Next Financial Crash: Buy Here Pay Here Used-Car Dealers

there is a must read article or series
of articles in the l_a_ times this week if you haven’t read this this is this is gillette serb material for sure and easily series of articles on used
cars and uh… what better place to write
that than here in los angeles their legal really have an effective public
transportation system and everyone dr but uh… and help me here richard but
the gist of it is if the focus is on something called by here pay here blocks these were people go in they look at the car in some cases work bhalo use this is an
example it’s a mitsubishi with a hundred thousand miles on it andy if you have crappy credit this dealership will offer you alone on
this car at about twelve thirty percent interest and ill design a monthly schedule for
you to pay on that card and the payments could be around five hundred dollars a
month were three hundred ninety nine dollars a month on a mitsubishi with say
a hundred thousand miles on it and let you drive off with that car and you pay
them each month the moment you default on one of those
payments they entice you back to the lot and they say we’re going to refinance
your your loan on this car since you can’t afford it and when you drive back in take your car throw you out and make you
walk home and then it may sell that car onion and again and again cars are being sold
four and five times like this but they are sexually uh… loans mortgages well not mortgages their car
loans designed for people who can’t afford them these cars and then they are deprived of the
transportation that they were so um… provided for by these lots at the
same time so it’s another one it’s like
mortgage-backed securities but with with cars is our right and what kind of yummy
think it is a big system there’s a here’s the uh… highly technical term
for people who are involved in uh… this business you referred to as assholes and uh… model again denoted by the deal is this e susanna like asshole motorstorm wilshire yes and i got scott shell of actually
gusta mucho isn’t really alone over there and i know that for you know there
was an old tex-mex songs if you’ve got the needed narrow i’ve got the camaro denied that but here’s the deal problem this is very closely related to the
electroplating on industrial where if you think of it is a big system they
marginalize certain people city make it difficult for them to get credit and
then they refer to them the bankers will refer to them as the on banked and we
wanna help beyond bank with these like the horrible lonesome rip them off they trapped them in a cycle it that
they exploit them and they’ve done studies that show that
these kinds of auto loans for example these kinds of all the long to
discriminate very happily against black people black people cannot hire
interest rates and minorities waha races and ethnicities pay much higher interest rates then white males or or you know a white
people in general so there’s a racist element to this flat-out in the whole
process and if there’s a huge role for the big
banks and as you know these guys their underwritten by j p morgan chase
wells fargo and bank of america so what you have is a nice fat system where ed and j p morgan chase let’s say remember
there is a carry these bank forgetting zero percent belongs from the federal close to zero sometimes
i get your one percent two percent three percent willis dressing up to that if
you ever uh… allegedly if you have a good credit as a consumer you qualify
for a zero percent loan no money down come and get this new dodge truck and you walk away with like a three
hundred dollar payment on a brand new car right but that that’s what we’re
sort of bombarded with everyday day-in and day out but the reality is no very few people have that perfect
credit score to get those yet but these are people who are who need basic transportation to get to
their jobs that they’re losing and they’re being they’re given a car they can’t afford that is the equipped with a low jack on
it by the dealership so they can know where you are phil connelly ralph first
and take the car we’ll come to where you work in his
ticket out of the parking and bear in mind if this is this system is being funded
by the same bankers in the same economic interests we’re making sure that we cut spending on public transportation right so that
they have to get a car so it is very neat as system of slavery it’s gotten so that the i_r_s_
absolutely ruthless people the were exploiting soldiers families in
particular so they were nestling ernestine whatever you want to
say it around a military bases in this country so that uh… you know soldiers
families restore active-duty soldiers would go out and be ripped off by these
people exactly this way because we have some tragically under pay our military
in this country could care for it and we have to give tax breaks to hedge fund
managers so these people then exploit the sentencing people by the way then exploit the military and their
families so much so that holly betrayals david betrays his life mated personal issue for her to go after
payday loan auto loan in these people who works for the military families
because she was so outraged by this so it’s it’s again if
you think of it is a big system if you think of it is you’ve got these banks at the top
holding all the resources deciding who gets loans at what rate
holding back the money sometimes just making money off treasury department
unanimous uh… t_-bills assault and then the um… then creating the system asserted near like indentured servitude basically
where these people have to work for their debts and if they don’t the car
gets we sold and resold and resold we’d know by mill accountability for it and their outrage that there would be
something like a consumer financial protection bureau and in fact man sixty senators including
our own very liberal barbara boxer here in california signed a letter saying that these are
regulars should be exempt from this

100 comments on “Next Financial Crash: Buy Here Pay Here Used-Car Dealers”

  1. Mach Overspeed says:

    @theoriginalKland Well, that ain't how it worked when I was selling used cars a few years back. Not even close. The banks determine lending requirements, and if you qualify for first tier financing, you won't have to take the standard fucking offered by second and third tier lenders like Drive Time.

