No Upfront Fees or Deposits for California Private Money Loans by SDC Capital

– Hi I’m Shawna Phelan,
principal here at SDC Capital. – Hi I’m Kevin Arrabaca, also
a principal at SDC Capital. In terms of upfront cost for
our borrowers and brokers, we believe at SDC Capital
that our interests are very much aligned
with our borrow base, largely because, unlike other lenders, which may require up to
$25,000 just to put on deposit, just to even look at a deal,
our interests are aligned with our borrowers where we
have no advance deposits, or no advance fees, and
so our revenue model is based off of getting our loans funded, not off of some advanced model. – As a result, you know
we are able to do a lot of up-front due diligence
and not only are we not clocking the fees, you also know that we, when we give you terms for a loan, that we’re gonna most
likely follow through, even when we complete our due diligence, because a lot of our due
diligence is front-loaded, as opposed to waiting until they get a large deposit to start that process.

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