No Downs, No Custody Achievements [Payday 2]

Ok so quick short video; Achievements with the “No Downs” or “No Custody”
requirements applies only to human players and not bots. *THE END* WHAT THE FU- Ok ok, my bad, let’s do this again. So today’s video is more of a clarification (plus some tips) rather than a full guide. And it is for a few achievements that is meant
to be challenging by having nobody go down or into custody. As explained earlier in that short bit at
the start, this “No Downs No Cuffs” and “No Custody”
requirement, applies only to human players. And how do I know? Well I had a hunch that there will be a loophole
somewhere, so I researched it, and then tested it on my last achievement
to get, “A Long Night of Horrors”. So first Duke got into custody here, then Tony joined him later for some coffee
with the police. And then right at the end I still got my achievement, which is the proof of my research; Human players only. At present, there are 4 such achievements (but most likely more in the future); Beneath the Mountain, Undercover, Boiling Point and Prison Nightmare. Since I won’t be doing another video on “A
Long Night of Horrors”, I’ll just clarify this here. All keycards count towards this achievement, including the very first one. As long as it’s a keycard, it counts. There you go. And technically “Reputation Beyond Reproach”
from Election Day Plan C works as well, but the escape at the end requires 4 human
players so it doesn’t really count. In any case, what this means is that, those who prefer to play with bots need not worry about their sub-par intelligence getting in the way of these achievements. So before ending the video, let’s look at some tips. Most seasoned players should know these but let us go through a quick refresher here. “No Custody” achievements (or really just
“A Long Night of Horrors”) is a basically a test of endurance (or our
supply of medic bag charges), so just play safe and leave the tanking to
bots, and if none, converts. As for “No Downs”, the biggest threat that we will face are special
enemies. For Cloakers, consider bringing Counterstrike (aced) along but most importantly, check your corners! Or just go solo without bots, bringing converts and sentries for firepower
instead. Then Tasers, not so much of a threat. But if we want to be safe, take Shockproof
(aced). Then the possible one-shotters, Bulldozers and snipers. Bulldozers are pretty nasty and can take out
our armour easily if given the chance. Kill them quickly, or just run away and leave the tanking to
converts and bots. For snipers, they deal piercing damage which carries over
from armour into our health and will even bypass the 2 second invulnerability
from Armourer and Anarchist. So it’s best to keep our armour and health
up high with First Aid Kits and regeneration, and skip that Berserker/Frenzy. I mean, it’s Overkill difficulty, do we really need that much damage? Then on the offensive side, keep a lookout for the usual spots where the
snipers spawn, and take them out before we move, especially in open areas like the final escape
for Boiling Point. As for the rest of the enemies, sentries, converts and bots, combined with Optical Illusions (basic) can help to take their attention away from
us. Partners in Crime (aced) as well, will add a boost to our health. And since the Revenant tree doesn’t really
help this time round, we could put those points into defensive skills
like Dire Need, Second Wind and Underdog (aced) instead. For the last bit, I recommend bringing armour builds. Otherwise, make your prayers and sacrifices
to RNGesus before trying with a dodge build. So thank you guys for watching this video and stick around for my gameplay of “A Long
Night of Horrors”. Eh… or don’t, since it’s going to be a long
one. Either way, I’ll see you all in the next video.

11 comments on “No Downs, No Custody Achievements [Payday 2]”

  1. BlackHawk TP says:

    Wow, that's almost hour long video. I really appreciate your efforts put into this video.

  2. CRACKGEAR says:

    Well I'm up for a trick or treat , Let's do this

    Thanks and we'll done on your video , Bro ;3 <3

  3. BlackHawk TP says:

    You didn't fool me at the beginning 😀

  4. Damien Evermore says:

    Not even a minute in and I can tell this is gonna be a good video.
    Also here's a simple way to get the achievement (note simple doesn't mean easy):
    Step 1- Get good team mates
    Step 2- Get good
    Step 3- Execute, go in the game, down, then uninstall payday 2 thinking why were you playing the game in the first place, then proceed to reinstall it 10 minutes later.

  5. Devi 123 says:

    Dude you should consider using custom fov mod, your fov is really close and it is kinda annoying for me at least sometimes and it increases your chance to see everyone around you.

  6. Major Blitz says:

    Achievement got
    There's no way possible my Little sister could be a Yandere cloaker!
    -Do Exactly what only desperate do.

  7. Chuchu says:

    How about a general speedrunning achievements video? including both loud speedruns like Salem Asylum from Prison Nightmare as stealth speedruns like Done in 60 seconds from The Bomb: Dockyard.

  8. uh says:

    an hour long video just for achievments….you are doing god's work! keep the good content unknown 😀

  9. Matheus Henrique says:

    the prison one was a pain in the ass, i lost count how many cards i got so to be safe i got 5 more

  10. Viscöunt says:

    A junkyard full of junkies pls

  11. Ruuben soto says:

    hey are you doing live today?

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