– Hey, what’s up YouTube fam,
Brandon Weaver here once again I’ve got questions about
hard inquires, soft inquires for authorized user, pre-approvals,
am I eligible, am I not, and what should I do
with my goodwill letters to my student loans, do
I need to certify them, do I get them notarized,
okay, so let’s get into it. I’ve got a few e-mails here,
and I want you to be very, very much aware of some of
the things that have happened out there, some of the things
that people can get done that I’ve done before that
you can do for yourself, that’s right, for yourself, so. The goodwill letters directly
to the student loans, okay, so people have a few late
payments on student loans, I had some, you know,
I’ve had business partners that had some and you know,
and they’re on time now, so you wanna get these
negative late payments off! So you send in this goodwill
letter, do you need to notarize it, you don’t necessarily
have to, could be helpful, but you don’t have to, but
you definitely want to send it certified mail, okay. So the goodwill letter,
they have tracking, you know that they’re
getting it, they can’t say oh, we didn’t get it,
they hummin’ and hawin’, and this kinda stuff, you
know where it’s goin’. The other thing is people
are asking occasionally authorized user, are you
looking in my credit, are they looking in their
credit, you know, I had the same question, I wanted to
let you know, you know, I’ve had that same question,
I talked to the cards, the banks, the people
that were going to issue the bank cards, the credit
cards and I’d say hey, you know, do you have to look into that
credit, is it a hard inquiry, soft inquiry, no, no, there is
not usually no hard inquiry, there’s usually no soft
inquiry, you don’t have to worry about it, it’s a way to
potentially boost your score without having an inquiry,
now if you have inquiries, got a bunch of ’em, you
need to take care of that, you can do this for yourself,, the BEYOND COMMITTED package
has everything you need, everything that you want,
alright, or we can help you out at
alright, we can send the letters off for you, now. These pre-approvals, some
people have been looking at Credit Karma, which
isn’t the most accurate, but some people are
lookin’ at it for you know, like a ball park, you know,
you might wanna go out there and get your three reports
with, CreditCheck Total, Privacy
Guard, these kinda things, right? These things that you can
utilize that give you all three reports, ’cause Credit
Karma only gives you two, that’s right, so sometimes
on there it says, hey, you have a good chance of
getting this credit card, you have a good chance of
getting that credit card, but you might not, you
might actually not be able to get it and people have
applied, I’ve gotten e-mails, and they said oh, now I
have this hard inquiry, ’cause Credit Karma said I
could get the card, I applied for it, couldn’t get it, got
a hard inquiry, what do I do, okay, right, yes, you can
potentially dispute non-account holding inquiries but
what’s more important is now that we’re learning from
this, is that simply being given a solicitation
okay, simply saying maybe you might get it, you
may not, and I really advise you not to go through the
Credit Karmas you know, they’re only givin’ you two reports, how could Credit Karma be
that accurate if they’re only giving you two reports, they
don’t wanna have you real FICO, they don’t know, you know,
when you’re applying, when I started applying for
stuff I was checking my real FICO, I was calling the banks,
finding out what they might need for that kind of stuff,
you know, it’s important that you know prior to,
that you have a very strong chance directly with them rather
than going through a third party like Credit Karma,
so be cautious of that, getting solicitation
in the mail, sometimes I’ve see solicitations in the
mail, hey, you’re pre-approved for this, you’re pre-approved
for that, but really, it’s just a solicitation,
they’re not 100% sure either, okay, so be cautious of
that because it could, while you’re going the
credit repair process, you don’t necessarily wanna
collect a bunch of hard inquiries, right, but if you
need help, We can do the work for you
at, if this video helped ya out,
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the emails, put some comments and comments below about how
great your credit repairs goin’, where you’ve come
from and where you’re at now, and until I see you in person, I will see you on the
other side, take care.


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    Greetings Brandon I was wondering if someone adds you as an AU will another AU see that activity . ( example my brother and his girlfriend are on navy fed acct together when my brother adds me as an AU will his girlfriend see my info or activities.) Thanks in advance and have an awesome day

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    Brandon deserves a lot more Subscribers then 91, 000 ! this dude really works hard to give us valuable tips

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