    The name of the game is to drive an old beater, and save yer' sheckles until such time as you can by a clean, low-mile, used car or truck from an individual, for cash, and not make car payments.

  2. Jason Crowell says:

    @tvsinesperanto desperation is one reason. the pull you in to refinance and take the car scheme is also something so douchey that, even after I'd heard of forged foreclosure docs, I wouldn't have imagined people doing (especially not en masse).

  3. KiheiLawyer says:

    this has been going on for over 10 years. but the people that "buy" these cars got the use of these cars for months that they would not have had any car anyway. They pay $300 down and 161 biweekly and are basically paying to use a car for 3-9 months. But they would never would have had a car without this. TYT is over blowing this.

  4. hollaboutit says:

    @DackIsBack you're dumb as fuck.

  5. Shane S says:

    @DackIsBack you can't expect the average poor person to be able to understand the implications of a 30 page contract of lawyer talk

  6. wlljon7 says:

    @DackIsBack Did you fucking read what I wrote? Where did I say that being poor is an excuse for making poor decisions? I'm talking about businesses whose purpose for existing is to rip off their customers, whoever they are. Don't think you are immune to these guys because you might be bright and educated. I grew up with well educated gangsters and they know how to run game on anybody. A shark doesn't discriminate, he just changes his method of attack: a used car here, a phony stock there.

  7. starcatcher222 אריאל says:

    @tigonridge The recession is not a depression but once again you exaggerate, Yhe deaths of many Al-qaeda foreign fighters was a gain, the removal of Saddam Hussein was a gain, the lifting of sanctions that were killing many thousands of innocent Iraqis was a gain, the lessons learned about urban combat operations was a gain you are speaking from an emotional ideological point of view prone to exaggeration so i haven't much faith in you cost benefit analysis.

  8. Kevin Vo says:

    @starcatcher2222 It's amazing how pedantic people can be. Funny how you criticize my response as emotional ideological when this whole war started that way; condoned by a bunch of angry people who had no idea the economic toll this war would have on them. In a sense, people allowed bush's war to punish the perpetrators; yet, in the end, punished themselves more heavily… more American death accompanied with a headlong economic dive. (cont)

  9. starcatcher222 אריאל says:

    @tigonridge The headlong economic dive was caused by the bad lending practices of financial institutions not by the war in Iraq. The whole war was simply a continuation of the original Gulf War if it strengthens Irans Mullah run theocracy in the final analysis it will prove to have been a mistake but in light of the recent Arab revolutions it may prove to have been a wise course of action. Only time will tell if the new Iraq proves to be a stabilizing influence in this fluctuating region.

  10. Sephy100 says:

    @KiheiLawyer They could always use the bus or train or catch a ride with a buddy and say you'll pay the gas. They're not overblowing it. You're just under-thinking it.

  11. ErikGGJones says:

    @MrRichardwinkel get the hell outta michigan

  12. ErikGGJones says:

    @drakionx is that a middle state?

  13. Olaf says:

    @starcatcher2222 I never know how inappropriate it is to jump in on others' youtube conversations, but I would like to say I don't agree with most of your points. Public debt is way to high. Iraq was three different countries not so long ago so it will fall apart if it hasn't already. The Iraqi people might have revolted precisely if it wasn't for the sanctions. Killing militants doesn't help fight terrorism because such wars have been won in a vast majority of cases by political means.

  14. Tony007corp says:

    Getting a dealership license in CA is so hard its insane you need like 100k+ an empty lot that meets the right requirements or you cant sell more than 5 cars in a year so maybe they have no other way of making cash.

  15. MrNintoku says:

    These CC are really shit. So badly done.

  16. brandnutopian says:


    Maybe they should be in a different line of work.

