100 comments on “NF – The Search”

  1. Bastian36 says:

    wonder how long it takes till logic, eminem and joyner lucas gonna feature him

  2. Jawad Badawi says:

    Apex legends😍😍

  3. Shunkaha Ulvelaik says:

    NF… You need to get tape, or a mask, or something… Might just not stop rapping until you run out of breath.

  4. Gxat Beatz says:

    @NF killed straight 100% 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. Luke Leeson says:

    This is Insane!!!

  6. Ghost Sinatra says:

    Least he's not a muffled rapper

  7. xray_50 says:

    Apex trailer brought me here

  8. This Skrub says:

    I would never know rapper with no bullshit like this exist thank to respawn

  9. Joann OHALLORAN says:

    Lyrics are amazing!

  10. Doug Bender says:

    This is so mediocre. Two thumbs down. Eminem is laughing at you NF.

  11. Crazy Drazy says:


  12. Fumani mathebula says:

    Everyone: Who do you think is the best rapper alive?

    Me: Yes He's holding Balloons and pushing a cart

  13. Dead Lama says:

    Yay! 1 Million Likes!!!

  14. Shadi Goda says:

    "They say justice is a righteous act, to those who deserve it."

  15. Jetzy Huerta says:

    I remember when nf was our little secret and then a bunch a people started knowing about him and the og fans are forgotten, but then again i’m happy nf is finally getting the recognition he deserves 💕

  16. Joe Skull says:

    Who all is still listening to this in 2010?

  17. Haytt says:

    Rappers: if you gotta rap ya gotta curse

    NF: i wouldnt be too sure if i were you.

  18. dot says:

    ok but why does he have cart

  19. Jacob Garcia says:

    When your younger cousins touch glass 2:12

  20. yadira leiva says:

    "where'd the beat go"~NF

  21. Outdoor Warriors says:

    I'm coming to your concert in April

  22. FLuR says:

    Balloon fetish?

  23. Dub Nation says:

    The heat Everytime here this it gets better fuck damn 🤯🙌🙏

  24. Alex Warnke says:

    The violins have a big "Us" vibe. It's so sharp and intense.

  25. kai5515 says:

    omg y is it so sad

  26. Marisela Dowling says:

    When the wifi goes off then comes back on – 1:55

  27. Tyler Day says:

    Yo… college football using this now?!?!😄😄

  28. King Zynoxx says:

    As soon as I heard this I immediately downloaded it on Spotify.

  29. RYAN SCOTT says:

    Nice !! Check me out show some love https://youtu.be/-AtM4P-Pck4

  30. Ranimal Gaming says:

    People saying NF and Eminem should battle or compare them. They are both completely different artist. Yes, same genre but completely different

  31. Iman Varupa says:

    ,,wHo'S WaTChiNG iN OcToBEr 2019?"

  32. Grant Richardson says:

    for some reason this song brought me here,, what do u guys think of it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5ZOUVjf9K8

  33. Craig James says:

    Easily becoming a legend in the music world. Genius all around. One day I feel like you will see NF in the top 10 rappers ever in history.

  34. Joao Pena says:

    És linda!!

  35. indy says:

    U fucking boss😍

  36. Spliff T says:

    Sounds like young slim.. fire shit tho🔥

  37. xXForkxX Amer says:

    why is NF so underrated….

    He’s the best rapper

  38. Gustavo De La Cruz says:


  39. pyrosdestiny says:

    This came in n randomly on my playlist I was like who dis? Boys nice!

  40. HipHop LuVeRZ says:

    What a classic! Go check my #WhenIGrowUp cover on our channel #NF

  41. Evade crimson says:

    All 14k dislikes are entitled parents who think he swear because he is a rapper

  42. THCbreath. says:

    When I grow up,
    I wanna be famous,
    I wanna be a star,
    I wanna be in movies.

  43. STORMTROOPER says:

    Разъеб ушей

  44. Dolphin says:

    this is lit

  45. xEtherealWings says:

    TO Anyone in the CALIFORNIA area. I have an extra digital ticket for NF'S concert on the 25th (house of blues) I ordered on the wrong day and I'm giving it away. Please comment back to this if you want it and I'll give my contact info. (I'm going on the 24th). I'm just trying to give this away before it is too late!

  46. Alfie Gipps says:

    Just gonna say this rn…

    This song is so mf underrated.

