NHL Players in the Making

This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. The part where the little… *stammers* …the little kids play hockey! *Hits phone* Best game! (sure….) The actual game doesn’t matter it’s just this. This. Oh my god now they’re playing Snoopy. (ummm, you sure?) Peanuts. (there you go) I know my *mysteriously gets cut off* Look at them. *laughs to myself* I’m just silently laughing. (ummm, we’re sure we heard you laugh…) This is just amazing. Look at these legends. That’s more than five people. (on each team I mean) ????? Actually I think there’s more (than 5 people on each team) Look at this. (for the 3rd time god damn it) Where’s the puck? Ohp (???), there it is. Go. Go! GO! (plz shut up now) You can do it. (x2) You can do it man! I believe in you! Come on and there’s a… …and there’s a second puck. (wat) There’s a second puck on the ice (no shit) Oh my (???) There’s a second puck over here. (we got that already…) Oh, there’s some action. *holy shit, I can’t pronounce anything* This legend… (???????????????????????????????) and… 🙁 *Prepare to be amazed in* *3* *2* *1* *Boom goes the dynamite* OOOOOOHHHHHHHHFJSELHFAFHLFIFIBEI!!!!1!! Get rekt nerd! *stammers for the 100th time* (I believe it’s called being rekt) Get destroyed. and oh! ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? So close… Oh my god is he trying… Did he (they) just… Did they just scored again? (I’m sure they did) *just realizing the actual amount of pucks on the ice* How many pucks are there? *realizes something else (find out next time on Dragon Balls Z!)* Oh, and wait a minute. (wat) There’s this one goal… *pure disbelief* Why…*stammers again*…why can’t some of these people just go over there? It’s an empty net… (Nice going Sherlock) Welp. Oh… We got some smart We got some smart kids going for the empty net Oh my god, these smart kids… …and he gets the goal. (what a surprise) LEGEND The legend himself. Oh my… …and they’re playing this song. This is amazing. (???) Wait, is there a fight? Is there a fight? *Acts depressed* (over a little kids game…) Oh wait! Oh He’s on a breakaway! He’s on a breakaway. (stop stating the obvious idiot) He turns around… 🙁 Come on… (it’s only a little kids game, stop winning like the idiot you are) It’s an empty net. (we know) Shoot! (the puck) Just shoot it… (we get it) ???????????????????????????fekjghewkahvsbsbersg/wergvwbgwrebgwergwrgbwbherahseherhbsernrener This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen… (In my) entire life. Nothing in the actual hockey game matters… it’s just this… Go! GO! Oh! 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 No seriously, why is there two pucks on the ice… …and there we go. I’m not sure who won… Really… All I know is (???) amazing. (legendary speaking as well) That’s all I can tell… That’s all I can describe it. Amazing. Look at those legends… NH… *dramatic stammering for effect* National Hockey League League in um… One week Oh god, and it’s chuck-a-puck. (why is the chuck-a-puck target a pizza?)

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