  17. Tony007corp says:

    @brandnutopian Well that is fine for those considering it and now finding out but for those who are already open and invested its either this or be bankrupt as normal dealerships aren't doing to well.

  18. starcatcher222 אריאל says:

    @Ollie9402 In fact Iraq was not "Three different countries so long ago" it was part of the Ottoman Empire for hundreds of years. Compared to the incessant years of spending that created the public debt you are speaking of, the majority spent within the borders of the United States, the Iraqi expenditures are truly a drop in the bucket, No wars with non-state actors like today have been "Settled by political means". Your Might have is wishful thinking, and your points not aligned with reality.

  19. Olaf says:

    @starcatcher2222 Between 1968 and 2006, 7% of terrorist groups have been ended using military force, 10% of them ended the conflict by winning, 40% were ended by policing, and with 43% a political acccord was reached. A study by the Rand corporation showed this.

  20. Olaf says:

    @starcatcher2222 On Iraq: Individual Iraqi's to their clan, ethnicity, or sect over state. There is mass population exchange going on. Iran gained influence in the east. Saudi Arabia supports the Sunni part to counter Iran's influence in the Shi'ite one, and at the same time to keep Iraq from gaining strength as a unified state. Turkey is economically integrating Kurdistan. Kurdish people universally want independance, and already have their own military, police and other important institutions.

  21. METALMAN4Wii says:

    I remember getting a game card in the mail from Kia and scratching the foil and it saying I won. then me going there and them wanting my social security number I ask them why the hell they need that ? they said to try to see if you're approved for a loan needles to say I told them where to they can shove the fake game…!

  22. oolong2 says:


    "Based on reporting"…. Signs and interviews of various protestors.

    Which is why I said there is no way to know exact percentages. Which is also why I used the word "seems" because I am only stating a *perception* based on observed information, get it?

  23. Olaf says:

    @starcatcher2222 The three parts of Iraq were part of the ottoman empire, but that doesn't mean it resembled a country in the way we understand that word. They considered themselves to be largely independant.


    We were warned of these car dealerships when I was in indoc when I was stationed in Goose Creek South Carolina.

  25. Jade Vuong says:

    @oolong2 OK thank. I do not understand much of American pop culture. But now that you explained that reference to me, it makes by far a better understanding.

  26. Ranma Sautomi says:

    Those folks got tracking units in the car AND these devices that you have to enter a CODE in every week when you make the payment or the car will not start. They give the code when you pay. PLUS the payments are rediculous. I used one of these when I was desparate I got a 94 Saturn SC2 with 140k miles on it….was paying $150 wk. ended up returning that crap and getting a 97 Maxima from a loan with my credit union and ONLY paid $300 mth. Stay away from that BUY HERE PAY HERE CRAP!!!

  27. dannyledwith21 says:

    oh yeah i remember that part of the declaration of independence… life, liberty, and TRANSPORTATION? come on, get these clowns off here. cenk must be shaking his head.

  28. ooMONKEYoo says:

    @DackIsBack Let me guess – you're the same person who doesn't think Tiger Woods' exwife shouldn't have gotten all the money that she did.

  29. KLanD Tine says:

    @MachOverspeedsPlace Who said anything about used? @ $350-500 you could easily get a new one.

  30. Mach Overspeed says:

    @theoriginalKland Again, that depends on your credit and how much down payment you have. With Cockroach Credit, unless you've got 20-30% down (including tax, title and license) you ain't buying new at all, and you're either buying pre-owned, going Special Finance at a reputable dealer, or you're going pre-owned through a Tote-The-Note lot.

    Ignorance on the subject, and I don't mean that as any kind of slam against you, is precisely how I made a living selling cars and trucks, once upon a time.

  31. Lobos222 says:

    Scamming people shouldnt be legal.
    How hard is that to get. If you think scamming people is okay then I clearly dont agree with you.

    There is no benefit if you, for example, is given a loan by anyone the loaner KNOWS beforehand you cant afford. Thats the part that is the scam.

    If it was illegal you would win in court and they wouldnt do it from the get go and that would benefit the general public when they where told they could get a loan they could afford because it would be true.

  32. romanmir01 says:

    @Lobos222 Wait wait, so giving a loan on terms that factor in the risks of not repaying should be illegal? So it's OK for government to stop 2 consenting parties from signing a contract?