  47. Adrian Koroljov says:

    Who is from apex

  48. くりーむぱん says:


  49. Thamar D.Baptiste says:

    Apex legends season 3 trailer release
    Nf the search :
    Apex legends players : ah yes finally some good Hecking music

  50. Doomsday 124 says:

    The beat drop caught some people by surprise so much that they missed the like button.

  51. Ryan Wise says:

    R eal
    E ntertainment
    A int
    L azy


  52. Abbie Bradley says:

    My new fav song. (If u were wondering why I disliked it it was bc i thought i liked it)

  53. Мурад Гусейнов says:

    с Эминемем получился бы охуен*й дуэт

  54. Mesh Music says:

    Wow. Just wow. Eminem paved the way for this new generation of rap like this, but this guy is like Eminem 2.0 reborn

  55. Gabe Curtis says:

    who likes the search album

  56. HD Leaf says:

    Did I just found the new age Eminem?

  57. Kiara C says:

    😍✌︎✨💞⛈ loved this

  58. Darth Darthz says:

    Damn he comes to where I live in two days I wish I could go

  59. STEELE Fitness CT says:

    The more I listen to this album, the more I love it.

  60. Moonlight says:

    “Hang up my heart let it air out!”
    Me too

    1:42 is the best part cuz I relate so much

  61. lamon coer says:


  62. Djeouad Douas says:

    بال طوف فرار 😹

  63. Brad Migon says:

    Def his best song

  64. HEXXEN WOLF says:

    Did Hideo Kojima collaborate? Death Stranding the rap music video.

  65. Soulhunter GER says:

    Apex Legends🍻👋

  66. Sullivan Garvin says:

    Though it has 38 mill it's still so underrated

  67. Melissa Wheeler says:

    I said don't touch it. Now y'all done it…

  68. TheMobile Gamer says:

    NF: I need a shopping cart
    Producer guy: For shopping?
    NF: yess
    NF: * makes song and only uses shopping cart to hold balloons *
    NF: balloon time

  69. Boi Boi says:

    The Earth: shaking hard

  70. Solve Tube says:

    Just make your verses faster and boom the #1 is waiting for you!

  71. Unknownn Josee says:

    This is the banger of 2019 and hopefully rap album of the year

  72. Random Stuff says:

    Is it weird that his more upbeat more screaming songs help me sleep

  73. Uxnvalid says:

    2:31 damn I can actually relate

  74. OGREFail says:

    lyrics are so brutal but still no cursing how does that even work

  75. Xiomara Gomez says:

    This song is really good but at 1.25 speed is lethal.

  76. Ashlynn Morgan says:

    Where the beat go?
    Is making me happy, I'm laughing I don't know why

  77. D0c says:

    Thank you for making this dope song which made the Apex season 3 gameplay trailer PERFECT

  78. Sad_ Wavy says:

    I just don’t fell depressed but love depressing songs who else

  79. Dawid Knopp says:

    "Wrote a song about that you'll should play it" and now all the ppl before album realese getting confused 😀

  80. Hunter Smith says:

    This dude is too cold man 🔥🔥🔥

  81. Beans Wildlife says:

    🗑 🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑

  82. Thorodox Times says:

    When he's pushing the trolley …….me:can I put my grocers in there

  83. Chruzie_ says:

    "Where'd the beat go… "

  84. saman murad says:

    He is Not the Second Eminem.He is the First NF

  85. Navint Abrar Oliver says:

    Try speed 1.25X 🔥🔥🔥

  86. Oussama oussama says:

    Where the beat go?

  87. Nora Kammou says:

    Eminem's son

  88. Believe2 Live says:

    Somebody call Eminem and tell him to back up! We have finally found the The Real Slim Shady! 2:13

  89. ?? says:

    Idk why I love that part

  90. Alfie Dex says:


  91. Susan Martin says:

    Never have I ever until now cried and laughed at the same time because lyrics hit me so hard with truth, speaking to me the same things I hear in my own head, and yet he makes me laugh, pushing that cart, grabbing those balloons…it's what we do.



  93. austin fultz says:

    NF im sorry to say this but slim shady is better but your still one of my favorits my real name is colin im mega sorry

  94. BlueyIceDragon says:

    Is it just me that thinks he sounds like Logan Paul?

  95. zWOLFGANGz says:

    the next eminem even better

  96. noah wayne says:

    like you think nf and Eminem should make a album

  97. Melinda Lloyd says:


    Me: ~gets in a cart ~ WHAT?

  98. SuperSmash Bros says:

    Pause at 2:29 he looks like eminem and kinda sings fast like him

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