Nightmare High – Miquita Oliver on Failure

Hi there, I’m Miquita
I see you’ve found your way to the staff room. It kind of feels like the teachers are doing
pretty well for themselves. I believe this throne, I think that’s Mr Piltdown’s,
so he’s cool and maybe not as scary as he seems. Everyone screws up, but the most successful
and happy people are those who can learn from failure and get up and try again. Here’s a quick run down of people who have
learned not to fear the big epic fail and have done
great things. Number Five: Simon Cowell,
yeah that’s right. While it’s hard to imagine the X Factor
star living a life without luxury, it wasn’t so long ago things were going
pretty badly for him. At the age of 30, Cowell’s company went bust,
he lost everything and had to move back in with his parents. Pretty embarrassing! He since said in hindsight “it was the best
thing that ever happened in my life, because I learned the value of money, not borrow money
and not to live beyond my means. And I learned that getting there is more fun
than being there.” So Cowell started from scratch, signed deals
with such legendary artists such as Westlife and The Teletubbies and is now arguably the
most powerful man in music. Number Four: Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein is the father of all modern
physics. A man so insanely clever, his name translates
internationally as ‘genius’. But to call Einstein a slow developer would
be putting it politely. He didn’t speak until he was four, he couldn’t
read until he was seven and struggled to construct full sentences until he was nine! I know, what a loser! He was expelled from school and his teachers
described him as “mentally slow, unsociable and a drip forever in a foolish dreams.” But by focusing hard on things he loved, mainly
mathematics and mechanical devices, Einstein grew into a legendary super-nerd
that changed the way we all think about the world around us. Number Three is Walt Disney. He created more than 80 feature films, hundreds
of shorts and was awarded 26 Oscars. He also built Disneyland… But at 22 years old Walt was bankrupt, after
his first cartoon series flopped. His next cartoon did well but he was pushed
out of his own production and was abandoned by all
but one of his artists. Distraught, Walt took the train home and began
sketching the outline of new character, Mickey Mouse. The rest is history. The Walt Disney company went from strength
to strength, Mickey Mouse is still Disney’s mascot
today and there are now five Disneyland resorts world wide. Number Two is Michael Jordan. The NBA website states that Michael Jordan
is the greatest basketball player of all time To many he’s the greatest athlete that ever
lived. The six-foot, six-inch star had it all: speed,
power, fancy footwork capable of tying the best players
in the game into knots… So his is a God-given gift right? Actually,
no. Jordan was cut from his high-school basketball
team because of his lack of skill. Humiliated, he reportedly cried all night
in a bathroom before picking himself up again and setting his sights on the following year’s
auditions. He later wrote in his biography: “I think that not making the Varsity Team
drove me to really work at my game and also taught me
that if you set goals and work hard to achieve them
the hard work can pay off.’ And the Number One epic failure come good
is JK Rowling! You might have heard of JK Rowling… Best known for the uber-successful series
of Harry Potter books that have sold over 400,000,000
copies and the equally successful spin-off films,
the franchise has made her a not so small fortune. But things weren’t going so well for JK Rowling
at the time she was writing the first book,
Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. Recently divorced and mourning the loss of
her mother, JK Rowling was an unemployed single mother
living in Edinburgh, who said of herself: “I was the biggest failure I knew.” She also said, “I stopped pretending to myself
that I was anything than what I was and began to direct
all my energy to finishing the only work that
mattered to me.” “I was set free because my greatest fear had
been realised and I was still alive.” “So rock bottom became a solid foundation
on which I rebuilt my life.” Rather than letting her failures get her down
JK turned her fortunes around by being entirely focused
on writing the best book that she could. So next time you screw up or notice that you’re
beating yourself up for getting something wrong, just remind yourself that every failure, big
or small, helps you to learn more about how you can
get it right in the future. Listen,I’ve got so much marking to do!
and you’d better get going… Good Luck.

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