    And again – this is clearly just a cheaper way to get a rental.

  33. ooMONKEYoo says:

    @DackIsBack A contract is a contract. I'm not surprised you're a hypocrite.

  34. ooMONKEYoo says:

    @AndrewMatt16 He's favoring one contract over another.

  35. John Doe says:

    I remember the scandal that erupted when people found out that cheque cashing centers were concentrated around military bases in the US.

    The reason is not so much that the servicemen and their families are poor (they are), but that servicemen's debts are technically underwritten by the US Armed Forces.

    For example, if I get a Marine stuck in a scam where he is heavily in debt, I can depend on the USMC making sure that the Marine pays it out one way or another.

  36. Ilya Landa says:

    These dealers came up with ideas that sell. This is what the American Dream means.
    It's not lime there buyers were forced to take the mortages.


  37. JohnnyTyrone77 says:

    I got myself into a bad credit situation and the only dealers that would work with me in Southern California were the buy here-pay here car dealers. Had to pay a high interest rate but that is the situation i was in.As long as i made my payments,(300.00 a month), all was well.Purchased at least 3 cars like this.The last car i payed off i got the pink slip and a letter from the dealer stating i made all payments on time for 28 months.Sent that letter to my credit file to help boost my rating.

  38. Waifu Trump says:

    @ooMONKEYoo Hurrr…

    The state shouldn't be involved in marriage, A State Sanctioned Marriage Licence is very different from a private contract.

  39. JohnnyTyrone77 says:

    To make this work for you 1) Put down as much as you can-it lowers your monthly note. 2)Take someone with you that knows cars. 3)Pick a Toyota,Nissan,Honda,(Mazda? maybe) with no more than 110,000 miles on it-these usually last 200,000-300,000 miles. 4) I advise against buying anything too new (500-800 a month?! get real!) 5) Get a 2000-2006 model,make your payments on time,stay in contact with the dealer if you get in a jam,Keep up the maintenance!!!

  40. ooMONKEYoo says:

    @DackIsBack Opinions aren't arguments.

  41. jeffthornton says:

    @JohnnyTyrone77 I'd advise against the Mazda. It's just a Japanese Ford.

  42. Mach Overspeed says:

    @WhyMeMoFo But you can't regulate stupidity…It's an absolute pipe dream to think that one might design and institute a society with no risk, and without land-sharks of any kind.

    I learned how NOT to get ripped off, by getting ripped off. Charge it to the game.

  43. bordone says:

    I remember seeing these types of Dealerships outside Camp Pendelton. I know every base has to have this problem as well. I never fell for that crap but countless Marines did.

  44. FrankLightheart says:

    Disgusting. It is just disgusting, this exploitation of people in need.

  45. BreakerInc says:

    The modern American way. It's.. sickening.

  46. BreakerInc says:

    No one technically forces them into it, no, but I'm not sure if you've had to deal with guys like this out of desperation, but they PUSH, and push, and push, and sadly there are a lot of folks that are weak minded, or the desperate, and it's usually the latter from what I can tell. The point, I think, is that it's just messed up to do this, when people NEED a vehicle to get to work on time so they don't lose that job, etc. – Me, I decided the hours on the bus was better. Just my thoughts, though

  47. FrankLightheart says:

    This is why our system needs checks and balances in the first place.

  48. pkonawel says:

    Absolutely ridiculous and false. This is so manipulated, literally all lies. And I know Gus personally, who is one of the best dealers in the country. You forgot to mention how much money he donates to the community, or the free cars he gives away at vents for those in need. His interest rate is no where near 30%, and it's illegal to give a different interest rate to anyone. They have to be the same across the board. Also, you neglected to mention Gus is Mexican, but I'm sure he gives "minoriti

  49. faznout says:

    The Buy Here Pay Here car lots are always going to get business just because everyday people's credit is getting worse so there last result is to go to them cause there the only ones who are saying will give you a car. You could have had 5 repo's on your credit and they won't care as long as one of those 5 wasn't from them. Is it an unfair system, of course it is, but it's not going to go away unfortunatley.

  50. Claude Brigman says:

    In a few states Usery laws still exist,I know it is an old term but it it is still vital.

