 9:53

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    i went intoo won off thos funy vans that sade fre candee an a funy mann did funy thins to mee

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    I kind of…well smashed the like button and I smashed MY SCREEN!!!!!!!!!

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    How many people were there? I love that gas mask, where'd you get it?

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    Sup dog

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    Best at everything

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    My favorite Nerf gun is the one that looks like the AK-47

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    What’s the point of having a scope on every nerf gun but your not going to use it

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    It nerf or nothing

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    how about the best place for you

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    I’m loving these

  20. Rox Fox says:

    YEET 1:48

  21. Rox Fox says:

    Yeah kids! When you see a van that has “FREE CANDY” go inside and you will get candy, you will also get a new nerf gun!

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    I love this vid

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    I love the goons you have

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    Muitooooo legal 👍👍👍

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    your the best

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    I LOVE this

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    I love the tactical shotgun

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    PdK – gets a sniper rifle
    Eats a banana ……..
    Throuws it away

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    Mano me da uma nerf dessa aí pq não aqui em casa eu nao tenho nem um brinquedo por favor leia isso

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    I really wanted to see him shoot the golden gun at the end :/

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    im reading

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    how do you put the gun into the pumkin

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    I love your videos
    make some more

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    fuck you

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    Your films are amazing love you PDK Films

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    Nice video!

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    best video ever

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    Super cool video make more like them😁

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    Lol I’m reading the subtitles also I’ve been watching this channel before 2015 I’m surprised how far it’s come

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    The AK-47

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    i leve pdk films

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    What is the music called at 3:56

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    L liked

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    This is how many bananas he ate


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    PDK, any chance you could add a HUD to your FPS videos?

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    Pdk film kamu sangat keren aku subcribe kamu loh

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    Pertama dobleh, kedua jamal, ketiga kabur

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    CS:GO time

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    love your vids

    edit: i liked my own comment

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    Is amazing bro

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    È bom!!

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    Ik it’s not real but why would u risk your life, find alreast hundreds of dollars and a pretty expensive gun and just give it all back to this random guy with a van that says free candy, just for candy, Ik it’s just a joke vid but it’s kinda on my mind so ima just say it

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    What a piece of shit. All of his videos are just one big advertisement. Stupid…

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