No More Fade? Difficulty & Sniper Update 173 [Vlog/Update] [Payday 2]

Hey people, good to see you all. Today I just want to weigh in on the recent
major update, Update 173 with the Graze sniper skill and One Down-to-Death Sentence change. This is more like a semi video log and update on the loud tricks I have up my
sleeve. So with this update, some things have changed in loud that has made some of my previous tricks obsolete, like the Fade Manipulation and Sentry Trick. Regarding my thoughts on the update, I won’t
be doing a critique or reaction to it, I just want to talk about how it affects and changes my approach to Death Sentence. But before that let us talk about the outdated
tricks. So Fade Manipulation, what has changed? Well actually nothing major changed, no mechanics update or whatsoever. If you remember how this trick works, it requires keeping 7 assault enemies alive and the Fade assault phase will run its full
course of 6 minutes. What Overkill did was to change this minimum
amount from 7 assault enemies to 50. Wow 50! That’s like only achievable by playing with
3 human players or a full crew of bots. Even so, we’ll have to leave most of the enemies alive
to prolong Fade, which is practically impossible and not worth
our time. So for a solo player like me, the assault phase will end even if I hide
somewhere and do nothing. Similarly, the Sentry Trick is affected, though not completely. It still gets enemies stuck but due to the minimum Fade enemy count of
50, the assault will still end. So it’s still usable, just not as effective as before. So with Fade Manipulation obsolete and with my preference of playing in armour
and no DLC, I have a few directions I can go from here. One, brute force, which is what the majority is doing. Exploit Swan Song, medic bags, Inspire and whatnot to do objectives. I won’t be doing that. Second, Payday the Heist, old school style. Which is to only do objectives during assault
breaks. This is not practical as Zeal heavies can
snipe you from across the map and besides, the assault break is practically
non-existent. Also, compared to Payday the Heist, enemies can’t steal bags, they can’t interrupt
drills, only certain special objectives so no, this is also not the way to go for me. Last direction, which I will be taking, is to go heavy on the exploits. To shamelessly use every trick I have up my
sleeve to exploit the game, break the game, break the AI and whatnot. I understand this may be lame and boring for
some of you viewers but why would I want to do the same as the majority of everyone else on YouTube? So I’ll just be the “alternative gameplay”
channel then. And so that’s what I feel about the update. And to win Death Sentence-One Down, here are the remaining tricks I have. Assault Size Trick; to set the enemy limit to one player size
regardless of player count, which doesn’t work for a solo player like
me. Sentry Trick; Still works, gets enemies stuck but takes up a deployable slot so I will consider it based on the map. Kiting; Which is harder to do now since enemies walk faster after the update and is also map dependent. Camping or Hiding Spots; Places where enemies can’t path in or is harder for them to, so I can hide out the assault wave. This is great to know especially if we’re
the last man alive on the crew and we need to survive the assault. Map exploits; Obviously this is map dependent and requires extensive research and knowledge
on the maps scripts and triggers like when an infinite assault occurs and whatnot. Lastly, Fade Manipulation 2.0, which I did in my Transport Harbour gameplay. I haven’t shared that yet but I will soon. This is actually exploiting the Drama mechanic to keep Fade going indefinitely. So yup, in closing, my gameplay will be different from before. Hopefully, it will still be entertaining, informative and not too boring for you guys. Thank you all for watching and staying on
my channel, I really appreciate it. See you guys soon.

6 comments on “No More Fade? Difficulty & Sniper Update 173 [Vlog/Update] [Payday 2]”

  1. Azazel Koh says:

    aw sweet man that's what i wanted to ask

  2. SlayerO013 says:

    Stuff like this is one of the few ways that slow as hell console updates are not always a bad thing.
    The last one was an exception concerning slowness and in my opinion it was not all that great. We got the DMR ammo nerf very soon after the PC players did. If it had been on the schedule heists are on for us, we would not have seen this update until sometime next year or maybe the year after.
    I was disappointed as hell with it.
    Β It was a huge file size to download. The size one could easily assume contained a new heist.
    For the most part it was mostly small damage buffs and nerfs to ammo pickup rates for great weapons that never had great pickup to begin with. The m308 is the only exception. It actually did have good pickup….. but they certainly fixed that shit. lol

    That's when I turned off automatic updates.
    Why should I not?
    I still have access to the silencer damage skills and can still play around with fade after all.
    I don't want to lose that to another useless and lame as hell buff/nerf festival.
    I won't do that silly shit until there are at least a couple of new heists to play while I mourn the loss of one of my most used skills.

    Goodbye old friend.
    You will be missed.
    It won't be Payday 2 without you.

    lmao πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

  3. TIK YI Chan says:

    Thanks for uploading this video.I am looking forward to your fade 2.0 video.

  4. black butler says:

    Death wish on one down is impossible on most of maps now thanks to overkill

  5. topi tolmunen says:


  6. uh says:

    hey man i wonder if you could cover the achievment "a rendezvous with destiny" with a guide would be a lot easy πŸ™‚

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