  51. Charge A Car Sellersville says:

    We are a buy here, pay here dealer. The basic problem with this video is that it lumps all buy here pay here lots under one roof. Sure, there are some bad BHPH dealers out there, but this video makes you think EVERY BHPH dealer is an uncaring, manipulating business. At our office, that is simply not true. We take the time to work with our customers. Our goal is to help our customers rebuild their credit by reporting their payments to TransUnion.
    Just remember that some BHPH's do it right!

  52. Krzysztof Blazejewicz says:

    Yes i bought a car oops i should say two cars at a place buy here pay here dealer. Both of them are paid off and never repossessed.

  53. Erick Alvarez says:

    These guys remind me of the old Terry Toons cartoon, Heckel and Jeckel. First of all I own a dealership and use a similar system to the BHPH. First of all I sell my cars at Kelly Blue Book, I take a pay cut from the finance company and offer my customers a 1.9% interest, with 15 to 20% down.
    It is totally wrong to stereotype all BHPH as the same. I would be just as wrong by saying all journalists are as clueless, bias and down right stupid as these two clowns. Do your homework!

  54. BuyAt Crown says:

    This is not telling the entire story on buy here pay here dealerships… we are a full disclosure dealership that tells all details to the customers.

  55. Leo Germany says:

    Yep , that's very true with those asshols

  56. Kareem Houj says:

    It would be a shame if you did not earn much more cash when these normal people do it so easily with Intellitus Cash System (go check it out on Google).

  57. BuyHerePayHereDenver says:

    As a buy here pay here dealer in Denver we know first hand that our buyers can not get financing anywhere else. Our customers need a reliable used car (all our cars are checked well before selling) to get around. The poor public transportation network is not an option. Our customers are generally very happy we are able to get them into an affordable car.

  58. Auto Credit Center says:

    Are these guys the young turks or young jerks? Sensationalism, uninformed, exploiting that which they nothing about. Is a persons credit rating set by their skin color? This video is an absolute insult to the intelligence of all. Luring the customer into the office with a promise of a refinance and then keeping the car? Been around BHPH for 30 years and never heard of that one. No finance company will touch these customers, with 90% of them defaulting dealers do all they can to keep customers.

  59. ComputerTrainer101 says:

    People with bad credit pay higher interest it doesn't matter what their race is. If someone is decent with money and shows restraint and responsibility with their credit, they will get a good rate. It's not a racial thing at all idiot. People are responsible for their own actions and educating themselves and making the money they need to buy the possessions they need. If they don't have the money, then they can wait until they have it, and not ruin their credit by not paying their bills.

  60. Poolshark79 says:

    You guys are clueless… This is to journalism what the bible is to science. This is total trash.

  61. Diana Jimenez says:

    I find this very ignorant. People should be thankful used car lots are willing to let them drive a vehicle with their poor credit. If they don't want to deal with used car lots they should go to a new dealership were they will be even more ripped off or simply buy a cash car. So what you missed two months and expect the car lot to just let you drive?. Budgeting should be a must. Its simple you get a down payment and make the payments until you pay it off. Simple as that they will not take your car if you make payments but don't expect them to just let you keep a car for free. I mean come on people get serious. If you want something in life you have to earn it. Things aren't just given to you free.

  62. MOUNTAIN GAP Boutique says:

    All they are calling consumers with poor credit are garbage. What they are saying is if your credit is less than perfect and you have to get financing from a buy here pay here dealership that ultimately you will repo. They have not once talked about how us buy here pay here dealerships will finance bad credit and take all the risk in hopes you will pay for that car.. They are so snooty and "perfect" they don't have to worry about buy here pay here lots. I sell vehicles everyday using my buy here pay here system and I have a very low repo rate and I also report to credit monthly. So, not only are you getting the reliable transportation you need and deserve, you are also building your credit month after month. Yes, we do have a high interest rate, but look at it from our point of view. Your credit score tells me a lot about your pay history and your financial stability. So, when I look at your credit and see how poor it may be, but I still sell you a car, of course the interest will be high because of the risk I am willing to take to get you in a dependable vehicle. These upper class gentlemen have no Idea what its like to fall on hard times and need a vehicle with less than perfect credit.. They're parents more than likely gave them their first cars and went on from there to help them financially until they were stable. A lot of people, including myself, didn't have that growing up so therefore had to work for everything and didn't get to easily build their credit. All I'm trying to say is please don't judge us buy here pay here dealerships until you fully understand what we are about.

