98 comments on “[NO COMMENTARY] PAYDAY 2 PS4 Bank Heist Solo Stealth Death Wish CRIMEWAVE EDITION”

  1. Fabz says:

    Omg you're a beast 🙂

  2. Axl Bosmans says:

    now i finally now how tot do it stealthy thx man

  3. Charlie says:


  4. Charlie says:

    what is your ps4 name?

  5. Tyson Moulsdale says:


  6. Sebastian Honey says:


  7. Shinden says:

    does payday have DLC's on ps4 ? if so u have to purchase one by one?

  8. Zaphy says:

    Love the video

  9. Anthony Fabian says:

    nice man

  10. Ice Wolf says:

    Man I wish PS3 had the update

  11. Authentic Pro says:

    What's you psn name

  12. Thomas Redfearn says:

    love the video what is gamertag on ps4

  13. Gustavo Araujo says:

    WTF !

  14. BreezyOCE says:

    I HaveThis Game On PC And Its So Fun

  15. Joey Rivera says:

    I can never do any heist stealthily, I just go loud and kill

  16. Mephisto says:

    yes we can

  17. di thach says:

    This is cool

  18. The Macabre Gamer says:

    can this be played by yourself.?

  19. Broly Rage says:

    a chier

  20. diaree kak says:

    Yasiek T will you play with me stelth payday 2

  21. diaree kak says:

    my ps4 name is SPAWNED_FIGHTER

  22. Pablo Isaias says:

    tem como jogar sem ser online?

  23. Isam hiraka says:

    Dis is crimeware not PD2 ahol

  24. Boss Player says:

    graphics are fucking wack ps3 has better graphics

  25. Vinson Duong V says:

    I guess he likes primary's a lot 🙂

  26. Prohax_HD says:

    yo men you are verry good in this game xD

  27. Vlone says:

    mano você e um mito

  28. Vlone says:

    roubou um banco sem desparar um alarme

  29. Gökhan C says:

    Dude, i cant play it without crosshair!

  30. водка человек says:

    The fov kills me

  31. manolios says:

    This game is 1000 times better in pc

  32. sslumpsouma says:

    Yesterday my pd2 crimewave edition data got corrupted, and now all my stuff is gone. Rip lvl 92, so close to infamy too

  33. Gwyn's Last Knight says:

    That was tense. Good vid. I'm considering buying this.

  34. Stewie Griffin says:

    should i get dis game i hav ps4

  35. muhd haikal says:

    it's look like ps2 game i hate the graphics alot sorry if my spelling wrong

  36. Volterizer says:

    I have Payday 2 GOTY Edition so get rekt bitch.

  37. Ibrakus 17 says:

    co to za broń ?? pls odpowiedz

  38. Michael Sias says:


  39. Delboy The Vlogger says:

    Just buy da fukin job

  40. Dustin C says:

    5 bucks on flash sell, yes plz.

  41. Casey Watkins says:

    hit me up, offhookkills if you want to play with someone

  42. Ban Heart says:

    Ehi IM in 2 day buy this game for PS4 19.99 Omg but is only online?

  43. Patryk Wielki says:

    słaba grafika jak na ps4

  44. Jaque Kovalskij says:

    This game could be only for people over 30

  45. Jim Clark says:

    bwoah this graphic and everything else are shit 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  46. Urairatana Naothaworn says:

    30 fps or 60 fps

  47. spark_fanfreind432 says:

    I was level like 69 and boom lost everything😥😥

  48. Blake Coombs says:

    holy fuck this looks boring

  49. Jake says:

    This game is complete shit on console, wow

  50. Armend Ymeri says:

    To play pay day 2 on ps4 do you need ps plus

  51. CreedHitEmUp says:

    so u telling me the people in the front couldn't hear that loud ass drill

  52. TitanGhostHD says:

    Just why didn't he show his Weapons/Attachments and his Gadgets and Perks?? So annoying!!

  53. Trance ID says:

    A moment of silence who bought this game , now its free 😀

  54. Dorijan T says:

    It's free on Steam today!!!!!!

  55. CervezaDeManteca says:

    Looks like ps2.

  56. Mirta Alencastro says:

    the payday 2 crimewave edición requires PlayStation Plus

  57. Mirta Alencastro says:

    or no requires

  58. OG Gangster says:

    What are your settings?

  59. Piano Reeves says:

    haha u still gotta pay money for skills in ps4/xbox one gg overkill gg

  60. Pirot says:

    Everybody just ignores the loud drill

  61. Lujain Abed says:

    ليش ما تهجم؟؟

  62. Sebas Videos says:

    Hoxton " nothing to report" pager "oh god"

  63. Mostafa Tefa says:

    I need download this game

  64. HotIsWarm Аватария says:

    U missed key card

  65. julian szymczak says:

    Tak właśnie myślałem, że Polak po tym nicku

  66. Coleman Kytwayhat says:

    You are very good at the gane i can hardly get attachments for my gun

  67. Fuze says:

    Guys You online ?

  68. Mario__245 says:

    Malo mierda

  69. Overkiller 029 says:

    3:20 instead screaming for help in the background was a other person who has not seen this?! realistic

  70. lol says:

    Someone copied this game on roblox

  71. Jacob says:

    Game looks boring, but I have it and it's actually really fun

  72. Mister Doggo says:

    No Commentary…. – sigh – People just can't have promises..

  73. Mister Doggo says:

    Looks shitty in ps4…

  74. Cro Tski says:

    How to play deathwisch on ps4

  75. lel dank meme doge says:

    Is this ps4 pro?

  76. angiesanor says:

    How did you get that Field of View?

  77. AwesomeFilmsOmega says:

    the pc version looks way better

  78. zSippin says:

    What gun is that ?

  79. ÉNERGIQUE FULL says:

    Il sort sur nitendo swich 😃☺

  80. Frank Sakurai-Cook says:

    I did this exact heist and I died 4 times until wining lol

  81. Carlos Silva says:

    Daorra eu quero um jogo dese

  82. CallMeDelight says:

    Bout to buy the game right now I had it on ps3 but ps4 has all the cool shit now

  83. Hyp3r Bliz says:

    I subed can you sub to me

  84. Hyp3r Bliz says:

    I subbed can you sub to me and I like your videos great job keep up the nice work

  85. Gabriel Conner says:

    Nice mask

  86. Gabriel Conner says:

    Lol im bad at going loud

  87. Tommaso Gennaro says:

    Io cello però payday 3

  88. RP says:

    E diferente ele no Android

  89. BeBallin Boi says:

    What gun?

  90. RikiGamerYT says:

    How did i fix lag? I play on ps4

  91. Marcio OLIVEIRA says:

    Oloco cara bom

  92. Kamikun UI says:

    Jajaajaj y have all and you have 4 🤣🤣🤣

  93. JEN says:

    I wish there was a disguise button

  94. Herobrine says:

    Sorry, bro Your Gameplay Is Kind of Unskilled Use Some Commercial Wows but whatever so nice stealth my friend

  95. Herobrine says:

    4:07 Are You Kidding me That These Dickheads Didn't Hear That Guy's Scream

  96. Herobrine says:

    7:08 so your telling me that none of them so that big ass laser

  97. Fallensour says:

    Why are his frames so good, when i play payday 2 the frames are very low for me

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