  63. Gary Wegrzyn says:

    if you can do over 300 dollars a month thats not poor

  64. stuart Skrabec says:

    Used car sales is exploited slavery?


    People need to be careful who they deal with. It is a shame people are not educated more about financial transactions in high school.

  66. pure survival says:

    These two idiots dont have a fucking clue on how buy here pay here actually works… tons and tons of misinformation in this video.

  67. gmeadville says:


  68. Loukas Michael says:

    They are not describing bhph dealers, who fund their own loans, they are describing dealers that do point of sale financing that get the loans from financial institutions that get their money from Wall Street. These clowns have no clue what bhph is all about in fact it's ass clowns like those 2 idiots that are the ones ripping people off on Wall Street

  69. jerzeyboi6091 says:

    These guys are complete morons. Let's how quickly these guys want to give out a loan on a 20 thousand dollar car to someone with a 500 credit score, bankruptcies, divorce. And it's funded by hedge fund managers. Come on pal. Biggest bunch of horse shit I've heard. Bullshit and bad reporting and as long as there's people with bad credit there is going to be high interest loans. It's common sense. So I see buy here pay here going when high interest credit cards and loans go away. When pigs can fly

  70. Derek Jones says:


  71. Cameron Looper says:

    Yes, this is very true. I personally, went to a buy here pay here dealer, and offered them cash instead of finance. I was looking at a Ford Explorer and they had a price online for around $10k. little did I know, that was the buy here pay here plan price. when I offered them the 10k in cash, they told me they had the price wrong and it was now $14,000. sounds a little fishy to me. After that, I went to another buy here pay here, and offered them $10k cash once again and they wouldn't even let me purchase a vehicle!

  72. viyau says:

    This is so far the best explained I have seen in youtube so far in regards to the subject matter. Unfortunately the low credit rating ecompasses not only loans for a car, a house, but also if you are late paying a water bill I know Citibank and Chase will increase their interest rate on YOUR credit car because you were late with a water bill. The people who could benefit for a 0 percent car loan are the very ones with bad credit because everything is more expensive for them, they are not able to get adequate housing because of credit, they get declined living places, they are required more of a deposit for an apartment, all of these things that are $$$ and people dont have the money. This system is set up for failure.

  73. guns dont kill people i do Tony says:

    if the price is not on the windshield there to high i've bought plenty of cars

  74. jay jay says:

    WTF 400 to 500 car payments on a used car that has over100 thousand miles on a used car all I can say is OMG are people that stupid seriously. You can buy a brand new car with no miles on it for that much

  75. ralph lorenzo says:

    this is bullshit! I manage a car lot and I have never heard of this before. We work with applicants. We charge 80.00 Dollars per week and work with customers when they have problems.

    Whe do balloon payments where the customer can drive off a car with less money, and defer payments if they cant pay for valid reasons like loss of job, death in the family or illness.

    Most of my customers are black and are treated like everyone else. these guys are full of shit!,

  76. Rodney bigboy says:

    the young jerk's it's hoodrat credit

  77. bigfatmouth says:

    The mortgage crash was partly (mostly?) due to risky mortgages being buried inside complex financial instruments. In other words, these mortgages were moved into the more "public" trading environment (affecting many people), rather than simply being an owed debt on the issuing bank's balance sheet. It was that movement and subsequent fiddling (that average investors also bought into) that caused the crash.

    If the BHPH lots are constantly reselling repossessed cars, those loans aren't being moved into any other part of the financial arena. They're on that company's books. Granted, the practice still sucks and people with bad credit can get caught in a cycle, but to claim this could cause a larger "crash" is a stretch. Joe investor's money isn't being invested in any financial instruments containing BHPH loans.

  78. Maurice湯 茂 林 says:

    This is the stupidest shit I've heard in a long time. Car dealers aren't inherently racist… they just want MONEY. The Young Turks are deplorable for spreading this nonsense.

  79. Hello By says:

    Getting you to come back it's called repossession when you don't pay you don't get to play.

  80. AZDuffman says:

    Yeah, it has to be racism and not risk management. Just looking at the subtitles we can see how poorly done this video is.

  81. Kerry says:

    Black people (often) don't pay their bills, these people are willing to take the risk and deserve to get payed for it. #RealityOfNotPayingYourBills

  82. blackericdenice says:

    All car lots are racist but i did get a new ford truck for $0 down and 2.09% apr. Now 11 months later. I could have gotten it for 1.09% apr.

  83. autobuff65 says:

    These Couple of jackasses need to learn the way the business really works before running their mouths….

  84. 12santo1 says:

    Wow, these two along with the California senators are idiots! Not all BHBP operate in this description. You are in TV, get your facts straight. Bunch of liberal democrats. Hate this damn state. All of these laws are driving business away but you don’t say that.

  85. Nathan Davis says:

    I feel pretty sure these 2 voted for Hillary

  86. wayne huntzinger says:

    WOW!!! Just ran across this old video and I've never heard of such ignorance and uneducated opinions in my life. MORONS like these two fools are the reason LIberals should stop breeding!!! These two dip-shits should be banned from the internet for life. Their misguided opinions and FALSE rhetoric are only eclipsed by the fact that they were probably blowing each other just before this interview. I really hope no body has ever been stupid enough to believe any of the crap they spewed… GO TRUMP and please deport these traitors!!!

  87. MotorCity_Kevin says:

    i run BHPH and this shit is SO wrong. not even close to how a legit BHPH Dealership runs, %30 HA $500/mo Payment try $250 at most.

  88. djhaze103 says:

    My credit wasnt poor but I was still building credit my score at the time was 612 Buy here pay here has helped me out when my cars electrical system completely crapped….I didnt have a co-signer and they still let me purchase reliable transportation with 2000 down. I payed my last payment last November and I can say I am thankful for those kinds of dealerships that still is willing to help out less worthy credit wielders

  89. Dan N says:

    What’s the lawyer from Sunny in Philadelphia talking car trash now? PS they don’t entice you back to the lot. All these cars have GPS trackers built in. Miss a payment, they repo you. They know where to find your car 24/7. Most cars on these lots are sold many times over. 30% interest too. Protect your credit and avoid these ripoff dealers at all cost.

  90. News Now Baytown says:

    Only in California do they charge interest on buy here pay here. Thats double dipping & only dirtbags pull that bullshit. I charge 0% interest and absolutely no lot fees only TT&L. The price on the automobile is the full price. The problem with financing NEW automobiles is your severely upside down as soon as you sign your name to the contract. So if you believe a brand new automobile is a better deal than your the suckers that new car lots are looking for and why they pay Cenk to produce these propaganda pieces. By the way Cenk did you blow the 20 million Aipac paid you or the 20 million the fraternal order of law enforcement officers pay you to be a cop sucker. TYT will produce whatever slants and lies you say for a price. TYT is compromised, bought and paid for disinfo propagandists. At least Anna is smoking hot so TYT has that. Hmmm kinda boosting that angle from Alex Jones, Cenk?

  91. jeremiah youmans says:

    Also if you don’t pay the insurance they can reposses the car

  92. Kristian Hartman says:

    The banks have nothing to do with buy here pay her dumb ass

  93. Omni Productions says:

    How do you think that people with bad credit will get a car ?

  94. joe welnack says:

    I have been doing this for 50 years with 33 years on the same corner. The truly ethical BHPH dealers refrain from the tactics these jerks talk about. We have a multi-generational customer base. These guys are full of B.S. The real problem is new car stores who offer "no payments in your life time". The customer believes the zero down $239. a month; dosen't happen. BTW, you should see the poor conditions of repo cars.

  95. Mr Rippler says:

    If it’s so bad … please feel free to loan YOUR money out at a low interest rate. If people pay their bills they could get properly financed. SUBPRIME LENDING IS SUPPOSED TO BE TEMPORARY… if the people with bad credit don’t improve their credit that’s on them.

  96. Victor Castro says:

    This is pure bs…

  97. David Green says:

    These guys are liberal fucks who want to plant these words like “slavery” “racist” this is a joke. Come to my lot I will take care of u.

  98. d j says:

    We making bank baby

  99. Al says:

    these two schmucks have no idea what they are talking about

  100. DozensOfViewers says:

    Loans don’t discriminate. The people getting screwed are the ones dumb enough to fall for bad deals.

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